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‘Dialectic: Users’ Manual’, Edition 0., new book by Karl Seldon, just published by F.E.D. Press.









Dialectic: Users Manual’, Edition 0., new book by Karl Seldon, just published by F.E.D. Press.






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The new book by F.E.D. co-founder Karl Seldon, entitled --


Dialectic: Users Manual.


-- has just been published by the F.E.D. Press.


To find out how to obtain your copy of this book from out of the small production run of its first edition, contact .


Descriptions of this book from the inside back flap of its “dust cover jacket” --

(1) “In all of the 2,495 years since Heraclitus, during which “dialectic” has formed an extant meme in the ‘human phenome’, never before has there arisen an algorithmic -- indeed, a mathematical -- formulation of dialectic, that, by virtue of being algorithmic, or ‘recipe-al’, is thereby also learnable, potentially, not just by the ‘auto-didacticism’ of a handful of historic geniuses, but by humanity at large, and as a whole.”


(2) “This text, which sets forth a universal algorithmic-heuristic method, and model, of dialectic, can, thereby, help conduct its learners from the outermost reaches of the “formal operations” phase of adult cognitive development, to its successor phase -- to the “dialectical operations” phase.”


(3) “A key feature of this text, for me, is the way in which it rebalances the valuation of the quantitative versus the qualitative, and helps to redress, and to heal, the bias toward the “purely” quantitative that characterizes modernity, and that reflects the uttermost root of capitalism in the unconscious paradigm of the exchange-value: the equation of the qualitatively different apparently by “pure” quantity alone.  This text does this healing work partly by presenting the antidote of an arithmetic of “pure” qualities.  However, its whole thrust is toward both an everyday and an ideographical language, and a new ‘human phenome’, that writes, and speaks, and thinks, a complex unity of quantitative and qualitative, a ‘quanto-qualitative’ and, equally, a ‘qualo-quantitative’ universal language, and universal algebra, founded in the «aufheben» operation, and, thus, a dialectical «characteristica universalis».”









For more information regarding the Seldonian insights, please see --








For partially pictographical, ‘poster-ized’ visualizations of many of these Seldonian insights -- specimens of dialectical art -- see:





















Miguel Detonacciones,


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