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Part 7 of 9. Seldonian, Dialectical-Algebraic Derivation of the Successor System to Capitalism.

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Part 7 of 9.  Seldonian, Dialectical-Algebraic Derivation of Fundamental Features 

for the Global Successor System to [Self-]Global[ized] Capitalism,

using the Dialectical Meta-Equation’ that Models

the Meta-Evolution of the Human-Social Relations of Production

by [guest author] Hermes de Nemores.

Dear Readers,

Questions have recently been raised, in ‘www’ dialogues in which I have participated, as to what Karl Seldon derived, and also as to how he derived it, with regard to the global system of ‘Democratic Communism’, or of ‘Marxian Democracy’ -- of ‘Political-Economic Democracy -- as the possible global successor system to the global capitalist system, using the algebra of dialectics that he discovered in 1996.

Such questions deserve an answer. 

This blog-entry summarizes the seventh part of Seldon’s answer. 

This blog-entry was extracted from writings of Hermes de Nemores, Secretary-General of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica, and chairperson of its General Council, from his recent update to an introductory text, whose earlier version is available via the following links --

[see, in particular, pages B-24 to B-37 in the latter].

-- and which I have adapted to the locally-available typography.

Enjoy this seventh part of Hermes de Nemores’ re-telling of Seldon’s amazing saga of solution!



Example 5:  NQ Psychohistorical-Dialectical Meta-Model. The ‘Meta-Equation of Human-Social Relations of Production ‘Meta-Evolution’ [Part 7 of 9].

The Historical Helix of Social Democratization.  The incipient political democracy and civil liberty that early, ‘ascendance-phase’, competitive capitalism brought, can be restored only in a higher form, and preserved from destruction by the late, ‘descendance-phase’ form of that same capitalismby advancing that initially merely political democracy to a democratizedactualized political-economy which incorporates Equitariancitizen-equities-based economic democracy; a public and popular economic democracy that was absent as such throughout the capital epoch, seeded only in that democracy among capitalists -- among the holders/owners of 'internality-equity' -- immanent in the principles and practices [however often honored in the breach] of joint-stock company stockholder democracy.

Citizen Birthright Equity.  The principle of the social generalization or universalization of equity-holding, and of an 'onto-dynamasis' beyond the kinds of such equity presently in existence to include new kinds, e.g., 'externality equities' -- the heart and «arché» of the E 'onto' -- does not end with the public-democratic 'property-ization' of 'externality equities'

It extends as well to the social generalization of the proprietorship of 'internality equities' by all citizens, by means of the actualization of a new human right of 'Citizen Birthright Equity Endowment' in an amendedconstitutionalized Bill of Social Rights & Responsibilities.

This also flows from principles of 'social risk management', of 'economic-system-risk' management and of  'social self-investment'.

It means that every child born into 'Equitarian Society', is granted, «ipso jure», at birth, or even from the putative moment of conception, a Citizen Stewardship Equity social-rents funded, and, perhaps, also, an income-taxes-funded, equal sum of some capital equity stock, comprised of small portions of all publicly-issued stocks, bonds, and other capital assets meeting legislated standards, designed as an integrated social/individual risk management trust-fund, and a unified, 'omni-portable' individual citizen "social safety net", for every citizen, in this sense making every baby born into 'Equitarianhuman society a "trust-fund baby".

This makes every child, no matter how poor the parents of that child, a stakeholder in that child's surrounding society, from birth, and a person who feels the self-esteem that arises from that society's investment in that child, from that society's concretely-expressed valuing of that child, and, thus, a person who feels the love of that society, thus concretely expressed.

It means per capita citizen net assets in place of today's plutocracy-imposed, malignantly growing per capita citizen liabilities -- the share of each citizen in plutocracy-incurred public debt [a way by which the tiny, “Eugenicist” plutocratic ruling minority finances its destructive imperial “enterprises” -- squandering, suppressing, and reversing the growth of the productive forces -- and the '''permanent war economy''' that those “enterprises” require, via taxes, as legislated forced collective consumptions, foisted upon the non-super-rich, working majority, as upon the weaker, smaller capitalists, and allowing the super-rich, “Eugenicist” ruling minority to typically pay zero taxes, via loopholes inscribed into the tax laws by their lobbyists’ briberies of their prostituted legislatures].

Moral Hazard Mitigations.  The mitigation of the massive "moral hazard" potential of this new human right will require that there be many "strings attached", restricting the uses of this public investment in each citizen-person by that person, and by various parents or guardians and heirs of that person at various stages of that person's expected life-history, and beyond.

Each social equity-endowment would thus remain a partially-social property; an only-partially-individual/-personal/-"private"-property.

The Principles of Universalized Inheritance and of Universalized Birth-Advantage.  This newly-recognized and newly actualized human right of 'universal advantage'/'universal inheritance'/'social inheritance' -- including of the universalization of capital-assets ownership/inheritance as a partial remedy, negating the socially-recognized systemic risks of the «aufheben»-negated «Kapitals»-system -- envisions a unification of the fragmented and otherwise inadequate «Kapitals»-system epoch legacy of fragmented "social safety net" provisions

If not, in the beginning, with a golden one, or even a silver one, every baby born into 'Equitarianhuman society would be born with at least a stainless steel "spoon in mouth".

These unified provisions would address the management of the risk of the "contained" but also "retained" elements of capital-profit-based economics, plus of the new, Equitarian system, as well as of the universal, 'historically-generic' risks that human social life is heir to.

Society's collective portion of equal initial social investment in each individual citizenby human right of social birth [as distinct from the persisting unequal family investment/inheritance, and the unequal fruits of achievements by that individual], and the partially age-based and tests-of-knowledge-based, constitutionally- and legislatively-restricted allocation for expenditures of each child's birth-right equity funds / ‘‘‘capital’’’ -- would be legislatively designed to meet the expected, standard costs of foreseeable life-history events, including --

·  Education -- e.g., for primary school, trade-school, college, professional, '''life-long learning''', etc.;
·  Medical Care -- e.g., for pre-natal care, for "normal", plus with increasing coverage for "catastrophic", illness;
·  Home Purchase -- e.g., down-payment for young adult first home acquisition;
· Entrepreneurship -- e.g., public "venture capital" for first business/producer cooperative launch;
·  Unemployment -- e.g., for cases of economic downturns, lay-offsenterprise bankruptcies, etc.;
·  Re-Training -- e.g., to redress ongoing ‘technodepreciation’ of human capital/’skill-negentropies’;
· Retirement -- partially replacing plutocracy-gutted pension, employer 401(k), IRA, & Social Security programs.

Costs of social failures involving the individual -- e.g., of welfare livelihood-support in the cases of extended, e.g. illness-induced unemployment, or incarceration costs, and victim(s)-reparations costs in cases of criminal conviction -- would be borne out of this Citizen Birthright Equity Fund, up to its near-exhaustion, thus also forming a further dis-incentive to such social failures.

This unification, with each citizen as price-concerned customer, given the voucher-like personal stake of each citizen in the conservation and expansion of the principal of each's Birthright-Equity social trust fund, would 're-marketize' social welfare provision, and 're-competitivize' the pricing of medical and welfare services, and, thus, incentivize the exercise of cost-efficiency and cost-discipline in their production, de-incenting the "take it for granted" moral hazard of "free-of-charge"state-bureaucracy-produced or state-subsidized welfare services.

This newly-recognized universal human right of 'Citizen Birthright Equity Endowment' raises questions of the disposition of such endowments in the event of the death of a child, and, if 'Citizen Birthright Equity Endowment' is to be retroactive to conception, e.g., so that pre-natal care costs can be covered by it, at least in part, it also raises questions of the disposition of such endowments in the event of termination of pregnancy by right of the mother. 

Parents would not be allowed to profit personally from their child's 'Citizen Birthright Equityendowment, in separation from the direct benefits of those endowments to that child, although, indirectly, the financial worries and burdens of parenthood would be significantly mitigated by the implementation of this human right, countervailing against the extreme amplification of the "demographic transition" presently evident, in part, in advanced [‘advanced-descendance-phase’] capitalist nations' growing tendency toward negative rates of population growth.

Thus, this newly-recognized human right would not constitute a direct financial incentive not to abort a fetus.

However, the high social valuation of each and every life essential to the ‘Human Phenome’ of an Equitable Society, and implicit in this human right, plus in the full range of the human rights recognized by Equitable Society in general, suggests a certain resolution of the prevailing "mother’s-right-of-choice" versus "child’s-right-to-life" social conundrum, an apparent antinomy, which has been used, so “skillfully”, by the ruling plutocracy, to divide, and to conquer, its underlying, victimized populace, and to neutralize any unity, from that populace, in its opposition to that plutocracy’s ‘Stealth Eugenics’ -- to the accelerating impoverishment, and to the premature death, ever-increasingly imposed, upon that populace, by that “Eugenics” plutocracy.

We see this "right-of-choice" versus "right-of-life" apparent social antinomy, on the contrary, as a dialectical self-antithesis, or 'self-duality', in the presently prevailing social concept of right, within the presently-prevailing phase of ‘The Human Phenome’.

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