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Tableau: Generic Dialectical-Algebraic Interpretation of the 'Ontological Qualifier Meta-Numbers' of the F.E.D. 'First Dialectical Arithmetic'. 'Dialectical Ordinality'.

'Dialectical Ordinality'.

Dear Readers,

FYI:  A new '*.jpg' image, providing an Encyclopedia Dialectica 'Terms Definitions Table', defining the E.D. standard generic dialectical interpretation of the first eighteen Seldonian NQ 'dialectical meta-numbers', is being posted to the Glossary Page.

The Glossary Page entry-title for this 'Terms Definitions Table' is --

'E.D. Terms Definitions Table:  Generic Dialectical Interpretation of the NQ dialectical meta-numbers, Synchronic & Diachronic, Dyadic & Triadic.'

I have also posted this image below, for your convenience, now that it has been officially released to the F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison, for public dissemination, along with two diversiform examples of the specific application of this generic interpretation.


Miguel Detonacciones,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison

TWO DIVERSIFORM EXAMPLES of Specific Application of this Generic Interpretation --

1.  Example 1'Synchronic Dialectic' ["Systematic Dialectic"] Example --

A Dialectical-Mathematical Model of the circulations-process value-form content of Marx's Capital.

For this presentational ‘dialectical meta-model meta-equation’, for its s = 3rd presentational step/equation, we have --

E)-|-(3   =   (EC)23   =   EC8   =     

EC  + EM  + EqMC  + EK  + EqKC  + EqKM  + EqKMC  + EE   (----)

1.  Commodities as «arché» thesis/first thesis, or as «arché» ontological category, +

2.  Monies as first antithesis, or first contra-category, +

3.  EqMC Commodities\Monies combinations [circulations] as first [full] synthesis, +

4.  «Kapitals» as second antithesis, or second contra-category, +

5.  EqKC  Commodities\«Kapitals» combinations as first partial synthesis, +

6.  EqKM  Monies\«Kapitals» combinations as second partial synthesis, +

7.  EqK\MC «Kapitals»\EqMC[circulations] combinations as second full synthesis, +

8.  EqKK self-critique of «Kapitals» as third antithesis, or third contra-category.

2.  Example 2'Diachronic Dialectic' ["Historical Dialectic"] Example --

A Dialectical-Mathematical Meta-Model of the Dialectic of Nature as Totality.

[abbreviated, 'lumped-<<arche'>> version'].

For this ‘dialectical meta-model meta-equation’, for its t = 3rd epoch/equation, we have --

ALL>-|-<3   =   <ALLr >23   =   ALLr8   =     

ALLr  + ALLa  + ALLqar  + ALLm  + ALLqmr  + ALLqma  + ALLqmar  + ALLp   <--->

1.  pre-atomic particles as «arché-physis», or «arché» ontological category, +

2.  atoms as first meta-«physis», or first meta-category, +

3.  ALLqar pre-atomics\atoms interactions as first [full] uni-«physis», +

4.  molecules as second meta-«physis», or second meta-category, +

5.  ALLqmr  pre-atomics\molecules interactions as first partial uni-«physis», +

6.  ALLqma  molecules\atoms interactions as second partial uni-«physis», +

7.  ALLqmar  molecules\ALLqar’s interactions as second full uni-«physis», +

8.  pre-eukaryotic living cells as third meta-«physis», or third meta-category.          

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