Saturday, August 31, 2013

An Address to Remember!

Dear Readers,

I find myself unable to resist sharing, with you, the finale of the latest address by Karl Seldon to the Assembly of the Foundation.

Here it is:

"To research dialectics; to advance humanity's comprehension of -- indeed, to advance humanity's self-comprehension -- and to work for the dissemination of, dialectical reason, is to advance the very essence of humanity; is to advance what is most unique, and most essential, about the human, amid all of the myriads of kinds of being to which our cosmos has, so far, to our knowledge, given birth:  human cognition.

For dialectics is both the ancient and the modern name for the highest stage of human creative cognitive power, one all the more worthy to be advanced because "the dialectical operations phase of adult human cognitive development" is the phase in which human reason, and human passion, unite." 

[Emphases added, per Seldon's enunciations, by M.D.].

In its own special way, this statement "says it all"!



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