Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Key Web Sites Related to the Mission of this Blog.

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The purpose of this blog-entry is to gather -- all in one “place”, for the convenience of our readers, and especially of our newest readers -- the URLs of many of the key sites that are related to the mission of this blog, sites most of which have been noted, individually, from time to time, in previous blog entries here, namely --

1.  The main site for Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.] new public releases, dialectics.org --

2.  Echo site for F.E.D. new public releases/archive site for related theoretical tendencies & developments --

3.  Glossary/Dictionary/proto-Encyclopedia site for F.E.D. & related theoretical tendencies --

4.  World wide «samizdat» site for related tendencies -- please contribute writings of your own! --

5.  Theory/History/Activism sites of the Equitist Advocacy -- please contact them to coordinate actions --
6.  New archive site for theoretical/activist tendencies that involved some of the future members of F.E.D. --




Monday, September 28, 2015

The Pattern of the Dialectic. Example.

Dear Readers,

In a recent F.E.D.-internal ‘multilogue’, Karl Seldon cited the recurring, ever-escalating pattern of The Gödelian Dialectic of the Standard Arithmetics --

N ---) W ---) Z ---) Q ---) R ---) C ---) ...

-- as symbolized in the Seldonian NQ_ ‘meta-model’ of that Dialectic, as illuminative for the pattern of the dialectic in general, [psycho]historical and [meta-]systematic alike; ‘‘‘diachronic’’’, ‘‘‘synchronic’’’, and ‘diachronico-synchronic’ alike, in the following words [transcript edited for public sharing by E.D.; 'D' herein stands for the Greek letter "delta"]:

Ontological innovation/disruption, critique, counter-example, supplementary opposition -- i.e., ‘exo-duality’ -- symbolized as X ~+~ Dx, and born(e) of prior stage ‘endo-duality’, or ‘intra-duality’, is continually overcome, or assimilated, in its next stage, in the form of the Y component of our symbolization of that next stage’s ontology.  

But new ‘exo-duality’ is also, concurrently with the constitution of Y, re-constituted at the, higher, ontologically-expanded level, and scale, of that same next stage, which, as a whole, we symbolize by Y ~+~ Dy, in which the previous ontological stage/state, X ~+~ Dx, is still wholly <<aufheben>> contained --

Y ~+~ Dy     =    ()  X ~+~ Dx  () of ()  X ~+~ Dx  ()   =  ()  X ~+~ Dx  ()2   =      

~()  X ~+~ Dx  ()    =    ()  X ~+~ Dx  ()   ~+~   D()  X ~+~ Dx  ().

I have posted, below, a narrative summary of the Seldonian ‘meta-model’ of The Gödelian Dialectic of the Standard Arithmetics that, I think, will help to clarify the notation used by Dr. Seldon in the excerpt reproduced above.



Sunday, September 27, 2015

Marx's Dialectical Logic and Hegel's Dialectical Logic.

Dear Readers,

There are still those, who take themselves to be "Marxians", but who deny that dialectic played any central part in the mature theory-making work of Karl Marx.

The following quotation, which, according to Peter Hudis, Marx penned in 1875, as part of a passage for volume II of <<Das Kapital>> -- one that Engels left out of the published version -- is but one of many that should have decided us, long since, on the validity -- or on the lack thereof -- of such denials --  

"In my zealous devotion to the schema of Hegelian logic, I even discovered the Hegelian forms of the syllogism in the process of circulation.  My relationship with Hegel is very simple.  I am a disciple of Hegel, and the presumptuous chattering of the epigones who think they have buried this great thinker appear frankly ridiculous to me."

[Quoted in Peter Hubis, Marx's Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism, Haymarket Books, Chicago, IL, 2013, p. 5, footnote 7, from Karl Marx, "Manuscripte zum zweiten Buch des "Kapitals" 1868 bis 1881", edited by Teinosuko Otani, Ljudmila Vasina and Carl-Ewrich Mori in Marx-Engels Gesamtausgabe II/11, Berlin:  Akademie Verlag.].




Saturday, September 19, 2015

E. D. Definition. 'Connotational Entailment' -- The Logic of Seldon-Function 'Dialectical Meta-Model Meta-Equation' Solutions.

Dear Readers,

A new 'text-module', specifiying the Encyclopedia Dialectica definition for one of its key concepts, 'Connotational Entailment', has been cleared for posting to the www.dialectics.org  Glossary Page.

I have also posted this 'text-<<monad>>' here, below, for your convenience.



Thursday, September 17, 2015

The 'Goedelian Dialectic': 'Intuitivity' Constraint on F.E.D.'s 'Meta-Systematic' Solution to Its Seldonian 'Meta-Model Meta-Equation'.

Dear Readers,

FYI:  A new text+-module, entitled --

Constraint --
Teleological Intuitivity Deficits in Standard Pedagogical Models of the
Cumulative Progression of the Conservative Extensions of Natural Arithmetic.

-- has recently been cleared for posting to the www.dialectics.org  Glossary Page, by the F.E.D. General Council.

I have also posted this text+<<monad>> below, for your convenience, together with the modules that illustrate, diagrammatically, 'The Goedelian Dialectic' in its --

N ---) W ---) Z ---) Q ---) R ---) C

-- 'axioms-systems progression'

For a fuller account of 'The Goedelian Dialectic', see --








New Curated Archive on the Pre-History of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica.

Dear Readers,

FYI:  Those of you who have asked about the pre-history of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica, and/or about the theory and practice of today's core members of the Foundation, prior to its foundation, now have at their disposal a curated archive of documentation of that theory/practice, in the form of a chronological organization of the texts produced by/in that theory/practice, via the following link --


-- some of whose texts are also available via --

http://adventures-in-dialectics.org/Adventures-In-Dialectics/Adventures-In-Dialectics-entry.htm .