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F.E.D./E.A.g. Press Release -- Program for Global Renaissance / Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY!

F.E.D./E.A.g. Press Release --

Program for Global Renaissance / Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY!

Dear Readers,

Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.], jointly with the Equitist Advocacy group [E.A.g.], has today published the Press Release, posted below, calling for a world wide program to institute Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY and to catalyze a GLOBAL RENAISSANCE, so as also to close the door on the otherwise impending New/Final Dark Age.




Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica                   
Office of Public Liaison                                              
Stars’ End, New York

Equitist Advocacy group                                                                                                          
Terminious, California  

24 November 2016 C.E./B.U.E.

                                                                                                PRESS RELEASE

Call for a Global Declaration of Peace through Prosperity/World Wide Marshall Plan --
Global Strategic Hypotheses.

The General Council of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica, and the Equitist Advocacy group, have jointly issued a call for a ‘Global Declaration of Peace through Prosperity’, via a ‘Marshall Plan for the Developing Nations’, an international public works, infrastructure building, and industry-building initiative, also designed to create an ‘employment boom’ of well-paying jobs in the 35 member nation-states of the OECD [ Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ].

Our alliance also calls for this ‘World Wide Marshall Plan’* to be a multi-lateral Plan, rather than a plan supported by the United States alone. 

Pursuant to this ‘multilaterality’, we call for this Plan to be administered by the OECD, which would thus reprise, on a global scale, its original, Western European scale role, created in 1948, as the OEEC [Organisation for European Economic Cooperation] “to help administer the Marshall Plan (which was rejected by the Soviet Union and its satellite states) . . . by allocating American financial aid and implementing economic programs for the reconstruction of Europe after World War II.”**

However, the OECD can succeed in any such ‘World Wide Marshall Plan’ role, only if the national ambassadors and ambassadorial delegations of the 35 member nation-states, that constitute the OECD Council, and that govern the OECD, represent, in their majority, national governments which have been taken back to democracy, by anti-plutocratic, democratic-populist movements -- NOT by the “extreme right”, divide-and-conquer racist, ethnicist, and ‘religionist’, [proto-]fascist, pseudo-populist, anti-human-ist*** state-capitalist movements and ideologies, secretly funded and engineered by the ruling plutocracy itself, precisely to pervert and derail the real populist movements [e.g., remember the National “Socialist” [sic] “Workers” [sic] Party, i.e., the Nazi Party, in Great Depression/Rockefeller-“Eugenics”-conquered pre-WWII Germany]. 

The requisite democratic-populist movements are neither “right” nor “left” in political orientation, per prevailing media definitions, but are both -- or, more precisely, are ‘both and neither; neither by way of being both -- thus a ‘‘‘dialectical synthesis’’’ of the mutually-opposing two, and, hence, a transcendence of each.

This call for a ‘Global Declaration of Peace’ is promulgated in the understanding that global impoverishment -- deliberately engineered and exacerbated by the ruling plutocracy -- including plutocracy-orchestrated ‘designer depressions’, and “First World” de-industrialization, and depopulation as in Germany, Japan, France, Italy, etc.**** -- is the fundamental, root cause of social violence, police-state dictatorship, civil war, and global war.
*[ In our view, our proposal is the precise opposite of the “Global Marshall Plan” foisted by Rockefeller agent Al Gore.  Gore’s plan is, in our view, not aimed at furthersocio-economic development, and the further growth of the social forces of production/societal productivity, but at its opposite: further suppression of industrialization in the plutocracy-created and plutocracy-maintained “Third World”, and ‘‘‘eugenocidal’’’ depopulation, there and elsewhere as well ].
***[ For more about the meaning of this term, see the book Merchants of Despair:  Radical Environmentalists, Criminal Pseudo-Scientists, and the Fatal Cult of Antihumanism, by Robert Zubrin. ].
****[ For more about the success of the plutocracy’s ‘stealth humanocide’ policies in depopulating “First World” countries, see Jonathan V. Last, What to Expect When No Ones Expecting:  Americas Coming Demographic Disaster. ].

World Peace can only be achieved through a Global Renaissance of increasing and accelerating global prosperity for the thus rising working/middle classes world-wide. 

Only by such can the ruling plutocracy, and their plan for a New/Final Dark Age of “eugenics”, i.e., of ‘humanocide’, of global depopulation, be defeated by the human[e] global majority.  

Only by such can the plutocracy-engineered, divide-and-conquer ideologies, to which the billions that the plutocracy has impoverished, and made desperate, and thereby made susceptible, e.g., to every kind of the separatisms and balkanizations that the plutocracy has contrived or amplified -- beggar-thy-neighbor “nationalisms”, racisms, ethnic chauvinisms, “religious” chauvinisms, gender chauvinisms, etc., etc., ad nauseam -- be overcome, so that the human[e] global majority can work in its own interest, instead of working against that interest, duped into so doing by ideologies engineered by the ruling plutocracy.

This call is for fiscal stimulus, instead of austerity, in each of the participating OEDC nation-states, and in China, if China is willing to participate, coordinated among those nation-states for maximum, global, synergistic effect, such that the ‘fiscal-stimulating’ national government investments converge in a plan for massive infrastructure construction throughout the “Global South”, in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and the remaining impoverishment-stricken regions of Asia, together with massive industrialization investments.

Producing the wherewithal for this gargantuan global investment will create massive new productive employment, resulting in ‘full employment plus [effective negative rates of unemployment], primarily in their production plant and equipment an infrastructure-producing industries, with their massive “multiplier” impacts, in the participating OECD nations-states -- states that have been, e.g., in the case of the European Union and the United States, so slow to grow, and so impoverishing of the middle/working class, especially since the plutocracy-contrived “Great Recession”.

We summarize the benefits-versus-costs analysis of this proposal as follows --

Benefits to Terran humanity as a whole:  World peace, through world prosperity; Global Renaissance.

Benefits to the participating OECD member nation-states:  Employment boom; accelerated real, reproductive economic growth, replacing present waste/stagnation/degeneration; upsurge in public revenues/governmental tax receipts.

Benefits to the participating recipient nation-states: Rapid uplift to high standards education and skill, of societal productivity, and of per capita wealth.  Deep drop in susceptibility to plutocracy-contrived civil wars.     

Costs to Terran humanity as a whole:  Protracted political conflict with a tiny, but sociopathic-power-addicted, ultra-vicious, ‘humanocidal’ ruling plutocracy.

Costs to the participating OECD member nation-states:  Transient fiscal deficit increases; transient inflation; potential new competition from new, latest-technology industrial installations in the [former] “Third World”.

Costs to the participating recipient nation-states:  Transient involvement of one or more OECD member nation-states in their accelerated socio-economic development; cultural transformation that includes disruptive aspects. 

The cost side of the ‘‘‘ledger’’’, above, for the OECD member nation-states, should be mitigated as follows:  by repayment of their coordinated national public debt expansions through a share in the ‘‘‘users fees’’’ generated by the public’s use of the new publicly-owned infrastructure financed and partly constructed by those OECD member nation-states.

The new production facilities constructed and installed in participating nation-states of the “Global South” by this ‘World Wide Marshal Plan’ should be oriented toward production for expanded domestic consumption of goods and services, made possible by the rising incomes, and rising effective demand, among the citizens within those “Global South” nation-states, and not for export to the OECD member nation-states.  However, some ‘South/North’ trade in high value-added products and services should be expected to develop over time.  Rising effective demand among the citizenry within the participating “Global South” nation-states will, in time, benefit the export trade of the participating OECD member nation-states as well.

‘Equitarian’ standard ‘technodepreciation insurance’* should be offered, as part of this ‘World Wide Marshall Plan’, to enterprises in participating OECD member nation-states, to help manage the risk of ‘technological obsolescence depreciation’ of their fixed capital plant and equipment, as a result of new competition from the products of new enterprises, characterized by transiently lower wages, and by technologically state-of-the-art fixed capital plant and equipment, and public infrastructure, constructed and installed in participating “Global South” nation-states, as part of this ‘World Wide Marshall Plan’, in part by those participating OECD member nation-states.

Crash-programs for literacy and numeracy acquisition, and for other aspects of education and of skills-development, for the “Global South” working classes that are to operate the new infrastructures and industries, form a necessary component in this ‘World Wide Marshall Plan’.

A crash program for the development and deployment of radioactivity-free forms of nuclear fusion power [not fission power], is another necessary component of this ‘World Plan’.

The results would be more socially optimal if this OECD ‘World Wide Marshall Plan’ were implemented under ‘Citizen Externality Equity’** human rights institutions, applying economic-democratic, ‘grass roots regulation’ to the pollution-production potential of the industrial plant and public infrastructure installed in the participating “Global South” nation-states under this Plan.

The results would also be even more socially optimal if this Plan were implemented under ‘Citizen Stewardship Equity’*** human rights institutions of economic democracy, that is, by the ‘collective entrepreneurship’ of qualifying, citizens’ self-organized, markets-competing ‘socialized producers’ cooperatives’, and by mutually-competing ‘‘‘social bank’’’ cooperatives, formed from among the citizens of the participating “Global South” nation-states.

A ‘declaration of peace through prosperity’ is the opposite of a “declaration of war”.  A ‘declaration of peace’ is not a matter of the imposition, by violent coercion, of the will of  one nation-state upon another.

A ‘declaration of peace’ must be a negotiated treaty, a legal, diplomatic instrument, agreed upon, in mutual consent, between one nation, or group of nations, such as the OECD, and another nation-state, or group of nation-states, such as nation-states of the “Global South”.

Nation-state has “declared war” upon nation-state, and prosecuted wars of mass destruction, ever since the advent of the nation-state social formation, centuries ago.

But perhaps never before, with the partial exception of the original Marshall Plan, have nations ‘declared peace’ upon one another, including by consciously and explicitly ‘declaring prosperity’ upon one another -- ‘‘‘peace through prosperity’’’.

Such official, collective declarations of world peace through world prosperity, and their implementation, we hold, are a necessary prelude to attaining closure with regard to all of the chapters of the bloody prehistory” of [true] humanity on this planet.
*[ For more information regarding the ‘technodepreciation insurance’ risk management concept, see, draft of proposed ‘amendatory annex’ to the U. S. Constitution, Sub-Section 5.j. ].
**[ For more information regarding the  ‘Citizen Externality Equity’ human right, see, draft of  
     proposed ‘amendatory annex’ to the U. S. Constitution, Sections 2 and 3. ].
***[ For more information regarding the  ‘Citizen Stewardship Equity’ human right, see, draft of proposed ‘amendatory annex’ to the U. S. Constitution, Section 5. ].


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