Sunday, August 04, 2013

Excerpts from a Second Recent '''Dialogue on Dialectics'''.

Dear Readers,

The purpose of this blog entry is to share with you a second interesting 'dialogue on dialectics' in which I recently participated.

In the edited '''dialogue-transcript''' below, the queries addressed by my interlocutor are, again, notated with a 'Q.:', and my responses with an 'R.:'.




Recent Dialogue on Dialectics 2.

Q.2.1:  '''. . . the dialectic remains the tool of scientific analysis of Marxism and lays at its very core . . .  to perfect dialectics is to perfect our ability to understand our world.'''


Q.2.2:  '''Personally, I think your efforts might be better used in writing a full treatise on dialectics and publishing it, preferably in multiple, self sufficient volumes of perhaps 100 pages each since I can imagine that you could write quite a bit on the subject.'''

R.2.2:  F.E.D. has already -- long since -- taken your advice, stated in the quote above, proactively.

The original post of both this thread, as of its predecessor thread, was an announcement of the publication, by the F.E.D. Press, of volume 0, edition 0, of a multi-volume treatise entitled A Dialectical Theory of Everything.

Volume 0, edition 0 was published on December 10th, 2010.

A second, lay-persons' introduction to the F.E.D. "Dialectical Theory of Everything" -- "the qBook Novella" -- written by a non-member of F.E.D., and a frequent guest author of the site, was published by the F.E.D. Press on December 22nd, 2012, and is available in PDF format as a free download, via this link.

Tables of contents for the various volumes publicly announced to-date may be viewed by clicking on the links below --

Volume 0. Foundations of A Unified Theory of Universal Dialectics.

Volume 1. Geneses of the Dialectical Arithmetics.

Volume 2. Dialectical 'Meta-Models' of The Human Phenome.

Volume 3. The Dialectic of Nature.

Each treatise is targeted at ~ 100 sheets.

Publication of Volumes 2 and 3, are imminent.

Volume 1 is scheduled for later publication, the timing of its publication -- as for all F.E.D. publications -- subject to psychohistorical considerations.

F.Y.I.:  F.E.D. is a secular monastic order, all of whose members take vows to avoid seeking personal fame in their Foundation work, and, therefore, the names of all F.E.D. public authors are not their familial "given names", or "birth names". They are <<noms de plume>>, and also monastic names -- names chosen by each such member, in accord with certain central Foundation principles, and also acclaimed by the rest of the Foundation community. Hence, these names are unknown outside of the Foundation work of each such member.


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