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First Interview with F.E.D. Co-Founder & '''Mathematics of Dialectics''' Discoverer Karl Seldon.

Full Title:   First Interview with F.E.D. Co-Founder & '''Mathematics of Dialectics''' Discoverer Dr. Karl Seldon.

Dear Readers,

I have posted below the transcript of the first public interview ever granted by Karl Seldon, the co-founder of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.], and the discoverer, in 1996, of the first dialectical arithmetic -- also the first 'contra-Boolean algebra'; the first algebraic dialectical logic -- and of the dialectic of the dialectical arithmetics, a dialectical progression of systems of dialectical arithmetic, modellable using the algebra of the first dialectical arithmetic, and hence also the discoverer of the '''mathematics of dialectics''' entire.

This interview is a wonderful reflection of a life of 'practical dialectics' -- of dialectics applied, to consciously '"change the world"', not just to '''interpret the world''' [Marx].

The URLs by which you may access the original text of this interview transcript are the following --,29DEC2012,re-edited_02APR2013.pdf

This interview is a rare opportunity  -- indeed, an almost unique opportunity -- to glimpse directly the self-movement of the mind of the person behind the subject-matter of this blog, and behind all of the manifold works of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.]!

For a similar view of the "Antihumanism" of the descendance-phase Ruling Class, with much historical background, see the new book [published in 2012] by Robert Zubrin, title:  MERCHANTS OF DESPAIR -- Radical Environmentalists, Criminal Pseudo-Scientists, and the Fatal Cult of Antihumanism.



P.S.  F.E.D.-unfamiliar readers take note:  The title of this interview -- "Terran Humanity at the Brink" -- is a reference to Dr. Seldon's famous First Afterword to the partially-extant e-Book Dialectical Ideography, co-authored by Dr. Seldon and F.E.D. co-founder Sophya St. Germain:

F.E.D. Interview #1 --

Terran Humanity at the Brink

First Published Interview with F.E.D. Co-Founder Karl H. Seldon [KHS]

Interviewer: [WM]

WM:  Welcome, Doctor Seldon.  Let me begin by, first of all, thanking you, and the F.E.D. General Council, for granting me this first-ever to-be-published interview with you.  I've been waiting for this moment, with anticipation, ever since the F.E.D. General Council's first letter to this web site, dated June 5th, 2004.

KHS:  You are most welcome, and also most deserving!  I also know, from our many conversations over the years since that first letter, that you know that the timing of such events is a matter for the most careful psychohistorical calculation.  Also, I know that you are aware that this first interview may not be able to go on for as long -- or into as much depth -- as you and I both would like, because the global situation is so utterly delicate as of this present moment, and we of F.E.D. are ethically committed do everything in our power, however minute that power may be, and whatever the risks to our persons, to help "swerve" the present situation away from the precipice of a New/Final Dark Age, and toward the take-off point for Terran humanity's first Global Renaissance.

WM:  Yes, and, given our situation, I propose that we "cut to the chase", so that I will ask you for your most urgent bottom line recommendations to the world wide web public of this web site first -- jumping ahead to a question which might have otherwise been my last question, or, at least, a later question, in this interview, had our situation not been so urgent.   

After that, we can see how far we can get into my "lower priority" questions. 

So, my first question to you is this one:  What is the most urgent message that you and the rest of the F.E.D. General Council wish to convey to the guests of this web site tonight?

KHS: The core-plutocracy-orchestrated "Fiscal Cliff"/Sequestration/Federal Government Spending Limit drama, now nearing its climax in the U.S., may be designed to provide cover for the core plutocracy to trigger a new, drastically-deeper phase of their engineered 'Global Great Depression II', a la, in their 'Global Great Depression I', their 1931 Credit-Anstalt default trigger, that plunged the global financial system into the pit of 1933, and beyond.

It is of crucial importance, at this juncture, that the peoples of Europe, the U.K., and the U.S. continue to demonstrate their firm opposition to the draconian, Depression-worsening, viciously-descending spirals of the "austerity" regimes that the core plutocracy is attempting to impose, most savagely in Greece, so far, but, soon, equally, or even more savagely, elsewhere in Europe, and in the U.K., and in the U.S. as well -- and, of course, also in China, India, Brazil, and Russia, etc., through the catastrophic contraction of global trade entailed by the collapse of effective demand in the E.U./U.K./U.S. --  if that core plutocracy are not frightened into putting the brakes on their present time-table, precisely by such popular resistance. 

If the core plutocracy is running a similar time-table to that they ran for their 'Global Great Depression I', then 2013 corresponds to 1934, so that they have already been forestalled, since 2010, if it corresponds to 1931, from "pulling the trigger" for the deeper phase of their 'Global Great Depression II', by the beginnings of a popular "catching on" to their machinations, as expressed by the massive anti-plutocracy demonstrations in Europe, and, to a lesser extent, in the U.K./U.S., the latter being the very home turfs of the ruling, "Eugenics" faction of the core plutocracy.

It is equally crucial, however, that these popular demonstrations avoid the initiation of violence.

Nonviolence is a key to the effectiveness of efforts for social betterment, because violence corrupts its initiators, converting them, even if their violence is "successful" in overthrowing the violent tyranny that they had opposed, into but the new incumbents of the very evil that they had intended to overthrow -- reinstating that evil through them, as them -- and thus resulting, for them, and for humanity as a whole, in a defeat which could not be more complete.

Of course, the agents of the core plutocracy will initiate violence, against peaceful demonstrators, and will attempt to provoke a violent reaction from such demonstrators.  

Such provocations provide opportunities for these agencies of the core plutocracy to apply their crippling and maiming "technologies", and their "population reduction" methods -- and to "justify" martial law, etc., etc., a la the core plutocracy’s Syrian erstwhile 'servant-dictator'.

Given all of this, we recommend immediate -- and increasing -- recourse to methods of effective protest that do not require citizens to expose themselves to maiming, mayhem, and murder, on the public streets, by the core plutocracy's proto-police-state apparatuses.   

Massive global boycotts of the products and "services" of core-plutocracy-owned mega-corporations can still exercise tremendous leverage over the core plutocracy, hitting them where they "live", wallowing in filthy lucre.

In our opinion, such boycotts should target those mega-corporations that are prostituting the executive, the legislative, and the judicial branches of national governments, across the Northern temperate zone, to impose the core plutocracy’s eugenics solution’, in particular, by means of ‘stealth genocide’, including via draconian "austerity", via their global, pseudo-food-induced obesity/diabetes epidemic, and via naked aggression -- variously-excused military assaults upon, invasions of, and occupations of other countries -- countries that have not attacked the U.S./U.K.. 

Some main objectives of these invasions is ‘stealth genocide’ via “collateral damage” -- ultra-high levels of “accidental” civilian casualties -- and to recruit more revenge-seeking enemies of the U.S. among the survivors [e.g., with the rate of rape committed by U. S. soldiers against their female comrades-in-arms being so high, just imagine the rate of rape against the occupied civilian population], to help “justify” keeping the military-industrial complex budget “booming” -- as well as to achieve some ‘stealth genocide’ also against the young, plutocracy-impoverished citizens of the U.S., who the plutocracy has made sure will have few job options other than those in the military, and who, thus, populate the U.S. “volunteer” army -- e.g., via suicides, e.g., due to PTSD induced by witnessing, and by being forced to participate in, war crimes, and other crimes against humanity -- rapes, tortures, mass murders, etc., etc. -- of the occupied civilian populations.  

These are all only particular instances of the plutocracy’s general “divide & rule” method, e.g., inducing people that the plutocracy has impoverished in one part of the world to kill other people that it has impoverished in another.   

The value that the plutocracy truly places upon U.S. volunteer soldiers can be inferred by how immediately these former soldiers are discarded, denied any help, denied their Veterans Administration medical care rights, etc., once they return from the occupied territories.

Hypothesis:   Boycott targets should include the major oil companies, the largest financial corporations, the [pseudo-]food’ companies [i.e., ‘diabetes, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, cancer, auto-immune disease, and Alzheimers’ disease producers/inducers’], [the ‘pseudo-medicines’] pharmaceutical drug companies ['lethal side-effects-cascades producers/inducers'], mass media corporations [‘ideology-inducers/reproducers’], etc.  

[It is our theory that the rank and file levels, and even senior executive levels, of these mega-corporations are typically not privy to the “eugenics”/‘stealth genocide’ intent of their corporate operations and products, being motivated mainly by the amplified profits attendant thereupon.  That is, nutrition-emptied and/or toxic, processed ‘pseudo-foods’ that generate disease-inducing addictive binge consumption, and pharmaceutical drugs that induce cascades of dangerous, potentially lethal side-effects, requiring yet further pharmaceutical drugs to mitigate those side effects -- further drugs each of which has its own dangerous side-effects, thus requiring further such “medication”, etc. -- can, indeed, drive huge profits, but these are profits upon the contraction, not upon the expansion, of human social reproduction.  It is, we believe, the few but highly influential controllers of these corporations, at the [interlocking] Boards of Directors levels, banker levels, and beyond, who consciously prosecute the “eugenics”/‘stealth genocide’ agenda.  But these “agents of influence” of the core plutocracy must promote their ‘stealth genocide’ operations under the cover of profitability -- and these operations must in fact deliver mega-profits -- to keep their corporate-executive underlings in line, and to keep those underlings able to keep their underlings in line, ..., i.e., all of them in effective, if unconscious, alignment with the core plutocracy’s ‘‘‘eugenocidal’’’ plan.] 

Such mass boycotts would tell the core plutocrats that the public is becoming aware of the plutocracy's global war on humanity, and is beginning to fight back against that "population reduction" strategy, including against the ‘stealth genocide’ producers referenced above, with effective non-violent weapons.

If the people of Europe and of North America do not give such evidence of their awakening to the plutocracy's war upon them, and upon the rest of humanity, then the core plutocracy will be encouraged to accelerate their tightening of the nooses that they have placed around the necks of the rest of humanity, worldwide.

If your site guests here wish more in-depth background about this global situation, I recommend that they study the serialization, by F.E.D.’s  Miguel Detonacciones, of the Equitist Advocacy group’s manifesto entitled "Malady and Remedy", via the following URLs --

WM:  It sounds as if you, and Miguel, and the Equitist Advocacy group, are all alleging a multi-genocidal conspiracy by what you term “the core plutocracy” -- is that correct?

KHS:  That, yes we are.   

But not simply that.   

We are not asserting that the conspiracy of the core plutocracy is the final cause of what is now unfolding in Terran human history.   

It is but a secondary cause, one which is itself caused by a far deeper cause.   

Now, of course, the “core plutocracy” is the present “ruling faction” of the present, global “ruling class”, and a ruling class is, by fact, and by definition, always a conspiracy against the interests of the rest of the society that it rules, for the perceived differential benefit of itself, at the expense of all others.   

But the ‘humanocidal mania’ of the present core plutocracy is a consequence of the unintended “laws” of a total human social practice that is based upon humanity valuing economic “value” -- monetary “value”, capital-“value”, profitability-“value”, and the social power, and the “perks”, that the ownership of this “value” brings with it -- above all else. 

The ‘humanocidal mania’ of the core plutocracy, since ~1900, is the predictable response, by human Nature, especially by the Nature of the core plutocracy, to the prospect of their massive loss of social power, due to their prospective loss of “value” -- due to the prospective loss of the profit-“value”, and, therefore, of the power-“value”, of the core capital-“value” that they own, due to ‘technodepreciation’-driven loss, or fall, of their rate of profit on their ‘techno-obsolescent’ fixed-capital-“value” -- especially on that of their petroleum “value”, in the face of the increasingly irrepressible advent of fusion power and of other ‘oil-obsoleting’ scientific and technological innovations.   

Look what a mere pipsqueak ‘servant-dictator’ like al-Assad has done, and is still doing, in response to a non-violent challenge, by his people, to his power:  turning his weapons of mass destruction on their cities, on their homes, and on their bodies.   

Then guess how much more viciously the ultra-dictators of the global petroleum-finance plutocracy will respond to a proximate threat to their power, such as is 'technodepreciation' in the '''descendance phase''' of the capitals-system.

The way things are, broadly speaking, is, in this sense, the only way that they could be, given the nature and process of Terran human origins, the conditions of Terran human life, and the human-genomic and human-phenomic consequences thereof, throughout all of human prehistory to-date.  

Our science of psychohistory enables us to see that this entire descendant-phase ‘metafinite singularity’ of the global capitals-system, this looming ‘Meta-Darwinian Planetary Selection Test’ of the Terran human phenome/human genome totality, this ultra-degeneration and ‘Meta-Darwinian ultra-unfitness’ of the contemporary ruling class, have all been, broadly speaking, essentially and broadly inevitable ever since human social productivity breached the level where exchange-value emerged from use-value, and, in actuality, ever since the human genome itself first emerged. 

Likewise, this total history is now bringing, to the threshold of possibility, humanity’s power to put an end to this prehistory, for the first time ever in that prehistory.

The Foundation values the role in the world, and the heritage, of the United States of America, despite its many sins and shortcomings -- even if, broadly, inevitable ones.   

We have located both of our main centers of operation on U. S. soil -- one on the Western extremity of the North American continent, at Terminious, California, and the other one on its Eastern extremity, at Stars’ End, New York. 

I now ask your guests of this site, especially those who are citizens of the United States of America, to ask themselves what, today, is left of the legacy and of the heritage of liberty in the U.S.A.; what is left of the U. S. Constitution and of its Bill of Rights. 

Under the recent U. S. Federal Government administrations -- administrations of the [both ‘misnomered’] “Republican” Party & “Democratic” Party alike, as if they have been working to a common plan, despite all of their dividing-&-conquering theatrics of supposedly unalloyed mutual hostility and opposition -- the U. S. Constitution/Bill of Rights has been utterly shredded, in essence, if not yet fully in practice, ‘til essentially nothing of it remains in recent “law”:

  • By the recent “eminent domain” decision by the U. S. Supreme Court, any sufficiently influential private corporation, enlisting the support of “your” municipal government, can confiscate your personal and/or your private property, e.g., your home, with but pennies on the dollar in “compensation” to you.  “Eminent domain” takings of private and personal property were intended to achieve overriding public good, not merely private corporate profit, but, no more!  [Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469 (2005), ];

  • By recent U. S. Supreme Court decision, U. S. corporations now have the “right”, as ‘virtual persons’, hence also as ‘virtual citizens’, to apply their effectively unlimited monetary wealth so as to effectively buyU. S. elections.  This decision is expected to increasingly nullify the voting rights of the actual citizens of the United States, at all levels of government -- local, state, and national -- and to prostitute, to corporate special interests, an ever greater proportion of those candidates who wish to be able to win elections -- by buying more mass media mud-slinging ads than their opponents, etc. -- which requires those candidates, if they are not independently wealthy, to accept millions in corporate de facto bribery  [Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 310 558 (2010), ];

  • By recent Congressional legislation, signed into law by President Obama, the government, by its sole order, has the “right” to imprison any U. S. citizen indefinitely -- even for the rest of their lives -- without charge(s), without trial, without conviction of any crime, by any jury of their peers, and without any habeas corpus access, or other access, to the U. S. Courts, for that “citizen”, a “citizen” thereby reduced, ipso facto, to a kind of non-citizen” slave of the [‘‘‘corporatist’’’] government [ ]

Clearly, these new corporate and government “rights” are really wrongs, and total violations of the U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  

These developments instantiate the horror that is heralded by our psychohistorical, technical prediction: the law of motion of descendant-phase capital-based society is a sociotaxis to totalitarian, humanocidal state-capitalism.

They come at the same time that the Wall Street ‘‘‘R.I.C.O.’’’ corporations and their criminal CEOs have stolen, from so many millions of Americans, and without a single Big Bank CEO prosecution, those citizens’ pensions, their 401(k)s, their life savings, their jobs, and their homes.   

Moreover, these same CEOs  have also absconded -- via the complicity of the many ruling class members who are also federal government appointees at the highest levels, and of their lower-level political prostitutes in the U. S. federal government -- with trillions of dollars of U. S. taxpayers funds, and also with the proceeds of trillions of dollars of new taxpayer debt, created to “bail out” those CEOs, which they then used to pay themselves even more exorbitant salaries and bonuses than they used to do before they launched their Global Great Depression II, as well as to buy even more elections -- so that they have effectively robbed the Social Security Trust Fund, and the U. S. Treasury as a whole, of the funds previously promised to actually benefit majority taxpayers, and so that they can now say -- ‘‘‘we really just can’t afford the promised Social Security and Medicare benefits [that workers pay for from every paycheck], Medicaid, Head Start, Pell Grants, U. S. Federal Government Pensions to federal government workers, or any social safety net at all’’’, and so that they can continue to buy elections to put into office enough prostitute politicians to repeal these programs, and to repeal virtually every other government program that actually benefits the U.S. majority [ ].

The “representative-democratic” political system of the United States of America has become increasingly reduced to a system of legalized corporate bribery, to a system of intellectual and political, policy prostitution to mega-corporate Big Money, by which the major corporations write the laws of the land, and thereby also “legalize” their mounting criminality. 

The houses of legislature have become houses of prostitution, together with the executive mansions and the court houses -- especially the White House and the “house” of the “corporatist” U. S. Supreme Court. 

The horrific results, sampled above, are hardly surprising. 

And the ruling corporate whores have far more horror still in store for you and your family.

So, we ask our U. S. citizen friends:  What is left of your America?  

Is this “bi-partisan” shredding of the founding contracts of the United States of America simply an accident?   

Or, does it reflect the intention, the agenda, and the plan of the ruling, core plutocracy, which wields both major political parties like a limp pair of soulless marionettes?

WM:  Why, then -- as you have described, in part, above -- is the human world on Earth today such a horrible place, so bad, so retrogressive?   

Why do all efforts to improve it seem to end in failure, or, even worse, in even further worsening  -- e.g., the recent pro-democracy revolutions across the Arab world? 

KHS:  The primary reason for this is that the most powerful institutionalized social force that has ever existed on Earth, in all of Earth's known human history to date -- today's global, core, petroleum-finance plutocracy -- is hell-bent on preventing, or reversing, any improvement of human life for the vast majority of humanity, and on making life worse for that vast majority, until that plutocracy has made life literally impossible for most of that majority.   

They are hell-bent on "population reduction" -- to the extent of eliminating 95% of the human race [see, for example, quoted public statements to that effect from plutocracy 'spokes-servant'/CNN-founder Ted Turner, e.g.: ].

The deeper causes, behind that primary reason, have their sources in the 'intra-duality' of the capitals-system of human-societal self-reproduction, combined with the human "power-sickness" that afflicts Terran humanity, both genomically and 'phenomically'.

As the capitals-system develops, the growth of social productivity -- "the growth of the human social forces of production" -- is expressed in both the growing physical mass of the fixed capital plant and equipment used in production, relative to the mass of labor-power also mobilized therein, and also in the increasing concentration, consolidation, and centralization of the ownership of the largest agglomerations of that fixed capital, and of the socio-economic and political power that goes with the monetary returns upon that ownership, in ever fewer hands.

Those “fewer hands” eventually become the global, core, ruling, petroleum/finance faction of the global plutocracy.

At a certain point in this development -- at the turning point from the ascendant phase to the descendant phase of the capitals-system -- further productivity-increasing innovations obsolete, hence devalue, more “sunk” fixed capital value than the incremental profit value that they add, especially for this ultra-fixed-capital-intensive core plutocratic faction. 

Think what fusion power would do to the value of oil itself, and to that of the global capital infrastructure used to "produce" it -- fusion power that yields, from a gram of its fuel, energy equivalent to that from 8 tons of oil.

Those who have experienced near absolute socio-political power, and who have succumbed to the "power-sickness" that such experience typically breeds in Terran humans, will do anything in their power to hold on to that power.  

No level of crimes against humanity, no amount of murder, is too much to perpetrate for the monsters that such people become, if they think that those mega-crimes will enable them to retain their socio-political-economic power. 

As I mentioned earlier, erstwhile 'servant-dictator' Bashar al Assad foreshadows, on a smaller -- but now openly-visible -- scale, the "power-sickness" of the core plutocracy that we are pointing out, and the ultra-vicious actions that it breeds in them.

So, starting in the late 1800s, the plutocracy moves to crush incipient industrialization in the global periphery to the core regions of earliest capitals-system development -- e.g., the U.K., France, and the U.S. core -- suppressing those regions under military dictatorships, 'servant-dictatorships' -- "servant" to the core plutocracy, "dictator" to their own people -- thereby turning that periphery into the modern "Third World" -- since competition from the most advanced vintages of fixed capital, installed "from the git-go" in newly-industrializing regions -- and also operated by the initially cheaper labor-power located there, to boot -- would devastate the capital value and profitability of the legacy fixed capital in the old capitalist core regions, especially that owned directly by the core plutocracy, or financed by, e.g., the largest banks, also owned, by then, by the core plutocracy.

The core plutocracy likewise suppresses technological innovation within the original industrial core region, the U.S., the U.K., and Western Europe, and invests in anti-technology and anti-science ideologies, sparing only those sciences and technologies that they can harness to turn technologies of production -- "productive forces" -- into "forces of destruction"; into "destructive forces" -- e.g., into military means of mass destruction, into engineered world wars, into [“eu”]genocides -- and to transition from an ascendant-phase regime of profit predominantly on expansion of social reproduction to a descendant-phase regime, more and more profiting on their deliberately-induced contraction of social reproduction. 

Of course, the core plutocracy also happily allows ‘technodepreciation’ to proceed unabated in industrial sectors in which they have limited investments or loans outstanding, and/or in which the ‘technodepreciation’-driven bankruptcies of small corporations there will allow the core plutocrats to send in their carpetbaggers to acquire those small corporations, and/or their assets, for pennies on the dollar, when they perceive advantages to their power in so doing.

E.g., they thereby eliminate components of citizen freedom, and/or consolidate their concentrated ownership and control over the economy and over the polity even further -- e.g., in the book publishing industry, and via the more recent, internet-driven ‘technodepreciation’ bankruptcies in the public post offices, in the private newspaper and magazine publishing industries, in the audio-recording publishing industry, etc.

But their suppression of industrialization in the periphery has the effect of also suppressing the "demographic transition", in most of the world, e.g., in the "Third World", and of preventing the development of industrial-productivity-based prosperity there, thus, in effect, recruiting an ever-growing population of plutocracy-impoverished people who the plutocracy fears are increasingly ripe to rise up in anger and overthrow its power, world-wide. 

The core plutocracy therefore feels compelled, in order to retain its vicious, vampiric power over the rest of humanity, to resort to a global pogrom of "Eugenics" -- of "population reduction", beginning with various forms of 'stealth genocide', but intended and planned, by the core plutocracy, to escalate into a global regime of concentration/extermination-camp-based ‘‘‘humanocide’’’, once they have succeeded in imposing national state-capitalisms/totalitarian rule globally. 
The catastrophic contraction of global social reproduction via the core-plutocracy-orchestrated ‘Global Great Depression I’, with its proliferation of their fascist state-capitalist ‘servant-dictatorship’ regimes throughout the planetary temperate zones, and with the Stalinist, quasi-autarkic, proto-state-capitalist “gulag regime” in Russia, was their first attempt at this. 

This first attempt was defeated by the ‘Franken-dictator’ turn, against them, of their erstwhile ‘servant-dictatorship’, the Hitler Eugenics Regime that they had installed in Germany, a Regime which switched to an attempt to wrest world dictatorship away from the U.K./U.S. plutocrats, and, thereafter, by the contest for global power with the Stalinist ‘Franken-dictators’, until the 1989 fall of Stalinism across Eastern Europe.
Since then, the plutocracy has, to a considerable degree, lost control of their Third World, even while they have regained considerable control of the erstwhile Stalinist “Second World”, especially in Eastern Europe.   

That is, China, India, and Brazil have been able to industrialize, and new middle/working classes are burgeoning there, with increasing numbers of their citizens receiving advanced training in advanced technology and in "high-tech" engineering. 

This has induced a state of unprecedented panic in the core plutocracy.   

They feel that they have only a little time left to abort this progress before accelerating technological development, rising living standards, advancing education -- and ‘technodepreciation’ -- put a final end to their global rule, and to all of their prized “perks of rule” -- to their lives of pillage, torture, rape, and mass murder.   

In particular, their global efforts to suppress the invention -- hence also the inventors -- of fusion power, are, they feel, in increasing jeopardy of imminent failure.

The above, prose rendition of our psychohistorical-dialectical ideographical 'meta-model' -- a vast compression of that full psychohistory ‘meta-model’ -- brings us to the global situation we face today.

WM:  What do you and the rest of the Foundation do to mitigate, among yourselves, the universal "power-sickness" that you have just identified?

KHS:  We are a cloistered, secular monastic order, precisely in order to combat that "power-sickness" within each of us, and among ourselves.  

The disciplines that we use to evoke, and to confront, that potential sickness within ourselves, and within our community, include the following --

  •  We accept no contributions of money from non-members.

  • No Foundation publications are authored in our "real names", but only pseudonymously”, lest the pursuit of power in the form of personal fame pervert and corrupt our motivations, and the very content of our work;

  • The fruits of our research are typically offered free of any monetary charge, to every person in the global community of the world wide web, lest pursuit of power in the form of monetary wealth pervert and corrupt our motivations, and the very content of our work;

  • We advise our www public as to how they might move in socio-political and economic ways to bring about a Global Renaissance, and to avert a New/Final Dark Age, with the pledge that no member of the Foundation will ever seek, or accept, election or appointment to political power / political office, lest the pursuit of political power pervert and corrupt our motivations, and the very content of our work.

Moreover, once a trans-capitalist regime -- e.g., one of Economic Democracy, such as that defined by Prof. David Schweickart, or one of Political-Economic Democracy, such as that defined by the Equitist Advocacy group -- “comes to power” by popular election, as we fully hope and intend that it should do -- and as we work, with every resource at our disposal, to help to bring that revolution about -- we will serve and support that regime only with the greatest possible contribution that we could ever provide to it -- that of helping to expose, to criticize, to check, to balance -- to “whistle-blow” against -- all of the tendencies that this new regime may exhibit toward abusing their new-found power, and, thereby, toward self-inducing their own failure and demise, and, along with that ‘self-induced demise’, probably inducing also thereby the demise of Terran humanity as a whole.

In both of these two roles -- both that of this new regime’s “proponent” and “promoter”, and that of this new regime’s critic and “whistle-blower” -- we would be working to overcome the tendencies toward the failure/extinction of Terran humanity, in its looming ‘Meta-Darwinian Planetary Selection Test’. 

This "Test" is a ‘“Natural Selection Test”’, not just of the human genome, but of the ‘‘‘complex unity’’’ of the human phenome/human genome entire.

The tendencies that we work to overcome are incarnated, most maximally, in the ‘meta-Darwinian ultra-unfitness’ of the ruling, ‘‘‘humanocidal’’’ core plutocracy, which actually pursues the anti-fitness aim of plunging the rate of human social reproduction deep into the negative domain.

The tendencies that we work to reinforce are Terran humanity’s tendencies to successfully pass this looming ‘‘‘Test’’’, thereby entering into its first Global Renaissance, founded upon a resurgent re-acceleration in the growth of the human-societal self-forces of expanding human-societal self-re-production, including in the human harnessing of the ‘pre-atomic power’ of nuclear fusion, and also, thereby, entering upon the threshold of Terran humanity’s ‘trans-planetary’, ‘meta-planetary’, and interplanetary potential higher destiny. 

WM:  What’s the "back story" behind Karl H. Seldon, Sophya St. Germain, and F.E.D. as a whole?

KHS:  ... One moment please ... I am being called, right now, into an emergent session of the F.E.D. Special Council of Psychohistorians.  We will have to now suspend this interview, for the present.  Please let me thank you, once again -- and publicly, this time, Webmaster -- for all that you do for the upkeep of your crucial website, in particular, and for all that you do on behalf of the highest good of Terran humanity, in general!

WM:  Thank you.  Let me simply say that I stand ready to resume this interview whenever developments allow.

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