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Part 1.: Herbert A. Simon on «Aufheben» ‘Meta-Unit-ic’ Dialectics [but using different nomenclature].

Part 1.:  Herbert A. Simon on «Aufheben» Meta-Unit-ic Dialectics

[but using different nomenclature]. 


Dear Readers,

GLOBAL STRATEGIC PSYCHOHISTORICAL HYPOTHESES.  In his influential 1962 paper, published in the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society [vol. 106, no. 6, 12DEC1962], entitled The Architecture of Complexity, Herbert A. Simon -- who Arthur Koestler cites in his writings on ‘‘‘Holonism’’’, discussed here in an earlier recent blog-entry -- sets forth what he holds to be a common “property” -- perhaps a universal architectonic -- not just of ‘human complex-systems, but of “complex systems” in general.  This proposed “general systems” architectonic is deeply related to the universal principle that forms the core of the Seldonian «aufheben» dialectic, and that is therefore key to the interpretation and solution of so many of the applied dialectical meta-equations formulated via the SeldonianFirst Arithmetic for Dialectics, and via its dialectical algebra, per the Seldonian Algorithmic-Heuristic Universal Dialectical Method. 

The Seldonian term for this universal architectonic is ‘«aufheben» meta-unit-ization dialectic.’ 

Its ‘‘‘vertical’’’ aspect is the systematic presentation of a co-extant, co-PRESENT, or synchronic finitary qualo-fractal content-structure, which is an«aufheben» multi-meta-monad-ic, multi-meta-ontic cumulum’. 

Its ‘‘‘horizontal’’’ aspect is the reconstruction of the HISTORY of a successive, progressing, diachronic, finitary temporal qualo-fractallongitudinal sequence of kinds of self-producing monadic population ‘‘‘systems’’’, which is a recurrent «aufheben» meta-monad-ization historical process, progressively forming and accumulating an«aufheben» multi-meta-monad-ic, multi-meta-ontic cumulum’ of such populations, via the ‘self-iterated self-involution’ of each given Domain’s original, or «arché», monadic population ‘‘‘system’’’, as of the successor monadic population ‘‘‘systems’’’ successively generated, meta-genealogically, thereby.    

Herbert Simon, like Arthur Koestler, was a capitalist ideologue, but an insightful one, ripe for immanent critique, just as were the classical political-economists with whose work Marx worked. 

Simon, too, is a whore of the Capitalist Ruling CLASS HIERARCHY, and, once again, wants to fool his readers into further submission by retro-projecting the viciousness of class-social hierarchy back upon all of ‘pre-human Nature’, as well as upon all of contemporaneous ‘exo-human Nature’, thereby prochronistically overburdening and overloading those ontologies with all of the violent, oppressive, exploitative, pathological and perverted, sado-masochistic connotations of this excrescence of the class-society phase of human-social development-in-alienation, in the hopes of cementing an ideology throughout the human species which will preserve class hierarchy for all futurity, by stamping class hierarchy with a seeming imprimatur from “NATURE”.

Therefore, again, as with the Koestler quotes in our previous blog-entry here, we will not follow Herbert Simon in his ideology-reinforcing psy-op, chanting hierarchy at every opportunity.  Instead, in quoting him below, we will substitute our own terms, in square brackets, whenever he launches into his prostitute duties and ruling-class favor-seeking, promoting the “eternality” of mass-murderous ruling class despotism via his incessant invocations of his claims of ‘‘‘universal hierarchy’’’.  We will, instead, seek to rescue some of the genuine scientific insights from his account, as follows --

[F.E.D.:  Note the 'crypto-vitalist' false dichotomization implicit here, as if biological systems are not also physical systems].

The hierarchical [the «aufheben», meta-monadic, qualo-fractal, i.e., dialectical] structure of biological systems is a familiar fact.  Taking the [F.E.D.:  eukaryotic] cell as the building block [F.E.D.:  i.e., as the relative «arché» monadic «arithmos» for this Domain of “biological systems”], we find cells organized into tissues, tissues into organs, organs into systems.’’’

‘‘‘Moving downward [F.E.D.:  i.e., lower in qualo-fractal, and here also in volumetric, scale] from the cell [F.E.D.:  i.e., taking the eukaryotic cell now no longer as relative «arché», but as the relative culminant], well-defined  subsystems -- for example, nucleus, cell membrane, microsomes, mitochondria, and so on -- have been identified in animal [F.E.D.:  eukaryotic] cells.’’’

‘‘‘The hierarchic [the «aufheben», meta-monadic, qualo-fractal, i.e., dialectical] structure of many physical systems is equally clear-cut.  I have already mentioned the two main series.  At the microscopic level [qualo-fractal scale] we have elementary particles, atoms, molecules, macromolecules.’’’

‘‘‘At the macroscopic level [qualo-fractal scale] we have satellite systems [F.E.D.:  i.e., planets and their satellite moons], planetary systems, galaxies.’’’

As we have noted here in earlier blog-entries, e.g., in --

-- a ‘dialectical cumulum’ is not, in general, a hierarchy.  But here, once again, we see that there may be special cases of human-social, e.g., ‘class-social’, ‘multi-meta-monadic cumula’, within which ‘‘‘horizontal’’’ interactions are suppressed, and within which egalitarian tendencies are forcibly minimized, which are, indeed, authoritarian, dictatorial, perverted and pathological -- sado-masochistic -- human-social hierarchies [just consider the Catholic Church, recently ordered, by the International Truth-In-Naming Tribunal [ITINT], to change the church’s legal name to Baby-Rapers Incorporated, International].

Yet even, at least formally, in a capitalist, representative-democratic republic -- however often ‘‘‘honored, actually, in the breach’’’ -- the “lowest” level of authority in the hierarchy of governmental power, that of the citizenry; of the, largely proletarianized, wage-laboring [i.e., self-selling, or ‘self-alienating’], relatively-impoverished people at large -- may, on its own, independent initiative, over-rule and topple the “highest” level of authority in that hierarchy of governmental power, e.g., the presidency, e.g., by voting the president out of office in the next election.

Despite their inadvertent insightfulness regarding dialectic, my encounter with all of the paeans to hierarchy that these ideologues dish out makes me hope for, even more -- and, more importantly, makes me work for, even more -- the potential future epochs of global human thriving and flourishing, in which our future species-mates will no longer suffer the class rule of parasitic, psychopathic and sociopathic mass-murderer-predators, warping, perverting, ruining, suppressing, wasting, and massacring human life at every opportunity.

FYI:  Much of the work of Karl Seldon, and of his collaborators, including work by “yours truly”, is available, for your free-of-charge download, via --



Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison

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