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Historical/Systematic Dialectical Parallelisms.

The Oft-Encountered Parallelism Between a PAST-Historical Dialectic, and Its Corresponding Systematic Dialectic For The PRESENT Historical Moment, Is NOT anIdenticality’ ’.

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We often find cases of dialectic in which the proper names, and the order, of the ontological categories-sequence or -progression of that dialectic, is the same for the historical-dialectical categorial progression, past-to-present, and for the systematic-dialectical, ideo-taxonomic’ categorial progression for the present historical period only.

This typically, however, does not mean that the ontological, qualitative content of the categories which bear the same names is the same, in their present versus historical-original forms.

An exemplary case-in-point is that of the Seldonian dialectic of the dialectic itself.

For example, the historical-dialectical first category of the ‘historical dialectic of the dialectic itself, that of ‘systematic dialectics’, has as its content only the Platonic ideo-systematics’ and ideo-taxonomics’ of Plato’s postulated «arithmoi eidetikoi», i.e., of Plato’s purported ‘‘‘assemblages of ETERNAL, IMMUTABLE Idea-Units or Idea-«Monads»’’’.

On the contrary, the contemporary systematic-dialectical first category of the ‘systematic dialectic of the dialectic itself, once again, still named ‘systematic dialectics’, has as its content, e.g., among its ‘sub-«species»’, not only Plato’s version, of a “systematic dialectics” of the eternal «Eide», whose content [purportedly] never changes from eon to eon, but also the sub-«species» that was launched into the ‘human phenome’ by Hegel’s publication of his «Logik», and the sub-«species» that was launched into the ‘human phenome’ by Marx’s publication of Capital, volume I, as well as new sub-«species» that launched after Marx’s launch, including in very recent times.

Thus, in this signal case, we find parallelism, but not confounding, confusion, or reduction, of a systematic dialectic with/to an historical dialectic of a given Domain for which the two, qualitatively different, ontologically-different «species» of dialectics -- in this case, for the Domain of dialectics itself -- do nevertheless exhibit a pronounced parallelism. 

The ‘dialectogram’ below depicts that parallelism only. 

The bi-dialectogram’ below that ‘dialectogram’ depicts some of their «differentia specifica», as well as their parallelism. 

For more information regarding these Seldonian insights, please see --


For partially pictographical, ‘poster-ized’ visualizations of many of these Seldonian insights -- specimens of dialectical art -- see:



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