Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Karl Seldon's Sagacious Sayings Series -- #1. Aphorism on diachronic, triadic dialectic of nature.

Dear Readers,

From time to time, I like to share with you some of the gems of insight that leap from out of the '''multilogues''', among Karl Seldon and other members, in which I participate, within the Foundation, and from the transcribed versions, published internally, including of those '''multilogues''' in which I did not happen to participate.

Here's a recent such '''jewel''' --

[Karl Seldon]:

"Diachronic, triadic dialectic of nature is, typically, '''<<arche'>>-singularity''', followed by that one again plus 'self-<<aufheben>> self-combinatoric self-meta-unit-ization', or 'other-formation', followed by those two again plus their combination, as 'complex unification, or '''dialectical synthesis'''."




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