Sunday, March 02, 2014

New Metric for Marxian Social Productive Force.



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FYI:  A new '*.jpg' image, defining the Marxian "social forces of production" by means of a 'historically-generic', 'qualo-quantitative' metric formula, operationalizing that concept, has just been posted to the Glossary Page.

The entry-title for this metrical formula definition is --

'E.D. Definition by Metric:  Social Forces of Production.'

GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES:  The level of the 'human-social reproductive force', as the measure of the rate of reproduction of 'human socio-mass', includes both (1) the past-self-relative growth rate of the physical mass of aggregate per capita '''objective wealth''', or of '''objective humanity''' [of past, living human labor, now concretized in its products] -- of housing, household appliances, personal tools and accoutrements [e.g., personal grooming aides, etc.], personal and public transport, public transportation and communication infrastructure [e.g., roads, bridges, cell towers, optical cables, etc.], and production and distribution infrastructure [e.g., means of production physical plant and equipment, ports, hydroelectric dams, power lines, etc.], as well as (2) the past-self-relative growth rate of the biomass of living human beings.

This measure, as a rate of human species self-reproduction, is the primary measure of the health of the human species, the measure of the 'META-Darwinian fitness' of our species, a fitness measure that takes human cultural memes, as well as human genes, into account, as contributing to the capability of humanity to continue human life.

It is this "vital sign" -- the sustained level of the self-reproductive self-force of human society -- that    the "People Are Pollution", standards-of-living attacking "Rocke-Nazi", "Meta-Nazi" stealth "eugenics" ideologies, and operations, seek to destroy -- e.g., "discretionary", high "collateral damage" invasions and occupations of whole nations, psyops-induced civil wars, false flag operations [e.g., "9-11", "Operation North Woods" [aborted by the Kennedys, at the cost of their lives], adulterated [with squalene, thimerosal, etc.], brain-poisoning, autism-inducing, dementia-inducing [pseudo-]vaccines, toxic, cancer-inducing, diabetes-inducing, heart-disease-inducing, dementia-inducing [pseudo-]foods, lethal "side-effects"-inducing [pseudo-]medicines [e.g., VIOXX], population-reduction designer diseases [e.g., AIDS], global "designer depressions" [e.g., 2007+], confiscating the homes, the life-savings, the social safety nets, the government social services, and the pensions, and destroying the jobs/wages-levels, of the majority [see, for example, Greece since 2007], and ideologies like "Global Warming", to "justify" further "population reduction", e.g., via life-prohibitive escalations in the prices of electricity, etc., utilities power-provision for the majority.

The Rocke-Nazis seek, by these and other means, to reverse -- to turn negative -- and to shrink, at a catastrophic, accelerating rate, the human societal self-reproductive force.   This will, "inadvertently", impose, upon the vast majority of humanity, if that majority does not put a stop to it, a runaway downward spiral of population contraction and of living standards collapse, into a New and, this time, likely Final Dark Age.

Unless the rest of humanity stops them, the Rocke-Nazis will precipitate this catastrophe in a vain effort to hold onto their power against the otherwise unstoppable overthrow of Rocke-Nazi rule by "technodepreciation" of their petroleum, etc., capital plant and equipment, due to the re-discovery of fusion power, and due to the rise of a highly-educated, high-livings-standards global working/middle-class, and of the "political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY" that this rise will otherwise bring.

For your convenience, I have also posted this image below, together with a related image.



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