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The ‘‘‘Evoluteness’’’ of the Seldonian Ideography.

On the ‘‘‘Evoluteness’’’ of the Seldonian Dialectical Ideography.

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In each presentational step, s [of a ‘synchronic, systematic-dialectical presentation’, e.g., of a present system], or in each historical epoch, t [of a ‘diachronic, historical-dialectical model’, e.g., of a past systems-progression], all of the earlier-evoked, earlier presented -- or most of the historically earlier-arisen -- ontological content that the ontological category-symbols represent, is still there, is still present.

However, that content has also moved off from the center of our attention -- if we are following the step-by-step presentation, or the epoch-by-epoch historical reconstruction, of the rising ontological level, or of the ontology [self-]expansion history, of the Domain being represented.

I.e., that earlier ontological content has receded back from that vanguard of latest-presented/newest ontological content, receding into the background of the ‘dialectical solution/description/analysis’ of that Domain, or, to use Hegel’s [English-translated] language, has become “demoted”.
In Seldon’s terms, all of that passed or past ontological content is no longer, or is less and less, ‘meta-meristemal’, after each mounting step of presentation, or after each advancing epoch of the history, for the Domain in question.
Seldon calls this pattern ‘“evolute”’, because [most of] passed or past ontology remains present in each successive, progressive present, in which new ontology is evoked, or irrupts.  The opposite, ‘“convolute”’ pattern, would see all passed or past ontological content completely displaced and replaced by the latest/newest ontological content, with each next step of presentation, or with each new epoch of historical reconstruction.

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