Thursday, August 08, 2013

Part III. Interlude. The Psychohistorical-Dialectical 'Meta-Equation' of Human Social Formations 'Meta-Evolution'. Considerations on Epoch t = 6, and for Future Epochs, t > 6.

The Psychohistorical-Dialectical Meta-Equation of Human-Social Formations Meta-Evolution’.

Part III.:  Interlude --

A Break in Our Models Flow of Connotational Entailments’;

Some Simpler Examples of Dialectical Models’.  

Dear Readers,

Our narration of the F.E.D. psychohistorical-dialectical equation ‘meta-model’ of human-social formation(s) must here come to a temporary pause.

This is because, with the irruption of the ancient “empires” social formation, the ‘‘‘historical logic’’’, the form of chronological followership, and of connotational entailment, that has carried forward the heuristic, ‘intuitional’ flow of this ‘meta-model’ so far, from epoch t = 0 to epoch t = 5, has come to a break. 

It has come to a break because the “nation-states” social formations that, at length, succeeded and superseded the multi-city-state empires social formations, are not meta-empires, made up out of a heterogeneous multiplicity of [ whole ] empires.

But before entering into considerations as to why this break occurred, for Terran humanity, at least, with the ancient “empires” social formations, and as to how the ‘meta-model’ formed by the F.E.D. psychohistorical equation ‘meta-model’ of human-social formation(s) can be heuristically and ‘intuitionally’ restarted, resumed -- iterating even into ‘meta-model’ epochs t > 6, epochs that represent the possible future of Terran human social formation, and, thus, register the predictions of this ‘meta-model’ for that future -- we wish to provide, to the reader, some simpler examples of ‘dialectical models’.

Perusal of these three, simpler ‘dialectical models’ by the reader should render what is going on in the far more complex F.E.D. psychohistorical-dialectical equations ‘meta-models’ -- e.g., in the far more complex ‘meta-model’ that is the F.E.D. psychohistorical-dialectical equation of human social formation(s) -- much clearer.

We plan to deliver our narrations of those three simpler ‘dialectical models’ -- simplest first, most complex last -- over the course of the next three blog-entries.



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