Sunday, January 04, 2015

DIALECTIC OF NATURE. Hypothesis: The Mass-Trend, with Cosmological Time, of 'Onto-Mass' is Quasi-Hyperbolic, both for Arithmoi/Category Aggregates, & for Monads/Units.

Dear Readers,

A graphical-image/text module, expressing a key Seldonian DIALECTIC OF NATURE hypothesis regarding the mass trend of 'cosmological meta-evolution' -- namely, that each successive 'self-hybrid' cosmo-ontological category/kind of being/<<species>> of being, in terms of both its aggregate, or <<arithmos>>, 'onto-mass', and in terms of the '''unit-mass''' of its <<monads>>, is, in long term trend, always substantially smaller in its magnitudes for those two scales of 'onto-mass' measurement than are all of its predecessor 'ontos' / ontological categories for their corresponding mass metrics, at/for their corresponding scales -- has recently been cleared for posting to the Glossary Page.

I have also posted this image below, for your convenience.



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