Saturday, January 14, 2017

Participation in a Web Dialogue on “Dialectical Materialism”.

Dear Readers,

I have pasted-in, below, an opening exchange within a new web-dialogue in which I am participating, at --

It involves, from me, a somewhat succinct definition of ‘‘‘dialectic’’’.




Q:  [Define] “Dialectical Materialism”.

R:  First of all, to understand what “dialectical materialism” means, one needs to understand what “dialectical” means, and, thus, what “dialectic” is. 

A dialectic is a categorial progression in which a simple[r] starting category breaks out into an opposition between itself and its more complex, supplementary first ‘contra-category’, born from within that starting category.  Then a third category, a ‘first uni-category’, emerges from the “hybridization” of the first two categories.  And so on. 

Such a categorial progression can describe a present scale of existences, such as Marx’s ‘Commodities + Monies + Monies-Mediated-CIRCULATIONs-of-Commodities’... in Capital, or an historical progression of existences such as, in the ‘‘‘Dialectic of Nature’’’, ‘ “non-composite” “quanta” [e.g., quarks] + “composite” “quanta” [e.g., protons] + atoms [hybrids of protons, neutrons, and electrons] ... ’ . 

For more regarding Marxian dialectics, see

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