Saturday, September 27, 2014

HYPOTHESIS -- The 'Intra-Duality' of our Cosmos as a Whole, that Drives Its Ongoing 'Self-Meta-Evolution': The Deeper Arche' of '''THE DIALECTIC OF NATURE'''.

Dear Readers,

FYI:  a new 'dialectogram' image, providing a partly pictorial definition of the F.E.D.-hypothesized 'intra-dualtiy', or 'self-duality', of the cosmos as a whole -- that is, of the dialectical "internal contradiction", or "self-contradiction", that still drives the ongoing ontological 'self-revolutions', or 'self-meta-evolution', of our universe as totality -- has been posted to the Glossary Page.

I have also reproduced this image below, for your convenience.

This diagram frames the root 'intra-duality', 'self-duality', or 'internal self-opposition' of our cosmos as the opposition of what it 'hypotho-posits' as, natural-historically, the first two ontological categories to irrupt into manifest existence in the history of our cosmos:  so-called "Dark Energy", followed by so-called "Dark Matter".

The “first antithesis” expressed by the ‘oppositional sum’ of the first two terms of this tentative new version of our Dialectic of Nature Meta-Model might be formulated as --  

Dark Energy   #  non-baryonic Dark Matter.

However, the Foundation researchers prefer to formulate that first antithesis in terms of the mutually opposing cosmological tendencies of -- 

Dark Anti-Gravity  #  non-baryonic Dark Gravity

-- or --

Unknown-Source Anti-Gravity  #  Unknown-Source Gravity

-- or, better still, in terms of the mutually counter-acting tendencies of --  

space-time pro-expansivity  vsspace-time anti-expansivity.  

-- or --

space-time self-expansivity  vsspace-time self-contractivity

Note that the human, technological Appropriation -- harnessing -- of a synthesis of "Dark Matter" and "Dark Energy", of ALLqcx, i.e., respectively, of the cosmological 'self-force' of 'universe-al' self-contraction, and of the cosmological 'self-force' of 'universe-al', immanent, omnipresent self-expansion temporality -- of the '''energy Resource''' signified by the term hRcx in an expanded '''social forces of production''' dialectical 'meta-equation' -- may be key to the creation of a superluminal interstellar drive.

For example, the conjoint deployment of technologically harnessed c and x 'self-forces' in a starship -- continually contracting the space immediately in front of the space craft, and continually expanding the space immediately behind that space craft, might amount to an actualization of the hypothesized possibility of a so-called "warp" drive.

For more regarding current concepts of "warp drive", see --



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