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Dialectic -- A Compact Definition: F.E.D. Vignette #8

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I have excerpted below, the opening section of F.E.D. Vignette #8, entitled "Dialectic -- A Compact Definition."




P.S.  The full text of F.E.D. Vignette #8 is available to you for free-of-charge download via the following links --




                                                                   F.E.D. Vignette #8 --

 Dialectic:   A Compact Definition.

                                                                      by Miguel Detonacciones

Authors Preface.  The purpose of Vignette #8 is to present a compact definition of our fundamental term, ‘‘‘dialectic’’’, plus an “extended” version of that compact definition -- extended into greater explicitude -- as well as to suggest how that definition entails several possible algebraic interpretations.

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Simplest Definition. 

Dialectic is «aufheben».

Extended Definition. 

A ‘‘‘dialectic’’’ is the progression of new ontology -- of new kinds of “existence”, or of new kinds of “being”, including of new kinds of “physical” being, as in historical dialectics, e.g., that of pre-human nature, or of new kinds of “idea” being [e.g., new categories/concepts], as in systematic dialectics, or of new kinds of both types of ‘‘‘material’’’ together, as in the [psycho-socio-politico-economico-]historical dialectic of human social nature  -- that issues from the recurring self-application of an originating, or «arché», «aufheben» process/operation/operator, & which forms ever richer new «aufheben» processes/operations/operators with every recurrence, or self-iteration, of its self-application.

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