Sunday, April 19, 2015

The First Ever Arithmetic in which Division-by-Zero is Unproblematic? 'Singularity Semantification'.

Dear Readers,

I wanted to call your attention to the following eight recently released F.E.D. image files, reproduced below, which define the first arithmetic, to our knowledge, for which, and in which, division-by-zero, "zero division", is unproblematic, in a practical, concrete way -- in a way that renders, e.g., the fundamental equations of present-day physics more meaningful, rather than less meaningful, or, even worse, apparently "meaningless" -- or even 'infinitely erroneous' -- specifically with regard to the "singularities" of those equations, and/or of their solutions.

This arithmetic is the seventh arithmetic in the Seldonian series of dialectical arithmetics, and is named the "Mu" arithmetic.

This arithmetic also provides the first example, to our knowledge, of a non-"syncopated", fully-ideographical arithmetic for dimensional analysis.

Background:  The classic published rendition of an earlier version of this theory is available via --

-- on pages A-7 through A-21 of the latter.



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