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‘F.E.D.’s ‘Dialectographical’ Idiom -- Part 04: ‘The Seldon Files’ Series.

F.E.D.’s DialectographicalIdiom -- Part 04:  The Seldon Files Series.

Dear Reader,

It is my pleasure, and my honor, as an officer of the Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.] Office of Public Liaison, and as a voting member of F.E.D., to share, with you, from time to time, as they are approved for public release by the F.E.D. General Council, key excerpts from the internal writings, and from the internal sayings, of our co-founder, Karl Seldon.

The fourth release in this new such series is posted below [Some E.D. standard edits have been applied, in the version presented below, by the editors of the F.E.D. Special Council for the Encyclopedia, to the direct transcript of our co-founder’s discourse].

In this 4th installment, Seldon addresses our graphical representation convention for the diagrammatics of dialectics.

Seldon --

In our ‘dialectogramic’ diagrammatic tradition, and idiom, the multiple, ‘inter-mutually opposing’, dialectical species-categories of each dialectical «genos» category are category-units which constitute that «genos» category as their meta-unit.”  

“Each singular «genos» category-unit is a ‘meta-unit’ of/to its species category-units in the sense that each «genos» category-unit is made up out of the heterogeneous multiplicity of its species category-units.”  

“And these dialectical species category-units are seen, in our depictions thereof, to ‘‘‘vanish into’’’ that single «genos» category-unit.”

“That is, the ‘lines of inclusion’ issuing from each of the several species category-units’ depictions converge in, and into, the ‘‘‘vanishing point’’’ at the root/base of that, singular, «genos» category-unit, as depicted in these F.E.D-standard ‘dialectograms’.”  

“This is the case, both for ‘dialectograms’ depicting systematic dialectics, and for ‘dialectograms’ depicting historical dialectics.

For more information regarding these Seldonian insights, please see --


For partially pictographical, ‘poster-ized’ visualizations of many of these Seldonian insights -- specimens of dialectical art -- see:



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