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F.E.D. Brief #6 -- Derivation of the Second Stage of the First Dialectical Arithmetic

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FYI, dateline yesterday: 

Posted to the website -- Brief #6 [only 8 pages] by the new guest author, whose "pen name" is "J2Y' [not a member of F.E.D.], which describes a pathway to core properties that distinguish the second stage of the dialectic within the Q_, purely-qualitative dialectical arithmetics -- the Whole-numbers-based stage, denoted by WQ_ -- from the first stage of that dialectical presentation / argument -- the Natural-numbers-based stage, denoted by NQ_.

F.E.D. presents their 'meta-systematic Goedelian dialectic' systems-progression of the [axiomatic] systems of the standard arithmetics in the following order [using X to represent the axiomatic system of the number-space X] --

N ---) W ---) Z ---) Q ---) R ---) C ---) H ---) O ---) ...

-- and so also presents their meta-systematic Goedelian dialectic' of the progression of axiomatic systems going on "inside" the Q_ 'meta-system' of their non-standard, 'first dialectical arithmetic systems', in the corresponding order --

NQ_ ---) WQ_ ---) ZQ_ ---) QQ_ ---) RQ_ ---) CQ_ ---) HQ_ ---) ....

The new guest author has already contributed Brief #5 [only 7 pages], showing a new -- perhaps easier -- pathway to the NQ_ dialectical arithmeticHis latest brief, Brief #6 [only 8 pages], deals with the WQ_ arithmetic. The latter brief itself also announces that this same guest author is preparing a Brief #7, on the derivation of the ZQ_ arithmetic.

Link to Webmaster's notice for this new posting:  Webmaster's Notice for Brief #6

Link to the F.E.D. Secretary-General's F.E.D. Preface to Brief #6F.E.D. Preface to Brief #6

Link to Brief #6F.E.D. Brief #6

Link to Brief #5F.E.D. Brief #5

Link to F.E.D. Preface to Brief #5F.E.D. Preface to Brief #5

These introductory briefs by J2Y are believed to be more readily accessible than are the standard F.E.D. primers on these dialectical arithmetics.  Enjoy!!!




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