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A Review -- Volume 0 of the F.E.D. treatise ‘A Dialectical Theory of Everything’.

A Brief Review --

of Volume 0 of the F.E.D. treatise A Dialectical Theory of Everything.

Dear Readers,

This initial volume, volume 0, of the F.E.D. treatise entitled A Dialectical Theory of Everything, begins to introduce a theory of a kind of universal “aufheben” process [diachronically] and “aufheben” relation [synchronically] that the authors name ‘meta-unit-ization’, ‘meta-monad-ization’, or ‘meta-holon-ization’, for its process aspect, and ‘meta-unit-icity’, ‘meta-monad-icity’, or ‘meta-holon-icity’, for its relation aspect.

An easily accessible example of this “aufheben” process is when, e.g., in the initial ‘atomic clouds’, that evolve into “molecular clouds”, the “units” called “atoms” form ‘meta-units’ called “molecules”, each typical “molecule” ‘meta-unit’ being made up out of a self-organized heterogeneous multiplicity of atom units

The population of atoms units in such a cloud determinately negates, elevates, and conserves itself, in part, in its process of forming the ‘higher degree’ units that we call “molecules”, hence the “aufheben” character of this process.  This process self-transforms the primordial ‘atomic cloud’ into a “molecular cloud”.

This initial volume also begins to introduce a mathematics for dialectics -- an arithmetic, and its algebra, for dialectics -- that mimes this dialectical, “aufheben” process/relation of ‘meta-monad-ization’ / ‘meta-monad-icity’. 

By means of a ‘self-iterating’, ‘self-involutional’' function -- called, by the authors, the ‘dyadic Seldon function’ -- the authors are able to model, mathematically, the known ontological-categorial history of our cosmos. 

The new mathematics used in this model, they characterize as both a non-standard model of the “Natural” Numbers, and a ‘contra-Boolean arithmetic/algebra’, which contains but also exceeds the descriptive power of Boolean algebras by means of a ‘strong negation’ of what Boole called “The Fundamental Law of Thought”, thereby creating an ‘algebraic dialectical logic’ for a dialectical-ontological-categorial ‘algorithmic heuristic’.

For more information regarding these Seldonian insights into dialectics, please see --


For ‘poster-ized’ visualizations of many of these Seldonian insights -- specimens of dialectical art -- see:



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