Saturday, October 04, 2014

Models-Specification. Television Programming Domain. Systematic-Dialectical Method of Presentation. 'Ultra-Easy' Example of 'Dialectical-Mathematical Modeling'.

Dear Readers,

FYI:  A 'Models-Specification' for the 'Meta-Model Meta-Equation' for the Systematic-Dialectical Method of Presentation for the Domain of Television Programming, has been posted to the Glossary Page.

I have also reproduced this 'Models-Specification' below, for your convenience.

This example, of systematic dialectic, may be one of the easiest, most accessible introductory examples for those new to the F.E.D. Dialectical Method -- to NQ_, algorithmic, categorial-combinatoric, categorial-progression method-of-presentation dialectics.

A detailed presentation of this dialectic is available via --

-- which I also updated to include the image posted herein, below, & also via Vignette #15 at --,v.2.0,F.E.D._Vignette_15,The_Dialectic_of_TV_Series,Ultra-Simple_Example,28AUG2013.pdf



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