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The Dialectic of ‘Intra-duality’ -- Three Key, Analogous But Disparate Cases.

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The Systematic Dialectic ofIntra-duality --  

Three Key, Analogous but Disparate Cases of One of Its Species.

Dear Readers,

If the «genos» of historical dialectic is really generic -- really universal -- then it must be a unity of the diverse [Marx]. 

Indeed it must be a unity of the disparate.

The Foundation dialectical paradigm posits that we term intra-duality is the cause of dynamism and of ‘meta-dynamism’ -- of evolution and of ‘meta-evolution’ -- of quantitative change and of qualitative change, of ontology-change, of [net] ontology-expansion, and, therefore, that it is also so that intra-dualityis the cause of dialectic.

And that, in turn, dialectic is the cause of time.

The vast diversity -- and disparateness -- of our remembered / otherwise-recorded human experiences of change, suggest that the «genos» of intra-duality must have many disparate species -- many “differentia specifica.

A purpose of this blog-entry is to call your attention to three classes of intra-dualities which are each analogous to the other two, as well as disparate with respect to the other two.

We use the sign ‘#’ -- a doubly slash-negated equals sign -- to denote the relationship of what we term intra-duality, between two intra-duals, two «dynamei», two mutually contrary powers, inside a single population, or system, or ‘‘‘dialectical eventity’’’.

The three cases all exhibit special versions of a generalexpansion # contractionintra-duality.

They are the following --

1.  The Universal Intra-Duality.

Spatio-Temporal Locus:  The earliest such locus known to us.

Cosmological Scale:  Ultimate Macro-Scale -- Totality / Whole-Cosmos Level.

Particularity:   expansion  # contraction’ as --

universal expansion  # universal contraction

-- or as --

space[-time] expansion [Dark Energy]  #  space[-time] contraction [mostly due to “non-baryonic Dark Matter]

-- or as --

Dark Anti-Gravity   #   Dark Gravity’.

This intra-dualityis apparently immanent in the cosmos, permeating space-time at every location where “Dark Matter” exists, in counterpoint with the all-pervasive “Dark Energy” inhering in the intangible totality of the very fabric of universal space-time itself.

Known / hypothesized manifestations of “Dark Energy” --

a.  The initial “Big Bang” expansion of universal space-time.

b.  “Cosmological Inflation” of universal space-time, shortly after the “Big Bang explosion”.

c.  Space-time expansion ever since, including presently-observed accelerating expansion.

We have expanded upon this theme, in this blog, in the blog-entry linked below --

2.  The Stellar Intra-Duality.

Spatio-Temporal Locus:  Between 100 million and 250 million years after the “Big Bang”, to present, presently ubiquitously present in the >> 100 billion known galaxies.

Cosmological Scale:  ‘Macrocosmic Mid-Scale’.

Particularity:   expansion  # contraction’ as --

stellar thermonuclear self-explosion expansion  # stellar gravitic self-implosion contraction

-- or as --

stellar-expansive interior out-pressure  # stellar-contractive self-gravitational in-pressure

This intra-dualityis whole-star immanent, pervading the stellar body with a dual vector field of radially outward-pointing forces vying with radially inward-pointing forces, at every “point” of the star’s content.

F.E.D. has expanded on this theme in the document linked-to below --

3.  The Intra-Dualityof Capital as predominating social relation of production.

Spatio-Temporal Locus:  Recent / Present-day [planet Terra].

Cosmological Scale:  ‘Meso-Scale’.

Particularity:   A quantitative ‘expansion  # contraction’ with ‘‘‘qualitative’’’ consequences--

capital as self-expanding value  # capital as self-contracting value

-- or as --

capital-value self-expansion via surplus-value reinvestment  # capital-value self-contraction due to technological obsolescence depreciation

This intra-dualitypervades ruling class policy, both public and secret, and has permeated Earth’s global human society, in developing ways, both intended and unintended by that ruling class, ever since 1913, at least, although the omnipresence of this dialectical internal- / self-contradiction of capital[ism] goes mostly unnoticed as such by the global social majority -- by now, to that majority's imminent peril!

On behalf of F.E.D., I have expanded upon this theme, in the blog-entries linked-to below --

There are, of course, other -- including relatively disparate,  -- species of this universal, or «genos», of intra-duality, in that ‘trans-Platonian «arithmos eidetikos»’ which is  ‘the systematic dialectic of intra-duality, besides this ‘expansion  # contractionspecies.




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