Monday, September 08, 2014

The SYSTEMATIC Dialectic of '''Change''' -- The Categorial Combinatorics of the U.S. Coinage Currency System: A Simplest Example of Categorial Combinatorics Dialectic?

Dear Readers,

A new 'dialectogram', entitled 'The SYSTEMATIC Dialectic of '''Change''' -- Categorial Combinatorics of U.S. Coinage -- First Triad', has been posted to the Glossary Page, along with its Models Specification and Solution-Specification.

This 'dialectogram' represents the dialectical, <<aufheben>> generation of the first three categories -- of the step 1 categorial triad -- of this multi-step, categorial-progression, systematic dialectic.

This example -- of NQ_ 'categorial combinatorics' dialectic -- constitutes perhaps the simplest, easiest introduction to Seldonian NQ_ Dialectic that we have ever presented here.

I have reproduced this 'dialectogram', its Models Specification, and its Solution-Specification, below, for your convenience.



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