Saturday, July 14, 2012

'Chrono-Empiricism' -- Encyclopedia Dialectica's New, Higher Standard of Scientific Empiricism

Dear F.E.D. Dialectics Blog Readers,

Aoristos Dyosphainthos, the Public Liaison Officer of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.], has just posted a new, third "Vignette" to the "Vignettes Page" of the website.

This third Vignette is entitled 'Chrono-Empiricism'Encyclopedia Dialectica's New, Higher Standard of Scientific Empiricism.

This Vignette, in its background section, makes public -- in many cases, for the first time -- several of the key scientific principles that have guided the research effort of F.E.D.'s '''Seldon Project''' since its inception, and in terms of the 'inter-mutual' '''inner interconnexion''' [cf. Marx and Engels] of those principles.

Those principles include 'The Principle of Ir-repeatabilty', 'The Principle of Time Ir-reversibility', 'The Principle of Similarity', 'The Principle of Universal Meta-Fractality', and 'The Principle of Metafinity', which are explained in terms of their inherence in the Marxian-Engelsian theory of Historical Materialism, via the F.E.D. paradigm of 'Psychohistorical Materialism'.

The "time-irreversibility" of the Encyclopedia Dialectica [E.D.] dialectical-equation-model of the total universe as maximal material totality -- of the dialectic of nature -- and of four of the subsumed E.D. psychohistorical model-equations, namely, the four that model (1) 'the psychohistorical meta-evolution of human knowledges/ideologies', (2) 'the psychohistorical meta-evolution of human-social formation(s)', (3) 'the psychohistorical meta-evolution of the human-social relations of production', and (4) 'the psychohistorical meta-evolution of the human-social forces of production' -- including of the predictive/'pre-constructive' aspects of these models -- is explained.

Check-it-out, and ENJOY !!!,_Higher_Standard_of_Scientific_Empiricism,_by_Aoristos_Dyosphainthos.html,_Higher_Standard_of_Scientific_Empiricism,_by_Aoristos_Dyosphainthos_files/Aoristos%20Dyosphainthos,%20F.E.D.%20Vignette%20%233,%20%27Chrono-Empiricism%27,%20commenced%2012JUL2012,%20first%20posted%2012JUL2012,%20last%20updated%2014JUL2012.pdf



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