Sunday, May 27, 2012

Old Trove of F.E.D. Dialectics Definitions Renews Its EXPANSION

Dear Readers,

I recently noticed that an old online trove of definitions for new F.E.D. Dialectics terms has just been expanded.

That expansion has involved the addition of a spate of new definitions for terms whose first letters are at the "a" end of the alphabet. 

The following definitions have been added for the first time to this trove --

  • absolute atomism: W
  • actionics: W
  • actualization space: W
  • affective: W
  • affective psycho-archaeology: W
  • affective psycho-history: W
  • algebra: W
  • arithmetic: W
  • «arithmoi»: W
  • «arithmos aisthetos»: W
  • «arithmos eidetikos»: W
  • «arithmos monadikos»: W
  • atomic power: W
  • atoms: W
  • «aufheben» evolute product rule: WG
  • auto-duality: W
  • auto-dyad: W
  • «autokinesis»: W
  • auto-negation: W
  • «autopoiesis»: W

I do not know for sure, but more may be coming, for other letters of the alphabet, so keep an eye if you are interested in more.

The URL for this definitions trove is --



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