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‘‘‘Unpacking’’’ the «Arché» in Seldonian Dialectics.

‘‘‘Unpacking’’’ the «Arché» in SeldonianSynchronic [‘‘Systematic’’’] Dialectic.

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...All of the «arché»-category-subsequent ontological categories of a given Domain, D, are already present, as ‘‘‘seeds’’’, immanently implicit ‘‘‘inside’’’ that initiating, or «arché», ontological category, for those who know that Domain, D, even if they know it only ‘“chaotically”’ [cf. Marx, Grundrisse].
Moreover, those ‘“seeds”’ of the other, «arché»-subsequent ontological categories of that Domain, that are already embryonically present, ‘“seeded”’ in that «arché» ontological category itself, are embryonically present with a graduated degree-of-presence that manifests an ‘order of [cognitive] accessibility’, for such knowers, one which mirrors the ordinal position, succession, and progression of these ontological categories once they have been developed to explicit, full, ‘‘‘sprouted’’’ and ‘‘‘matured’’’ presence, in their systematic order, in the later, more complete categorial series, or categorial progression, that constitutes the ‘‘‘dialectical categorial analysis’’’ of that Domain, D.  
The fuller ‘‘‘dialectical analysis’’’ of that Domain, into the series/‘‘‘sum’’’/‘qualitative superposition’ of all of the ‘ontological categories’ that it ‘‘‘contains’’’, for such knowers -- their implicit ‘order of accessibility’ in the cognition of the Domain itself by such knowers, is already also implicitly present, for those knowers, in the «arché»-category of that Domain. ...

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