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'Seldon in Session' #2: 'Dialectical Ideography & Differential Equation Nonlinearity'.

[My] Full TitleSeldon in Session Series, blog-entry #2 --

NQ Dialectical Ideography & Laws-of-Nature-Encoding Differential Equations Nonlinearity --  

The NQ Mapping/Model/Metaphor for Division-by-Zero-Singularity Nonlinearity.

Dear Readers,

This blog-entry continues a new series, here, of excerpts from Karl Seldon’s “introduction to dialectics sessions, for new recruits.  


In this new series, I will share with you some of the delectable morsels of creative mentation that fly forth from these sessions, once their transcripts have been edited, by the E. D. editors, and cleared for public sharing by the Foundation’s General Council.

I have entered, below, an excerpt of Karl Seldon’s remarks from the edited transcript of a recent such session. 




Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.









[Karl Seldon] --


In a dialectical-mathematical meta-model meta-equation, expressed via the NQ dialectical-ideographic language, every NQ [ontology-]multiplication contained in the step-wise, or epochal, equation-by-equation [self-]expansion of that meta-equation, as interpreted per the Encyclopedia Dialectica standard interpretations thereof, maps to a metafinite singularity, of either the ‘‘‘resonance’’’ or the ‘‘‘depletion’’’ «species» of the «genos» of singularities, i.e., in either case, to a revolution of new ontology irruption.

This means -- in the diachronic Nature-dialectics branch of such meta-model meta-equations -- an ontological revolution, either via auto-hybrid «aufheben» ‘[self-]meta-«monad»-izations, or via allo-hybrid «aufheben» merely-hybrid ‘«monad»-izations, respectively, pointing, purely-qualitatively, ontologically, toward the full, new-closed-form, new-analytical, QUANTo-qualitative solution’ of the corresponding, law(s)-of-Nature-formulating, metrically-requalified nonlinear differential equations.

This means, in the dialectical [method-of-]presentational, synchronic dialectics branch of such meta-model meta-equations, in cases of the self-multiplication of an ontological-category-symbol, a redirection of the presentee[’]s[’] attention(s) from a lower to a higher qualitative scale/level/layer in the qualo-fractal chain of already-existing, ‘human-phenomically already-categorized content [but typically, outside such presentation, known only in/as a “chaotic conception of the whole” [Marx, «Grundrisse»], contemporarily].

In cases of the hetero-multiplication of ontological-category-symbols, in the presentational, synchronic context of dialectics, this means a shifting of presentee[’]s[’] attention(s) to categories which represent the present existence of the «monads» represented by categories derived from past, ongoing, or recurring (1) uni-directional conversions [‘‘‘real subsumptions’’’ [cf. Marx]], or from past, ongoing, or recurring (2) mutual conversions [dialectical syntheses, partial or full], of priorly-presented ontological categories, by the past, ongoing, or recurring action of the «monadic» subjects/agents represented by the most recently presented category[-symbol].












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