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Principles of Trans-Capitalist, Social[ist] Equity, II.: Citizen Birthright Equity

Principles of Trans-Capitalist, Social[ist] Equity, II.: Citizen Birthright Equity [as propounded by the E.A.G., the Equitist Advocacy Group]


Dear Readers,

Below is my edited version -- edited for clarity -- of an E.A.G. text on the topic of their proposed Citizen Birthright Equity human-social-constitutional principle:


The principle of the human-social generalization, or humanity-wide “universalization”, of equity-holding, to all social citizens, and of an “onto-dynamasis” beyond the kinds of such equity presently in existence, to birth new kinds -- e.g., including Externality Equity — the heart and «arché» of the new “human-social-ontology” whose totality the E.A.G. denotes by E [intended as a “dialectogram” symbol connoting the successor human-social system to the present, globally-failing [state-]capitalist system: the successor system that is founded upon what the E.A.G. calls the “Generalized Equity” social relation of production -- M.D.], denoting the new, Capital-transcending social relation of [social re-]production — does not end with the collective, public-democratic “property-ization” of externality equitiesas described in my previous post.

It extends as well to the social generalization of the proprietorship, initially, of “internality equities” – capital equity stock and other traditional capital assets -- by all citizens, by means of a policy of “Citizen Birthright Equity Endowments” per an amended, expanded, “constitutionalized” Bill of Social Rights & Responsibilities.

This new «species» of equity – Citizen Birthright Equity -- also flows from principles of “human-social risk management”, of “economic-systemic-risk management”, and of “human-social self-investment”.

It means that every child born into “Equitarian Society”, is granted, «ipso jure», at birth, by virtue of fundamental constitutional right, a taxes-funded/social-rents-funded equal sum of capital equity stock, comprised, initially, of small portions of all publicly-issued stocks, bonds, and other capital assets meeting legislated standards, as well as, more and more, of extant social property income streams, designed as an integrated social/individual risk management trust-fund, and as a unified, “omni-portable”, globally-portable “social safety net”, as a socially-constrained individual property of every new-born citizen.

This new constitutional right, in this sense, makes every baby born into human society a ‘‘‘trust-fund baby’’’.

[The slavish mentality drummed into the minds of many people by the capitalist plutocracy's mass media, and by their general ideologies-manufacturing operations, and by their submissiveness-maintenance operations, preconditions the response, to this proposal, and to any similar proposals, for many, to: "WE JUST CAN'T AFFORD" any such principle.

Only crumbs from the Lords' Tables go to the commoners!

Well, "we" can apparently "afford" TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in unlimited bailouts for the Big Pig Wall Street Banks!

“We” evidently can “afford” handing over the U. S. Taxpayers’ U. S. Treasury – the wages and salaries repossessed via taxes by the ruling class from their workers’ incomes -- to the very swine who carried out the plutocracy's planned global economic collapse, to help these swine to consolidate even further their concentrated ownership of U. S. banking, by buying-out – with taxpayer dollars – their former, smaller competitors, who they also bankrupted via their collapse-engineering, as their reward for service to that plutocracy; the very swine who confiscated the home-purchase down-payments of millions of Americans, and who drove millions of Americans out of their homes, and on to the streets, who robbed millions of Americans of their life savings, of their pensions, of their 401(k) assets; who shipped our factories and our jobs overseas -- all so that they can use the money we pay in taxes to pay for their flagrantly-exorbitant bonuses, and to lobby [i.e., BRIBE] Congress and the Executive branch to pass no laws or regulations that would prevent them from committing the same massive crimes, and the same massive theft, all over again, next time on an even larger scale, and to lobby [i.e., BRIBE] the judiciary to render no rulings or convictions that would hold them accountable for their massive crimes against humanity, as well as to pay for the elephantiasis of the "Defense" Budget, so that Halliburton and the rest of the Oil/Military-Industrial Complex can continue useless, stealthy-genocidal wars, to rape both the U. S. Taxpayers, and the peoples of the "Third World" -- a "Third World" that they and their hired servant-dictators created as such in the first place!

"We" can apparently “afford” TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to finance such utter waste and such utter social toxicity and criminality.

BUT NO! WE CAN NEVER AFFORD TO DO SOMETHING TRULY OMNI-BENEFICIAL WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS -- like use part of them to give every child born a real chance in life!

The trouble with slaves, in terms of their own good, is that they tend to develop a slave mentality: the only thing that they ever think can be "afforded" is more "caviar" for their slave-masters.

Such slaves may go ahead and “live” on their knees, kissing slave-master-butt, for all of their "lives", if that is their masters' "preference" -- thus “validating” the “marginal utility” of their slave masters' “theory of marginal utility”.

Others would rather “kick slave-master butt”, and “throw the baggage out”! -- M.D.]

Citizen Birthright Equity means per capita citizen net assets, in place of today's plutocracy-mandated, malignantly growing per capita citizen net liabilities; the share of each citizen in plutocracy-incurred public debt [a way by which the plutocratic minority finances its destructive imperial enterprises and their required '''permanent war economy''' via taxes – in fact, by legislatively-coerced consumption, foisted upon the non-super-rich majority by the plutocracy and its abject prostitutes, the “politicians” who serve that plutocracy’s every whim, and who never wittingly serve the public, the majority of the electorate, as they are pledged to do].

* Moral Hazard Mitigations. The mitigation of the massive "moral hazard" potential of this proposed Citizen Birthright Equity social policy will require that there be many "strings attached", restricting the uses of this public investment in each citizen-person by that person, and by various parents or guardians and heirs of that person, at various stages of that person's expected life-history, and beyond. Each social equity-endowment trust-fund must therefore remain a partially-social property; a legislatively-constrained, “statutorially”-constrained, only-partially-individual/-personal/-private property.

* Principles of Universalized Inheritance and of Universalized Birth-Advantage. This policy of “universal advantage” / “universal inheritance” / “social inheritance” -- of the “universalization” of capital/equity ownership / social property ownership / inheritance as a partial remedy for the viciously self-amplifying hyper-inequalities of plutocratic-minority capital-advantage and capital-privilege; a ‘‘‘social risk management’’’ policy designed to achieve an «aufheben»-negation of some of the socially-recognized systemic risks of the predecessor, «Kapitals»-system -- envisions a unification of the fragmented and otherwise inadequate – inadequate in quality and in quantity -- «Kapital»-epoch legacy of “social safety net” provisions.

If not, in the beginning, birthing every baby with a “golden spoon”, or even with a “silver spoon”, in her or his mouth, every baby would be born with at least a “stainless steel spoon in his or her mouth".

These unified provisions would address the management of the risk of the «aufheben»-“contained” but also of the «aufheben»-“retained” elements of capital-profit-based economics, plus of the new, Equitarian system, as well as of the universal risks of which human social life is, generically, in all human epochs, the heir.

Under the constitutional requirement of Citizen Birthright Equity, human society’s collective portion of equal initial social investment in each individual citizen, by social right of birth [as distinct from the presently persisting, vastly unequal family investment in / inheritance of each child, resulting from, e.g., the unequal fruits of achievements, and/or of “robber-baron” robberies, by that child’s ancestors], and the partially age-based, and tests-of-knowledge-based, constitutionally- and legislatively-restricted allocation of each child’s birth-right equity trust-fund to use-access for that citizen, would be legislatively designed to meet the expected, standard costs of foreseeable life-history events, including --

* Basic Education -- primary school, trade-school, college, professional, and basic ‘‘‘life-long learning’’’/re-training in the event of radical skills-obsolescence/skills-“techno-depreciation”, etc.;

* Major Medical Care -- for "normal", plus for at least some classes of "catastrophic", illnesses;

* Initial Home Purchase -- down-payment assistance for young adult first home acquisition;

* Entrepreneurship Opportunity -- public “venture capital” funding for first small business launch [for businesses launching below the legislated threshold employee-count at which Citizen Stewardship Equity requirements begin to apply], or for first producers-cooperative launch [for those aspects of such launch costs that are constitutionally, or “statutorially”, not fundable by social bank grant -- whether social-rent-payment-requiring or not -- to qualified Citizen Stewardship Equity producer cooperative start-ups];

* Unemployment Insurance -- for cases of economic downturns, producers-cooperative bankruptcies, etc.;

* Re-Training -- for redressing “techno-depreciation”, or “technological obsolescence-depreciation”, of ‘‘‘human capital’’’, or for funding acquisition of that minimum level of “human skills-negentropy” needed to qualify for Citizen Stewardship Equity producers’ cooperatives opportunities;

* Retirement -- partially replacing [the increasingly plutocracy-gutted] employer pension, employer 401(k), personal IRA, and Social Security programs.

Costs of social failures by the individual -- e.g., of welfare livelihood-support in the cases of extended, perhaps non-economic-downturn-induced unemployment, or of incarceration costs in cases of criminal conviction(s) -- would be borne out of that citizen’s Citizen Birthright Equity trust fund, up to its near-exhaustion, thus also forming a further dis-incentive to such failures.

[Economic downturns may continue to occur, irregularly, during the period of the ‘‘‘formal domination’’’, or of the merely ‘‘‘formal subsumption’’’, of the capital social-relation-of-production by the rest of the emergent social-relation-of-production of Generalized Equity. However, any immanent social processes described in terms of a ‘‘‘social dynamical law’’’ of such downturns is expected to be increasingly ‘‘socio-ontologically’’ distinct from the immanent social process which drives the iterated irruption, with ever-escalating amplitude, of escalating-duration periods of contracted social reproduction within the “descendant-phase” sub-epoch of the ‘‘‘real domination’’’ of, and of the more or less exclusive social rule of, the “capital-relation”, and of its agents and personifications, the concentrated-capital-owning plutocracy.].

This unification, with each citizen as cost-concerned customer, given the “voucher-like” personal stake of each citizen in the conservation, and expansion, of the principal of each one's Citizen Birthright Equity social trust-fund, would “re-marketize” social welfare provision, and “re-competitivize” the pricing of medical and other social welfare services, and, thus, “re-incentivize” the exercise of cost-efficiency and cost-discipline in their production, de-incenting the “take it for granted” moral hazard of present, “free-of-charge”, state-bureaucracy-produced, or state-bureaucracy-subsidized, ‘‘‘social welfare’’’ provisions.

The policy of “Citizen Birthright Equity Endowment” of every citizen-child raises questions of the disposition of such endowments in the event of termination of pregnancy, averting the birth of a new citizen, by right of the mother.

Parents must not be “ incentivized” to ‘‘‘profit’’’ monetarily from their children’s social trust-funds, though, even so, the financial worries and burdens of parenthood would be significantly mitigated by this policy, even countervailing against the extreme amplification of the “demographic transition” presently evident, in part, in advanced capitalist nations’ growing tendency toward negative rates of human population growth [as one moment of their growing tendency of “contracted social reproduction”].

The Citizen Birthright Equity policy would not constitute a direct financial incentive to never abort a fetus.

However, the high social valuation of each and every life implicit in social adoption of this Citizen Birthright Equity policy suggests a certain social resolution to the prevailing “right-of-choice” versus “right-of-life” social conundrum, a conundrum which presently forms an apparent antinomy, but which we see, rather, as yet another dialectical “self-antithesis”, or “self-duality”, within the prevailing social concept of right, one which cries out for immanent critique.

This “intra-duality” has been opportunistically exploited, manipulated, and amplified — in anti-dialectical, rigid, frozen, mutually-absolutist “either-vs.-or” fashion — by the “Meta-Nazi” plutocracy’s “ideologies-engineering” operations, so as to foster and reinforce the protracted social strife of both sides of a diametrically opposed, antagonistic, seemingly “irreconcilable” social antithesis, thus serving as yet one further tool for the “Meta-Nazis’ ” ideology-based divide-and-conquer subjugation of the majority -- of the “producer-class”: the public. ...".

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