Monday, October 19, 2015

Seldon in Session, #10: ‘‘Dark Energy’’ & ‘The Dialectic of Nature’ -- The Deeper «Arché»?.

Dear Readers,

Reproduced below is another excerpt from a recent update, to the F.E.D. research community, regarding current research by the F.E.D. ‘Special Council on the Dialectic of Nature’, in which Karl Seldon is a member, and a participant [E.D. standard edits applied by the E.D. editors] --

One of the bolder hypotheses that we of the Special Council on the Dialectic of Nature are currently exploring is the one stated as such below.”  

“We are exploring it in pursuit of a deeper «arché» than n -- than the ‘pre-nuclear’ “particles” -- for our presently-standard Dialectical Theory of Everything Known EXCEPT Dark Energy & Dark Matter Meta-Model Meta-Equation, one that would enable that meta-model to be enhanced so as to encompass the presently mysterious cosmo-ontology of “Dark Energy” and “Dark Matter”, which, in mass-energy terms, appear to be the so-far-detected two most predominant components of our «kosmos» by far.”

 “The new candidate «arché», representing a reality that irrupted into manifest existence earlier, more deeply back into cosmological time, than any other that our sciences can even dimly discern, so far, is the ‘‘‘Dark Force’’’, of ‘‘‘Dark [unknown source] ANTI-Gravity’’’, so-called “Dark Energy”.  We hypothesize that “Dark Energy” is minimalprimitive, almost featureless, roottime-ness, the barest ‘‘‘essence’’’ of ‘‘‘the cosmological universal clock’’’.  The primary, initial feature of this root[-of-]time’ is the production of [empty”] space, the making of more space, i.e., the [e.g., accelerating] expansion of the radius and of the volume of our «kosmos».  The cosmo-ontological first contra-category offspring of this ‘‘‘Dark Force’’’, «arché»cosmo-ontological category, is that early-born form of “matter”, by far the greater portion, in mass-energy terms, of all of the gravitating “matter” in our «kosmos»:  so-called “Dark Matter”, or ‘‘‘unknown source GRAVITY’’’.  It is the intra-duality of this ‘‘‘Dark Force’’’ -- or ‘‘‘unknown source ANTI-Gravity’’’ -- «kosmo-arché» that irrupts, out of itself, its opposite -- partially-filled space, starting with, and still mainly consisting of, Dark Matter.


Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Seldon in Session, #9: ‘A Key Characteristic of Our «Kosmos»’.

Dear Readers,

Reproduced below is a recent characterization, by Karl Seldon, of a key feature of our «kosmos», according to the theory of the historical dialectic of Natural history [including of the history of human Nature] as totality, excerpted from a recent update, to our research community, regarding current research by the F.E.D. ‘Special Council on the Dialectic of Nature’, in which Karl Seldon is a member, and a participant [E.D. edits applied] --

...Our «kosmos» consists of a single macro-meta-lineage, a single, essentially unbroken, meta-«monad»-ological, meta-genealogy.

“That is, it consists of the meta-progenyof a single, singular «arché»-ancestor, in the form of the earliest ontology, population, or ontological «arithmos»-of-«monads»’ that our sciences can so far fathom.”

“If we take that earliest-known ancestral «genos-arithmos» to be that of the pre-/sub-nuclear free fields, or particles -- i.e., with the non-composite bosons, and, among the fermions, the quarks, and the leptons, as the «species» and sub-«species», respectively, of that ‘pre-/sub-nuclears «genos», then their meta-lineage, essentially unbroken all the way up to our present, is that of meta-quark/meta-boson nuclear particles -- protons and neutrons  and hyperons -- followed by ionic plasma nuclei & electro-neutral atoms, followed by meta-atomic molecules, followed by meta-molecular prokaryotic single cells, followed by meta-prokaryotic eukaryotic single [meta-]cells, followed by meta-eukaryotic, meta-biotic, asocial meta-zoa & meta-phyta, followed by meta-meta-biotic animal [and plant] societies, followed by humans-led meta-societies, based upon social animal, ‘‘‘social plant’’’, and [proto-]human mutual- or co-domestication.” 

“Per our prediction, the [locally] next to be born meta-«monad»-ic meta-progenyof our «kosmos» is already, however minutely, fractionally emergent in our times:  the «kosmo-genos» of the meta-human, with three expected «species», in terms of the individual body-form implications of meta-humanitys predicted meta-meta-sociality -- (1) human-phenome-mediated human-genomic self-re-engineering; (2) android robotics, and; (3) cyborg prosthetics/bionics.  This prediction of ours is, of course, conditional, at least for this «kosmo-locality», upon our successful passage of/through Terran humanitys looming Meta-Darwinian Planetary Selection Test.


Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Seldon in Session, #8: ‘Psychohistorical Retardation’.

Dear Readers,

Reproduced below is one of Karl Seldon’s core characterizations about the ideological core of our Modern «mentalité», and of the kind of human-social world that we tend to reproduce, as a result of that «mentalité», as our objectification of that «mentalité», including of the Modern ideology that it contains [E.D. edits applied] --

The development, by Terran humanity, of the explicitly dialectical, purely qualitative, and ‘qualo-quantitative, dimensions/[sub-]Domains of mathematical phonetico-picto-ideography, starting with/from the arithmetics of those dialectical-mathematical phonetico-picto-ideographies, has been -- albeit predictably -- psychohistorically retarded, since the last Dark Ages, throughout our Modern, or capitalist, epoch, to date.

“That is, this psychohistorical retardation has continued throughout the long historical arc -- still present and ongoing/unfolding -- of our Modern society: ‘‘‘the society found[er]ed upon the exchange value’’’.  

This has been due, at root, to the cell-form of the Modern human «praxis» of ‘‘‘universal alienation’’’ [of universal selling, including that kind of self-selling that is Modern wage-labor, i.e., sold labor-power -- alienated labor], and that, at the «arché» of his dialectical, immanent critique of the Modern ideology, Karl Marx named “The Elementary Form of Value”, the «arché» of his entire opus of “The Critique of Political Economy”.  

This cell-form of Modern human «praxis» -- that unconsciously but intensively inculcates the purely-quantitative, concrete social use-value denigrating and neglecting, ultimately social use-value destroying, social reproduction destroying «mentalité», and the socio-econo-political ideologies founded upon the habitual human experience(s) of that «praxis» -- is the «praxis» that ultimately induces this psychohistorical retardation.

Its most distilled ideological expression is the system of the so-calledNatural” Numbers -- 

N = { 1, 2, 3, ...} 

-- which form an arithmetical system of pure, unqualified quantifiers.”

This «arché» of Modern human «praxis » unconsciously inculcates, daily, incessantly, the exchange-equation of qualitatively different Goods\Commodities, apparently by Monetary purequantity alone, i.e., by a price-quantity of [qualitative] units of money whose deeper socio-ontological quality, which it has in common with both of the Commodities that are party, via their human personifications, to the “Elementary” core of such exchanges [i.e., Monetary units unconsciously tending, due to competition, to reflect the presently typically socially necessary abstract human labor-time needed to presently reproduce those Commodities], is typically unknown to the human participants therein -- unknown without, and prior to, comprehending the deepest human analyses of our own, Modern-human, capital-social-relation(s)-driven «praxis» that Terran humanity has so far produced.”

“In particular, this Modern human «praxis», in its unconscious cognitive consequences, has blocked the Full Zero insight, which leads to the solution of the easier half of the dynamical non-linearity problem, that obviates the division-by-zero infinite-singularity problem of non-linear-dynamical integro-differential equation-model expressions of, e.g., the laws of Nature, when, in our seventh axioms-system of dialectical arithmetic-algebra, ideographical metrological unit qualifiers are ‘‘‘nullified’’’ via their zero multiplication -- that is, via their multiplication by the zero quantifier, 0, i.e., by the ideogram that we call Empty Zero, producing the ‘Hrydyamic’, ‘Langoliers-like’, qualo-quantitative value that we call Full Zero, ..”

“The psychohistorical developmental arrestation’ of arithmetical Monadic-qualifiers-including, qualo-quantitative ideography at the archaic stage of syncopated algebra, a proto-algebra probably first attained in Diophantus of Alexandria’s circa 250 C.E. scroll, entitled Arithmetica, with its MoMu^omicron»] syncopated arithmetical qualifier symbol, together with the retardation of the development of Maxwellian+ dimensional analysisin physics -- i.e., the retardation of the arithmetical and analytical ideography of metrological unit qualifiers and of their quantification; of quantifiable unit-of-measure qualifier ideograms -- which still to this day languishes at the syncopated algebrastage of Diophantus’s, ancient, only proto-algebraic, only proto-ideographical work [e.g., our contemporary physical-mathematical use of “cm.”, “gm.”, “sec.”], have both contributed to this retardation, and have impacted human cognition as further expressions of our Modern, purely-quantitative, quantifiers-only «mentalité» -- a «mentalité» about mathematical ideography, and about the whole of [Modern] life/reality; seeding the whole of the orthodox Modern worldview.



Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Seldon in Session, #7: ‘Dimensions of Freedom’, "Degrees of Freedom", & "Laws" of Nature Change.

Dear Readers,

Reproduced below is a comment by Karl Seldon on the notion of [Nature-induced] changes in the "laws" of Nature [E.D. edits applied] --

The analytical geometry of the generic NQ dialectical arithmetic is that of a space, with axes/dimensions of unit length, which, starting from the initial axis/dimension, named q1, expands, each time its content is squared, by expanding to two times the number of mutually-perpendicular unit-length axes/dimensions as it had before each such squaring. 

In our interpretations of this space, each axis/dimension stands for a distinct ontological category.

Thus, in their NQ representation, ontological “degrees of freedom”, are dimensions of freedom.

These dimensions are dimensions of freedom -- of [meta-]dynamical, behavioral freedom -- for the new kinds of ‘‘‘eventities’’’, embodying new ontology, and, as well, for the entire ‘cumulum’ of multiple ‘‘‘eventities’’’ kinds within which and out of which these new kinds of ‘‘‘eventities’’’, or of «monads», irrupt.

Thus, if we wish to [mal-]speak of laws governing the dynamics/behaviors of such ‘‘‘eventities’’’/‘cumula’, then the irruptions of these new dimensions of freedom mean irruptions of new "laws" of Nature, and modifications of old "laws" of Nature.



Monday, October 12, 2015

Online Dictionary of Marxian, Dialectical Theory, as Extended by F.E.D., Expands Again.

Dear Readers,

FYI:  The "Clarifications Archive", a treasure trove of definitions and commentary for key concepts of Marxian, dialectical theory, and for its Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica and Equitist extensions, has recently undergone a further massive expansion.  The URL for this archive is --

I have also pasted-in links to those definitions and commentaries, below, for your convenience.



Clarifications Archive


Format Codes

  • Argumentin the form of hypothesis/premise[s]/conclusion(s)
  • Bibliographicalin the form of a list of printed, and/or web-resident research resources
  • Caricaturein the form of comics, drawings, and/or cartoons
  • Discussionin the form of a recording of an informal group discussion
  • Emailin the form of direct reader-interactive discussion with the referenced author and/or group
  • Filmin the form of short films and/or videos
  • FW (Film with Writing)in the form of written text integratively-accompanying short films and/or videos
  • Graphicalin the form of pictures, photos, graffitos, graffiti, and/or artwork
  • Historicalin the form of citations and/or recountings of historical events, outbreaks, and/or experiments
  • Interviewin the form of recording(s) of formal interactive interview(s)
  • Ideographicalin the form of ideographical-symbolic, including of 'Mathelogical', equations, 'inequations', formulas, and other such expressions
  • Jokein the form of satires, parodies, or jokes regarding the reference
  • Keyprovided search word for querying all documents under the domain network
  • Libraryin the form of references to, and/or links to, repositories of web resources and texts
  • MC (Monadization Chart)in the form of diagrams depicting the incorporation of multiple units of each given predecessor population into each unit of its 'self-hybrid' successor population
  • Metricin the form of the dynamic throughput of ideographical-symbolic processes... so exemplified as "equations, 'inequations', formulas, and other such expressions"
  • MS (Model Specification)in the form of a [dialectical-]mathematical [meta-]model specification.
  • Musicin the form of references/links to, and/or files recording background or lyrical music
  • Numericsin the form of depictions of numeric data via tables, charts, graphs or other forms of depiction or data visualization
  • Organizationalin the form of a contactable list of definitive or self-coordinated groups
  • Programmaticin the form of programs, platforms, proposed constitutional amendments, and strategy/ strategic documents intending or affirming progressive social change
  • Queriesin the form of lists of, and/or links to, web and street/P. O. Box addresses, and other loci to which readers can put their questions
  • Readingin the form of references/links to, and/or files recording solo readings or vocalization performances of textual material
  • Soundin the form of references/links to, and/or files recording, sound effects
  • SS (Solution Specification)in the form of lists, term-by-term, the solved meaning of a dialectical equation-model's poly-qualinomial heterogeneous "sum"/cumulum of symbols/terms, representing qualitatively different categories.
  • Tablein the form of tables, tabular compilations of interconnected items of information
  • Transcriptin the form of references/links to, and/or files recording the written contents of a speech, play, or film
  • URLin the form of citational links to (a) world wide web source(s) of a quotation or paraphrase
  • Visualin the form of references/links to, and/or files recording, animated patterns or other visual effects
  • Writtenin the form of references/links to, and/or files of written material/text (XHTML/CSS strict-compliance for translator and text-reader applications)
  • WG (Writing with Graphics)in the form of references/links to, and/or files of written material/text (XHTML/CSS strict-compliance for translator and text-reader applications)
  • XHTMLin the form of links to other related files which may contain any of these evidentiary types
  • Yearin the form of listings and/or descriptions of what else occurred in time – at, preceding, or succeeding the timing of that particular referenced item/event
  • Zonein the form of a pinpoint on an historical map



  • absolute atomism     W
  • actionics        W
  • actualization space     W
  • affective         W
  • affective psycho-history     W
  • algebra     W
  • alienation     W
  • ani-societies     W
  • android robotics     W
  • «arché»     W
  • arithmetic     W
  • «arithmoi»     W
  • «arithmos»     W
  • «arithmos aisthetos»     W
  • «arithmos eidetikos»     W
  • «arithmos monadikos»     W
  • atomic power     W
  • atoms     W
  • «aufheben»     WG
  • «aufheben» evolute product rule     WG
  • auto-duality     W
  • auto-dyad     W
  • «autokinesis»     W
  • auto-negation     W
  • «autopoiesis»     W
  • axiom of choice     W
  • B.C.E.     W
  • B.U.E.     W
  • bands, primeval     W
  • bifurcation     W
  • bion     W
  • biota     W
  • Boltzmann-Vlasov-Maxwell Equations     W
  • Boole's Algebra     W
  • Boole's Fundamental Law of Thought     W
  • Boole's Law of Duality     W
  • bubble engineering     W
  • C.O.A.     W
  • camps, primeval     W    WG
  • calculus     W
  • Cantor continuum hypothesis     W
  • capital     W
  • capitalism     W
  • category     W
  • categorial     W
  • categorial progression     W
  • category ontological     W
  • cells [eukaryotic]     W
  • cells [prokaryotic]     W
  • cellular power [eukaryotic]     W
  • change of ontology     W
  • «characteristica-universalis»     W
  • chiefdoms, ancient     W    WG
  • chrono-dynamics     W
  • chrono-empiricism     W
  • chronogenesis     W
  • chronogenetic     W
  • chronogenic     W
  • chronopoiesis     W
  • city-states, ancient     W    WG
  • closed form solutions     W
  • cognition     W
  • cognitive     W
  • cognitive psychoarchaeology     W
  • cognitive psychohistory     W
  • combinatoric explosion     W
  • commodity     W
  • completeness theorem     W
  • complex numbers arithmetic, C     W
  • concentration     W
  • consecuum     W
  • contra-Boolean algebra     W
  • contra-Cantorian totality theories     W
  • contradiction     W    W    WG
  • contrarieties     W
  • conversion formation     W
  • conversion locus     W
  • conversion meta-dynamic     W
  • conversion singularity     W
  • convolute     W    WG
  • convolute meta-numbers     W
  • convolute process     W
  • convolute product     W
  • convolute re-qualification     W
  • covolute     WG
  • cumulativity     W
  • cumulum     W
  • cumulum hypothesis [generalized]     W
  • cyborg prosthetics bionics     W
  • cyclonic vortices     WG     F
  • dark age     W
  • de-cumulation     W
  • de-evolution     W
  • de-generation     W
  • de-Parmenideanized     W
  • densification     W
  • density     W
  • determinateness     W
  • diachronic     W     WG
  • diachronic complement     W
  • diactic eventity     W
  • diacticity     W
  • diactics     W
  • diagonal     W
  • diagonality     W
  • diagonalization     W
  • dialectic     W    WG    Ta
  • dialectic, generic
  •        arché category     W    WG
  •        first contra-category     W    WG
  •        first uni-category     W    WG
  •        dyadic ontology expansion     Id
  • [the] dialectic of [the] dialectic     W    WG
  • dialectic of the dialectical arithmetics
  •        connotational entailment     W
  •        desiderata for our mathematics of dialectics     W
  •        first triad     WG
  •        full zero     WG
  •        relative simplicity of the NQ arithmetic     W
  •        second triad     WG
  •        selected arithmetics     WG
  •        unit qualifiers progression     WG
  • dialectic of the standard arithmetics
  •        axioms progression     WG
  •        efficacies and defects     W
  •        first triad     WG
  •        Hegel's 'categorics'     WG
  •        inverse operations     WG
  •        meta-model narration     WG
  •        meta-model overview     WG
  •        number-spaces progression     WG
  •        ordered pairs 'meta-element-ization'     W
  •        ordered-pairs progression     WG
  •        proverse operations     WG
  •        unsolvable equations     W
  • dialectic of mathematical discovery     WG
  • dialectic of nature
  •        diachronico-synchronic meta-fractal cosmos     WG
  •        dyadic Seldon function equation     WG    MS    MC
  •        earth-moon system origin     WG
  •        Einstein's solution to Kant's antinomy     WG
  •        'intra-duality' of Einstein's General Relativity theory     WG
  •        'intra-duality' of the cosmos as a whole     WG
  •        electron donor versus electron 'acceptor' atoms     WG
  •        improved moons taxonomy     WG
  •        matter versus anti-matter     WG
  •        meta-sociality of human society     WG
  •        polar versus non-polar compounds     WG
  •        up to prokaryotic living cells     WG
  •        standard moons taxonomy     WG
  •        synchronic meta-fractal cosmos     WG
  •        the meta-human     W
  •        triadic Seldon function equation     WG
  • dialectic of social equity     WG
  • dialectical [meta-]axiomatics     W
  • dialectical contradictions     W    WG
  • dialectical critique of political-economy – Marxian     WG
  • dialectical eventity     W
  • dialectical function     W
  • dialectical ideography     W
  • dialectical logics     W
  • dialectical meta-axiomatics     G
  • dialectical operation     W
  • dialectical operations stage of human[oid] cognitive development     W
  • dialectical operator     W
  • dialectical [self-]contradiction     W
  • dialectical set theory     W
  • dialectical theories of everything     W
  • dialectical totality     W
  • dialectical totality-theory     W
  • dialectics     W
  • dialectics-in-general     W
  • dialector     W
  • dialector analysis     W
  • dialector calculus     W
  • dialector cumulum     W
  • dialector product     W
  • dialector space     W
  • dialector variables     W
  • «dialektiké»     W
  • diametrical     W
  • diametrical opposition     W
  • dianoesis     W
  • dianoetic     W
  • dianoia     W
  • dichotomy     W
  • dimension     W
  • dimensional     W
  • dimensional analysis     W
  • dimensionality     W
  • direction     W
  • dualectical     W
  • duality     W
  • duals     W
  • dyadic Seldon function equation     WG    MS
  • dynamasis     W
  • dynamic     W
  • dynamical algebra     W
  • dynamical analytical geometry     W
  • dynamical arithmetic     W
  • dynamical geometry     W
  • dynamical-ness     W
  • dynamical system     W
  • dynamical systems theory     W
  • dynamicity     W
  • dynamics     W
  • dynamis     W
  • dynamized     W
  • dynamizes     W
  • Earthism     W
  • eco-fascism     W
  • empires, ancient     WG
  • Encyclopedia Dialectica notationaI conventions
  •        color coding conventions     WG
  •        "double-entry" domain definitions     W
  •        ideogramic     W
  •        ideogramic and phonogramic     W
  •        pictogramic     W
  •        qualitative inequality sign     WG
  • Engels' Three Laws of the 'Dialectic of Nature'     W
  • equitarian     W
  • equitism     W
  • eventity     W    WG
  • evolute     W    WG
  • «genos»     W
  • global renaissance     W
  • historical dialectics     W
  • homeomorphic defect     W
  • human genome     W
  • human phenome     W
  • humanocide     W
  • 'ideo-ontology'     W
  • immanent     W
  • immanent critique     W
  • integers arithmetic, Z:     W
  • internal contradiction     W    WG
  • intra-duality     W    WG
  • logics     W
  • Marxian theory     W
  • mathematics     W
  • 'meta-'     WG
  • meta-Darwinian planetary selection test     W
  • meta-genealogy     W
  • meta-monadization     W
  • meta-Nazi     FW    G
  • meta-«physis»     W
  • meta-systematic dialectics     W
  • metafinite difference     W
  • metafinite change     W
  • (principle of) metafinity     W
  • «monad»     W
  • Mu ideography     W
  • natural numbers arithmetic, N     W
  • 'onto-':     W
  • onto-dynamasis     W
  • ontology     W
  • ontology-dynamics     W
  • ontological inequality     WG
  • ontological possibility-space     W
  • organonic algebraic method for solving dialectical equations     W
  • 'physio-ontology'     W
  • «physis»     W
  • planetary humanities     WG
  • psycho-history     W
  • psychohistorical dialectics     W
  • psychohistorical dialectic of human nature
  •        ancient Egyptian pyramids     WG
  •        Aristotle's doctrine of the mean     WG
  •        «Arithmos» theories     W
  •        forces, relations & modes of production     WG
  •        forms of human self-identity     WG
  •        Francis Bacon's three (3) species of science     WG
  •        governance geography     WG     MS
  •        ideologies / knowledges     WG
  •        Justinian's «Hagia Sophia»     WG
  •        "Moai Walking" on prehistoric Easter Island     WG
  •        Neptune's rings hypotheses progression     WG
  •        phonetic written language     WG
  •        Plato's «arithmoi»     WG
  •        Porphyry's «Isagoge»     WG
  •        presentation methods     WG
  •        productive force     WG    Me    MS
  •        sexual orientations     WG
  •        social formations     WG    MC    MS
  •        social relations of production     WG    MS    MC
  •        television programming     MS     SS     WG
  •        time memes     WG
  •        U.S. coinage categorial combinatorics     MS     SS     WG
  •        work versus play     WG
  • qualitative inequality     WG
  • qualo-fractal     W
  • qualo-Peanicity     W
  • rational numbers arithmetic, Q     W
  • real numbers arithmetic, R     W
  • 'Rocke-Nazi'     W    W    G
  • 'Rothe-Nazi'     G
  • ruling class     G
  • ruling plutocracy     G
  • Seldon functions     WG
  • Dialectic of Nature – dyadic Seldon function equation     WG    MS
  • Dialectic of Nature – triadic Seldon function equation     W
  • self-contradiction     W    WG
  • self-duality     W    WG
  • singularity
  •        in general     W
  •        infinite versus metafinite     W
  •        metafinite depletion     W
  •        metafinite resonance     W
  • «species»     W
  • synchronic     W    WG
  • synchronic meta-fractal cosmos     WG
  • systematic dialectic of Marx's Kapital, first triad     W
  • systematic dialectic of Marx's Critique of Political Economy (entire), first triad     WG
  • systematic dialectic of Marx's Critique of Political Economy (entire), second triad     WG
  • systematic dialectics     W
  • systematic dialectic of dynamics formulas     Me
  •  systems, meta-systems, and super-systems     W
  • techno-depreciation     W
  • temporal acceleration     W
  • theories of everything     W
  • time     W
  • TOE / T.O.E.     W
  • toroidal vortices     WG    F
  • Meta-Model for the Totality – dyadic Seldon function equation     WG    MS
  • Meta-Model for the Totality – triadic Seldon function equation     W
  • villages, ancient:     WG
  • whole numbers arithmetic, W     W