Thursday, April 24, 2014

Part I. Prolegomena. The Dialectic of Nature.

Dear Readers,

This blog-entry is the first installment of a planned multi-part series, launched with the intension to comprehensively present the F.E.D. 'Dialectical Theory of Everything' 'Meta-Model' -- that is, the Seldonian 'Dialectic of Nature' 'Meta-Model' -- epoch-by-epoch, narrating the explicit reconstruction of the total history, and ontology, of the taxonomy level 1 cosmos, "contained" in its 'Meta-Equation', and also iterating that 'Meta-Equation' beyond reconstruction of past-to-present, into the 'pre-construction' / prediction of the possible future of this cosmos, also '''contained''' in that 'Meta-Equation'.

I will be gradually adding content to the present blog-entry, the initial Part of this series, over the course of the ensuing days, and will then be moving on to post the Parts beyond this Part I.

Two images that provide an overview of this 'Meta-Model' are posted immediately below this announcement.

To your Cognitive Enjoyment and Expansion,



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