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A Review -- Volume 2 of the F.E.D. treatise ‘A Dialectical Theory of Everything’.

A Brief Review --

of Volume 2 of the F.E.D. treatise A Dialectical Theory of Everything.

Dear Readers,

This volume, volume 2, harnesses the ‘Unified Theory of Universal Dialectics’ elaborated in volumes 0 and 1.
That theory unifies, to begin with, the synchronic, ‘momentaneous dialectic’ of ontological categories as ‘arithmoi’, i.e., as “numbers” in the ancient sense, and also as categorial units in their own right -- which, per its ‘dialectogram’ diagrams, is also ‘vertical dialectic’ -- with diachronic, ‘historical dialectic’ -- which, per those same diagrams, is also ‘horizontal dialectic’ -- finding the “aufheben” relation/process of ‘meta-monad-ization’ to be central to both.  This theory also supplies a ‘mathematics of dialectics’ that mimes both.

Volume 2 applies that unified theory, and its first ‘mathematics of dialectics’, to construct ‘dialectical meta-models’ -- mathematical ‘meta-models’, each one made up out of a qualitatively, ontologically heterogeneous multiplicity of mere mathematical models -- to the memes-realm of ‘the human phenome’, the cultural, non-chromosomal heritages of the various branches of humanity, or of Terran humanity as a whole.

This memes-realm is a realm, not primarily of external, physical ontology, or of ‘physio-ontology’, but of ‘ideo-ontology’, although humans-made physical artefacts are often generated in association with this ‘ideo-ontology’, as a secondary aspect of its otherwise intangible reality.

There are, in volume 2, dialectical-mathematical ‘meta-models’ of the systematically-presented categorial content contemporary written English, as well as historically-presented ‘meta-models’ of the first-known [psycho]historical development of proto-written language in ancient Mesopotamia, of the [psycho]historical development of ‘systematic dialectics’ itself, and of the [psycho]historical development of ancient Mediterranean Philosophy up to and including Plato’s Philosophy.

The culminating ‘dialectical meta-model’ of volume 2 is a synchronic, systematic-dialectical presentation-model of the progression within the present Standard Arithmetics -- for the “Natural” Numbers, followed by the 0-including “Whole” Numbers, followed by the “Integers”, followed by the “Rational” Numbers, followed by the “Real” Numbers, followed by the “Complex” Numbers, and stopping -- arbitrarily -- with the first emergence of the categories that constitute the incremental arithmetical ‘ideo-ontology’ of the Hamilton Quaternions -- all built around images of the “filling-in”, and advance, of the “analytical geometry” of the “number line(s)” of those successive ‘numbers-systems’.

The authors have chosen to emphasize the ‘ideo-ontological’ content of the human epoch of the ‘Dialectic of Nature’ in their volume 2, saving their presentation of the historical ‘Dialectic of [‘pre-human/exo-human’] Nature’ for their volume 3.

Perhaps it would have been more “natural” if the order of the content of volumes 2 and 3 had been reversed.

For more information regarding these Seldonian insights into dialectics, please see --


For ‘poster-ized’ visualizations of many of these Seldonian insights -- specimens of dialectical art -- see:



Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
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