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Part 01: Seldon’s ‘‘‘Seeings’’’ Series -- ‘‘‘Self-Involution’’’ & the ‘Meta-Modeling’ of ‘‘‘Meta-Evolution’’’.

Part 01:  Seldon’s ‘‘‘Seeings’’’ Series --
 ‘‘‘Self-Involution’’’ and the Dialectical Meta-Modeling of Cosmological ‘‘‘Meta-Evolution’’’.

Dear Readers,

It is my pleasure, and my honor, as an officer of the Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.] Office of Public Liaison, to share with you, from time to time, as they are approved for public release by the F.E.D. General Council, key excerpts from the internal writings, and from the internal sayings, of our co-founder, Karl Seldon.

The first such release in this new series is entered below [Some E.D. standard edits have been applied, in the version presented below, by the editors of the Special Council for the Encyclopedia, to the direct transcript of our co-founder’s discourse].

This first instalment addresses the Seldonian view of the coinciding of mathematical and physical meanings of the term “self-involution”.

In Seldon’s view, this coinciding resides, in particular, in the single Dyadic Seldon-Function-based meta-equation that maps the progression of dialectical, «aufheben» equations that form our ontological-categorial, multi-metafinite singularity, qualo-fractal tower, meta-«gene»-alogical categorial-progression formulation of the known ‘‘‘meta-evolution’’ of our cosmos, to-date, e.g., starting from the ontological category of pre-/sub-atomic particles as «arché»-category, i.e., as the ultimate ancestor ontological category presently well known to modern science.

The known history of our Cosmos can be described as a process of recurrent ‘‘‘self-involution’’’.”

“This ‘Nature-al History’, or ‘‘‘history of Nature as a Whole’’’, can be so described in both the Chardinian, physical sense, and in the “archaic”, mathematical sense of this term, ‘‘‘self-involution’’’.”

“In this double sense of that term, the self-re-iterated “self-involution -- i.e., this “raising to a power”, e.g., this ‘self-iterated’ “squaring” -- drives the ontological-categorial ‘self-meta-evolution’ of our cosmos in actuality, and in its dialectical-mathematical representation.”

“It does so both in terms of its physical content -- the ‘erosis’ of ‘‘‘binding the ontological-categorial units, or «monads», that are ‘meta-meristemal’ in each historically-specific epoch of cosmological evolution, into ever higher unit-ies’’’ -- and in terms of its syntactical, mathematical, ideographical description, and formulaic prescription.”

“In its Chardinian, physical sense, this ‘‘‘self-involution’’’ refers to the critical-threshold ‘self-internalization’ of each predecessor epoch-making ‘particulation’ of the cosmos -- of that predecessor epoch’s changing “indefinite numbers”/ «arithmoi» / populations of its ‘meta-meristemal’ «monads» -- in the formation of each successor such ‘particulation’, and thereby also in the formation of the successor epoch of cosmological evolution, whereby the «arithmos» of those successive, ontologically-progressive epochs constitutes the ‘meta-evolution’ of our cosmos to-date.”

“In the mathematical sense of the term ‘‘‘self-involution’’’, it means that this Chardinian process is described -- ideographically, formulaically -- by an ideographical expression involving a ‘meta-exponential’ formula, i.e., a ‘meta-equation’ involving time-varying [epoch-varying] ‘meta-exponent’ values, applied successively to a fixed numerical exponent, which, in cases where that fixed exponent is the “Whole Number value 2, thus expresses, and calls for, a recurring ‘‘‘self-squaring’’’ [cf. Mandelbrot] of the represented ontological content of the cosmos -- content-representation that, after ‘epoch 0’, was ‘«gene»-rated’ by the preceding such ‘self-squaring’, i.e., all the way back down to, and starting from, the 20 precursor to the first such, 21 ‘‘‘self-squaring’’’.”

“This description works when, e.g., we take pre-atomic particles”, denoted by r, as «arché»-category, i.e., as the well known ultimate ancestor ontological category of our cosmos.”

“We hypothesize that this dual pattern, of ‘«aufheben» self-involution’, can be extended backwards in time to an epoch before the epoch “vanguarded” by the pre-atomic particles«arithmos».” 

“We mean an epoch of “Dark Energy” [ so-called], wherein an anti-gravitic “Dark Energy”-only cosmos, one of “pure time” manifesting as the accelerating self-expansion/self-“inflation”/expanded self-reproduction of that «arithmos» of «monads» which, we hold, emerges as “empty” space itself, when that «arithmos» brooked -- at the finite limit of the mutually-catalytic, mutually-accelerating rate of the intact ‘self-stretching’, ‘meta-mitotic’ self-replication of the ‘contiguum’ of those thus rapidly growing-in-number ‘«monads» of space itself’ -- a ‘self-resistance’ to its by then super-light-speed rate of expansion of the radii of the cosmos, in the form of [so-called] “Dark Matter”, whose own ‘‘‘self-involution’’’ gave rise, later, to our more familiar ‘‘‘Bright Matter’’’, of ‘electro-gravitic+’ «monads»/“particles”.”

“That is, in a further deepening of our ‘Pythagorean Psychohistorical Materialism’, space would thus be grasped as the emergent manifestation of a [vast, growing, but still and ever finite] population -- or «arithmos»/‘‘‘indefinite number’’’ -- of ‘spaceonic’ «monads», whose existence, at a scale into which our present technologies cannot penetrate, is thus such that these «monads» are not, presently, directly “discernible” [cf. Leibniz]/distinguishable for us, in their actual non-identity / ‘inter-mutual’ “mere” similarity -- i.e., in their ‘inter-mutual’ similitude that never collapses in ‘inter-mutual’ identity.”

“This ‘self-recurrent’ ‘‘‘self-involution’’’ process is, in ‘«gene»-ral’, an «aufheben» process, i.e., a process of combined self-transformation/self-conservation/self-elevation-in-qualo-fractal-scale of the «monads»  that are ‘meta-meristemal’ in a given epoch of cosmological history.”

“That is, this recurring ‘‘‘self-involution’’’ process is none other than the dialectical process par excellence, the very process that constitutes and advances the [singular] Dialectic of Nature itself.

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