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‘The DUality of «Aufheben» Conservation – INternal and EXternal’. -- Part 08: Seldon’s Secrets Series.


 The DUality of «Aufheben» Conservation

INternal and EXternal’.

-- Part 08: Seldon’s Secrets Series.




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It is my pleasure, and my honor, as an elected member of the Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.] General Council, and as a voting member of F.E.D., to share, with you, from time to time, as they are approved for public release, by the F.E.D. General Council, key excerpts from the internal writings, and from the internal sayings, of our co-founder, Karl Seldon.


The eighth release in this new such series is posted below [Some E.D. standard edits have been applied, in the version presented below, by the editors of the F.E.D. Special Council for the Encyclopedia, to the direct transcript of our co-founder’s discourse].


In this 8th installment, Seldon describes the seldom-noticed, evolute, dual character of the ‘‘‘conservation moment’’’ of the core process of all true dialectic:  the «aufheben» process.


Seldon --

The ‘“conservation”’ “moment” of the dialectical, «aufheben» process/relation, e.g., of ‘meta-«monad»-ization’/-‘meta-«monad»-icity’, is not just a simple, single, singular “moment”.”


“It is dual.”


“Yes, it is the internal conservation of immediately-previous ‘self-hybrid’ «monads», inside their newest, immediately-next higher ‘self-hybrid’ [meta-monads», of the next higher ontological category/«arithmos» of «monads».”


“But the ‘“conservation”’ “moment” of the «aufheben» process/relation is also the external, ‘‘‘evolute’’’ continuation/-‘‘‘conservation’’’ of some of those immediate-predecessor ‘self-hybrid’ «monads», of those that do not enter in to the new, next, immediate successor ‘self-hybrid’ [meta-monads»; that remain outside of those newer [meta-monads» and thus also outside of their, new, [meta-arithmos»/ontological category.”


“That is why the product rule axiom – the ontological-categorial multiplication rule axiom – that we most typically employ in the ‘meta-model meta-equation’ descriptions of various Domains within this cosmos, and of this cosmos as a whole, using the axioms-systems of the NQ dialectical ideography, is named/described as the double-conservation «aufheben» evolute product rule.”


This rule prescribes that, given an ontological category denoted by x, or qx, its ontological self-multiplication looks like this –

qx  x  qx    =   qx  +  qxx.

The second term of this categorial product, qxx, represents the, usually recognized in the dialectical traditions, internal aspect of the ‘‘‘conservation’’’ “moment” of the «aufheben» process/relation.  That is, qxx represents a [meta-arithmos» or ontological category that is made up out of [meta-]units each of which is an ‘x of xs’, or an ‘x x’, i.e., is a ‘meta-x’, new unit, each one typically made up out of a heterogeneous multiplicity of “mere” x units.  Thus, at least some of the [former] x units are ‘‘‘«aufheben»-conserved’’’ inside each of the new, higher ‘meta-x’ units.


“The first term of the product equation above is just the, “mere”, ‘“reproduction”’ of the category/«arithmos»- symbol qx, which was also the multiplier category/«arithmos»-symbol, and also the multiplicand category/«arithmos»-symbol, on the Left-Hand Side of that product equation.”   


“That first term, usually not recognized in the dialectical traditions, is there, in the product definition equation, because, in general, not all of the qx units are «aufheben»-assimilated into the new, higher qxx units, in the typical dialectical, self-«aufheben» process of an ontological category/«arithmos» qx.”


“Thus, for example, in the ‘All-Domain’ of the ‘self-meta-evolution’ of our cosmos, as told in the language of physio-ontological categoriesarithmoi», consider the ‘cosmo-ontological’ category of molecules, call it qm.”


“The ontological units/-«monads» known as “molecules” are [self-]hybridizations of their [sub-]units, known as “atoms”, call them qa.  So –

qa  x  qa    =   qa  +  qaa  |-=  qa  +  qm.”


“Some interstellar ‘atomic clouds’, consisting only of “atom” units, without yet supporting units of the higher level of organization known as “molecules”, still exist to this very day.  Also, many “molecular clouds’ still contain atom units, not yet «aufheben»-assimilated into the higher units known as “molecules”.  Thus, units of the qa category are still present, even so many millennia after the first, primordial, interstellar ‘atomic clouds’ [self-]transformed into [predominantly] qaa  |-=  qm “molecular clouds”.


“For another example, again in the ‘All-Domain’ of the ‘self-meta-evolution’ of our cosmos, consider, again, the ‘cosmo-ontological’ category of atomic nuclei.  Again, let’s call it qa.”


“The ontological unitsmonads» known as “atomic nuclei are [self-]hybridizations of their [sub-]units, known as “nucleons” – e.g., protons and neutrons -- call them collectively by the category-symbol qn.  So –

qn  x  qn    =   qn  +  qnn  |-=  qn  +  qa.”


“Nucleon units fused themselves together to form fully-ionized atomic nuclei units, first off, to current understanding, during the ‘‘‘cosmological nucleosynthesis’’’, or “Big Bang nucleosynthesis”, epoch, in which, e.g., many “free” proton units – units “free” of the higher level of organization characterizing atomic nucleus units – combined to form atomic nucleus units, in the sufficiently-diminished “heat” of the self-expanding/‘self-diluting’ “Big Bang”, cosmos-encompassing “fire ball”.”


“Many of the “free” nucleon units were thus [self-]transformed into atomic nucleus units – e.g., into the nuclei of [fully-ionized] atomic Helium.”


“However, many of those “free” nucleon units, e.g., proton units, have remained extant to this day, in “circulation” within our cosmos, having never yet been ‘«aufheben»-assimilated’ into the higher units known as “atoms”. 


“Such protonic, ‘proto-nucleonic’ units persist, e.g., in the forms of protonic “high energy cosmic rays”, and also of vast galactic clouds of protons as “Hydrogen ions”.  Thus, many units of the qn category are still present, even so many millennia after “Big Bang nucleosynthesis” [self-]transformed so many others of them into qnn  |-=  qaatomic clouds’ of ionic atomic nuclei.






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