Friday, September 12, 2014

Solution Specifications: Introducing a New Instrumentality for Encyclopedia Dialectica Dialectical Models Documentation and Presentation.

Dear Readers,

The images pasted-in below form the 'Solution-Specification' for the Dialectical [Meta-]Equation [Meta-]Model described by their 'Models-Specification', imaged immediately above them.

Such 'Solution-Specifications' constitute a new tool for communicating the content of Encyclopedia Dialectica Dialectical [Meta-]Equation [Meta-]Models to its readers, and via the excerpts of that Encyclopedia that we have made, and are making, publicly available prior to the publication of the Encyclopedia proper.

The Domains that are defined in Encyclopedia Dialectica, are defined -- yes -- textually, narratively, i.e., 'phonogramically', and, to some degree, also pictorially, i.e., 'pictogramically', therein.

But, most richly of all, these Domains are defined 'ideogramically', precisely by such Dialectical [Meta-]Equation [Meta-]Models for the categorial progressions which both express and explain [theorize] those Domains.

Up to the present, we have made public mainly excerpts from the full solutions / 'semantifications' of the Dialectical [Meta-]Equation [Meta-]Models that we have described publicly -- and therefore, as excerpts, also only partially -- to-date.

The new 'Solution-Specification' format, debuted in this blog-entry, tonight, and, also tonight, on the Glossary Page of the website, provides for a brief statement of the basepremisses, or ground of the given Domain and of its Dialectical Meta-Equation Meta-Model, including its <<arche'>> category, and the kind of Seldon Function -- e.g., Dyadic or Triadic -- that its Dialectical Meta-Equation Meta-Model employs, followed by a listing of the F.E.D. solution for the meaning of each of the terms that follow from that ground, and whose algebraic descriptions are generated by that Dialectical Meta-Equation Meta-Model, consecutively, term-by-term, in dialectical order.

The specific example featured in the Dialectical [Meta-]Equation [Meta-]Model imaged below, as 'Solution-Specification', and as 'Models Specification' , is one of the most accessible, most prosaic, most familiar, and, perhaps, therefore, most useless, of all of the examples of Systematic Dialectical Method-of-Presentation Models that we have ever made public so far.

However, as such -- precisely because of its uselessness due to 'already-knowned-ness' -- it may prove useful in providing an advantageous avenue, for readers new-and-not-'[k]new' to the F.E.D. Dialectical Method -- rooted in the Dialectical Algebra of the NQ_ 'First Dialectical Arithmetic' -- to ease their assimilation of that unfamiliar, by means of this patently familiar example.

This example is that of the -- somewhat arbitrary [quarter = 2.5 dimes = five nickels], and somewhat antiquated -- system of the physical coinage of the currency of the U.S.A.

This simple dialectical model ends up as a presentation -- in systematic, or simpler-to-more complex, dialectical order -- of the 'categorial combinatorics' representing the cases/categories of "change", or of payment, that are possible using, exclusively, the common coinage of the U.S.A.:  something that every reader who habitually uses this coinage already knows, at least implicitly -- all too well.

However, in '''systematizing''' and 'taxonomizing' such a well-known Domain for such readers, this dialectical model may convey, for such readers, the simple essence of the F.E.D. Dialectical Method that uses the Dialectical Algebra of the NQ_ 'First Dialectical Arithmetic', and may do so better, more readily, with greater facility, than any of our earlier "primer" expositions.


Miguel Detonacciones

F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison

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