Sunday, February 28, 2021

‘A Syntactic Visualization of Universal Interconnection’.


A Syntactic Visualization of Universal Interconnection.

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This blog-entry, via the two ‘text-images posted below, provides a ‘syntactic visualization’ of views regarding ‘universal interconnected-ness’, as formulated, e.g., by Errol Harris and David Bohm.


This ‘syntactic visualization’ employs the representative unit of the advanced Encyclopedia Dialectica [E.D.]  ‘arithmetic for dialectic’ known as the ‘Gamma-Mu’ arithmetic, which is the 63rd arithmetic in the “long-form”/‘slow-form’ [‘meta-systematic dialectic’] method of presentation of the E.D. dialectical progression of categories/axioms-systems of ‘arithmetics for dialectic’.


I’d also like to take this occasion to note my election to the F.E.D. General Council.



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