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Dialectical Design of Political-Economic-Democratic ['Actually-Socialist'] Social Organizations

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This post contains the seventh part of my serialization, from elsewhere, of the E.A.g.’s [Equitist Advocacy group's] “Way Forward” proposal, entitled --

Alternative to the Totalitarian, Humanocidal Self-Degeneration of Capitalism -- Political-Economic Democracy

-- with my own edits added to their text, for its improvement [improvement, at least, to my way of thinking!].

I have included it here because of its first sub-section, entitled --

"Global Associational Infrastructure for Political-Economic Democracy regarding Externalities Governance."

-- offers a very interesting application of Marxian dialectics to design of political-economic-democratic social organization(s).

Here are the links to the original, E.A.g. version --






Part 7. of 8.  --

Alternative to the Totalitarian, Humanocidal Self-Degeneration of Capitalism -- Political-Economic Democracy

«Aufheben»-Diagram:  Global Associational Infrastructure for Political-Economic Democracy regarding Externalities Governance.

The structure/process of the disposition/management of externality equities, as a new class of collective, public, social property; of the public’s economic-democratic, collective governance of externalities — proposed herein as the «arché» of the post-capitalist social relation of production of generalized equity, in an Equitistsociety of actualized ‘‘‘political-economy’’’ [of comprehensive, or political-economic, democracy] — also incarnates dialogic dialectic principles of social organization, as pictured below —

:   For reasons of lack of space, the Provincial and Continental levels / layers / scales of the above-depicted meta-monadological, qualo-fractal self-governance structure/process — or human-social self-governance eventity — are not separately depicted in the «aufheben»-diagram above, as would be necessary for a more complete depiction of the proposed governance structure/process.

The Planetary, or Global Association of Public Directors [GAPD] of the 'Planetary Polis' is a ‘meta^1-«monad»’ / ‘meta^1-organizational-unit of the «arithmos» of the Continental Associations of Public Directors [CAPD] «monads» / organizational-units.

Each Continental Association of Public Directors is, in turn, a ‘meta^1-«monad»’ / ‘meta^1-organizational-unit of the « arithmos » of the National Associations of Public Directors [NAPD] «monads»/ organizational-units for the Nation-states located within that “Continent”.

Each National Association of Public Directors is, in turn, a ‘meta^1-«monad»’ / ‘meta^1-organizational-unit of the «arithmos» of the Regional Associations of Public Directors [RAPD] «monads»/ organizational-units, for all of the Regions within the Nation-state of that NAPD unit.

Each Regional Association of Public Directors is, in turn, a ‘meta^1-«monad»’ / ‘meta^1-organizational-unit of the «arithmos» of the Provincial/State Associations of Public Directors [PAPD] «monads»/ organizational-units, for the “Provinces”, or “[Nation-state sub-]states”, constituting that “Region”, or RAPD unit.

Each Provincial/State Association of Public Directors is, in turn, a ‘meta^1-«monad»’ / ‘meta^1-organizational-unit of the «arithmos» of the County Associations of Public Directors [CAPD] «monads»/ organizational-units, for all of the Counties geographically “contained in” that “Province”/“state”.

Each County Association of Public Directors is, in turn, a ‘meta^1-«monad»’ / ‘meta^1-organizational-unit of the «arithmos» of the Municipal/Local Associations of Public Directors [MAPD] «monads»/ organizational-units, for all of the localities / cities / Municipalities, geographically constituting that “County”.

Each Municipal [or Local] Association of Public Directors is, in turn, a ‘meta^1-«monad»’ / ‘meta^1-organizational-unit of the «arithmos» of the local/Municipal publics-elected public directors boards, serving on the externality-equities-managing, second, public, “grass-roots” Boards of Public Directors «monads»/ organizational-units within each local/Municipal operating unit of each externalities-producing firm impacting those local publics — those electing publics which are the public stakeholders of that local/Municipal geographical area.

Those “grassroots”, electing public stakeholders thus publicly, collectively own, and hence have right of disposition over, the externality equities generated by the externalities — the “external costs and external benefits — imposed upon those citizens by those firms’ operating units’ local [‘‘‘production’’’] activities.

Those public stakeholders, or collective externality-equityowners, via their elected Boards of Public Directors, collectively set the externalities budget  — governing the externalities that they will have to experience over each coming year — as a part of the annual operating plan of each such operating unit, in continual, often adversarial negotiation / litigation / arbitration with the conventional, internality-equitiesBoard, or with the ‘‘capital-equities Board’’’-appointed “Executive Committee”, or “Management Committee”, of each such local operating unit.

However, it is crucial, to the essence of political-economic democracy, to note that, in this model, Associations of Public Directors do not elect, nor mandate — nor even, necessarily, supply, from out of their own ranks — the majority-elected, explicitly mandated, and recallable delegates who constitute the “higher”, more ‘‘‘generic’’’, Associations of Public Directors.

Only the entire publicthe entire, geographical electoral-base of citizens — for each level of association of public directors, elects, and mandates, and supplies, the delegates to the next-“higher” Association of Public Directors, and also has the right to recall delegates it has elected, if, in its sole judgement, those delegates have abrogated their base-stipulated policy mandates.

The process-goal of this governance-structure is this: to institute a meta-monadological, qualo-fractal, nested, ‘‘‘direct-democratic’’’, “grass-roots”-democratic, constitutionally, juridically-empowered, society-wide network of interlocking dialogues about the ‘‘‘human-social morphology’’’ and the socio-morpho-dynamics / socio-morpho-genesis / socio-meta-morph-osis of a rapidly capital-relation-tyranny-transcending human society, and also about the total magnitude, and about the distribution / allocation, of the accumulation of capitalist-firms-generated — and stewardship-equity-cooperatives-generated — externalities that human-society will henceforth permit to be inflicted upon itself, by itself.

Popularly-elected Associations of Public Directors at the local, regional, national, and, eventually, continental and global levels can then begin to democratically reshape the human geography of global human society, in accord with the will of the majority of human beings, as expressed via these publicly elected, political-economically democratic institutions.

This economic-democratic governance process/structure is designed to help overcome the utter prostitution — by ‘Meta-Nazi’ Plutocracy “Big Money”, and by other, e.g., other Big Corporate, “Big Money” — that otherwise vitiates the “popularly-elected” representative-democratic legislatures, executives, and the appointed judiciaries of conventional capitalist, political-only, “representative” “democracy”, especially during the most “advanced”, ‘[partial] state-capitalizing/totalitarianizingstages of the historical accumulation / expropriation / concentration / consolidation / centralization process of capital-value ownership / control / power monopolization, by an ever-shrinking -- and increasingly ultra-criminal -- minority of the human population.

On One of the Juridical Mechanisms for the Transition of the Capital Equity / Wage-Labor Social-Relation-of-Production, into the Successor Social-Relation-of-Production of Citizen Stewardship Equity:  Regarding the ‘‘‘Original Accumulation’’’ and Ongoing Formation of ‘‘‘Equitarian Social Property’’’.

Some of the remnant private-capital-based enterprises, and joint-stock-company capital-based enterprises [“limited-liability corporations”], can be expected to tend to migrate, from Association of Public Directors, e.g., national jurisdictions which enforce strict equity in the management of those enterprises’ productions and accumulations of socially-entropic externalities, to, e.g., other national jurisdictions which tolerate the continuation of an abusive regime of external cost dumping upon their local publics.

Counter to the resulting tendency to form a “global race to the bottom” by remnant private capital, the Associations of Public Directors must be granted a constitutionally-mandated authority – e.g., via a tax on fixed capital / means of production assets — to replace the local supply and employment functions of any such “runaway shops”, by the establishment of social-property-based, democratically producer-managed, cooperative enterprises, instituted via a grant of stewardship of the requisite means of production, under the Citizen Stewardship Equity constitutional rights, to the most qualified local collective of citizens, as established by the constitutionally mandated, and legislated, qualification criteria and bidding process, e.g., through ‘‘‘Social Banks’’’, as a particular class of ‘Citizen Stewardship Equity’, democratically self-managed cooperative enterprises.

The Associations of Public Directors must also be constitutionally empowered to organize boycotts of imports into their jurisdictions of products/services marketed by such “runaway shops”.

Through such processes, a gradual net conversion of “private” capital, and of “joint-stock” capital, to ‘‘‘social property’’’, under management via the Citizen Stewardship Equitysocial relation of production, is expected to ensue.

The above-presented propositions conclude our preliminary introduction to the concepts of Comprehensive, or Political-Economic, Democracy, of Citizens Externality-Equity, of Generalized Equity, of Equitism, and of Equitarian Society.

For a different but related view, regarding the traditional concepts of “workers’ councils”, or of ‘‘‘true soviets’’’, of ‘‘free associations of producers’’’, or of ‘‘producers’ associations’’’ — of democratic communist, or of council communist” — structures of direct-democratic human-social self-governance, i.e., of Marxian Democracy, simply click on the following link —

Workers Councils and the Economics of Self-Managed Society

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