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Part 3 of 3: Recent New Postings to '' -- Visualizations and 'Modelizations' on the [Psycho]Historical Dialectics of Philosophical Ideologies.

Dear Readers,

In recent days, a plehora of new images of dialectic have been posted to the Glossary Page, including new visualizations -- and coupled dialectical 'modelizations', using the F.E.D. 'First Explicitly Dialectical Arithmetic', the NQ arithmetic -- regarding the [psycho]historical dialectic(s) of Occidental philosophical ideologies, Ancient, Medieval, and Modern.

These new images include --

Regarding the Development of  ANCIENT Mediterranean Philosophical Ideology --

Definition by DialectogramDialectic of Ancient Mediterranean Philosophical Ideology.

'''Convolute''' VisualizationDialectic of Ancient Mediterranean Philosophical Ideology.

Definition by 'Meta-Equation':   Dialectic of Ancient Mediterranean Philosophical Ideology.
Regarding the Development of MEDIEVAL Occidental Philosophical Ideology --
Definition by DialectogramDialectic of Science, Ockham, Lone Dyad.

Definition by DialectogramDialectic of Science, Ockham, EXTENDED, Triadic.
Definition by Dialectogram Dialectic of Science, Ockham, EXTENDED, Dyadic.

Regarding the Development of MODERN Occidental Philosophical Ideology --
Definition by DialectogramDialectic of Hegel'<<Logik>>, Chapter 1, Deepest First Triad.

Definition by DialectogramDialectic of Hegel'<<Logik>>, Book 1, Overall Triad.
Definition by Dialectogram Dialectic of Hegel's SYSTEM as a Whole, Overall Triad.

I have posted these new images for you here, in '*.jpg' format, below --

Regarding the Development of  ANCIENT Mediterranean Philosophical Ideology --

Regarding the Development of MEDIEVAL Occidental Philosophical Ideology --

Regarding the Development of MODERN Occidental Philosophical Ideology --

For you, for your enjoyment of the systematization and consolidation of [psycho]historical knowledge,



Part 2 of 3: Recent New Postings to '' -- Visualizations and 'Modelizations' of the Dialectic of Marx's Capital.

Dear Readers,

In recent days, a plehora of new images of dialectic have been posted to the Glossary Page, including new visualizations -- and coupled dialectical 'modelizations', using the F.E.D. 'First Explicitly Dialectical Arithmetic', the NQ arithmetic -- regarding the [meta-]systematic dialectic that shapes the entire 'content-structure' of Marx's <<magnum opus>> masterpiece, <<Das Kapital>>.

These new images include --

Definition by DialectogramDialectic of Marx's CapitalDeepest First Triad.

Definition by DialectogramDialectic of Marx's CapitalMid-Level First Triad.

Definition by DialectogramDialectic of Marx's CapitalOverall Triad.

I have posted these new images for you here, in '*.jpg' format, below --

For you, for your delight in the discovery of the unity hidden within overwhelming diversity, and, perhaps, within seeming "chaos",



Part 1 of 3: Recent New Postings to '' -- Visualizations and 'Modelizations' of the Dialectic of Nature.

Dear Readers,

In recent days, a plehora of new images of dialectic have been posted to the Glossary Page, including new visualizations -- and coupled dialectical 'modelizations', using the F.E.D. 'First Explicitly Dialectical Arithmetic', the NQ arithmetic -- regarding the Seldonian discovery of a single, singular, unified, cosmological '''Dialectic of Nature''', extending the work of Marx and Engels [work which is much to be distinguished from the -- degenerate -- "DiaMat", or "Dialectical Materialism" religion/catechism of Lenino-Stalinoid pseudo-Marxian, totalitarian state-capitalist ideology].

These new images include --

Definition by DialectogramDialectic of NatureFirst Triad.

'''Convolute Visualization''':  Dialectic of Nature, 'Meta-Fractal', Synchronic.
'''Evolute Visualization''':  Dialectic of Nature, 'Meta-Fractal', Diachronico-Synchronic.

DefinitionDialectic of Nature, 'Meta-Model Meta-Equation', Dyadic Seldon Function Version.

DefinitionDialectic of Nature, 'Meta-Model Meta-Equation', Triadic Seldon Function Version.

I have posted these new images for you here, in '*.jpg' format, below --

For you, in the euphoria of new discovery,



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Web Dialogue on the Present Status of the Marxian Dialectic of Nature.

Dear Readers,

I have reproduced, below, for your information, my reply regarding a reader comment, about the status of the Marxian Dialectic of Nature, in response to an article on a related topic, recently posted to the world wide web.




"Comment --


A dialectic of nature?


Marx did begin to develop a dialectical theory of capitalism which Kozo Uno and Thomas Sekine finally completed long after Marx's death. To the best of my knowledge that is the only materialist dialectic currently available to us. In any case, no one in the Marxist/Marxian tradition has come up with a dialectical theory of nature to this date though there has been a lot of verbiage devoted to walking around the topic. I do not think it is possible to expose a dialectic of nature because nature is a radically different object than capitalism. We did not make the natural world as we did capitalism. We can come to fully grasp the dialectical logic that capital employs in its attempt to regulate material economic life and to reproduce the capital-labour economic relation in capitalist society. However, with regard to nature, our knowledge is tentative and far from complete. We are thus in no position to know whether nature operates according to a dialectical logic and, not surprisingly, no one has actually demonstrated that it has. Bellamy Foster won't demonstrate that it does. Neither will Paul Burkett but they are in good company. Many Marxists have made similar claims and failed to deliver the goods.

Reply --

I am aware of a new development within the Marxian tradition that, since 1996, has developed mathematical models of numerous systematic-dialectics, and historical-dialectics, including the systematic dialectic of Marx's CAPITAL, and also the historical dialectics of the social relations of production, and of the social forces of production, that are implicit in, and sometimes partially explicit in, Marx's work. 

These dialectical-mathematical models -- these mathematical models of dialectic(s) -- are also mathematical models written in a new mathematics, a new mathematical language, a "mathematics of dialectics", one which was derived by means of a Marxian, immanent critique of the Standard Arithmetics, starting with the Standard Arithmetic of the so-called "Natural" Numbers.

The first dialectical arithmetic, and dialectical algebra, that arises from this immanent critique of the "Natural" Arithmetic/Algebra, as an "antithesis" Axioms-System of Arithmetic to that "Natural" Numbers Axioms-System of Arithmetic, is, itself, a "non-standard model" of the "Natural" Numbers Arithmetic. 

Such "non-standard models" were foretold by some of the deepest theorems of modern mathematics [e.g., the Lowenheim-Skolem Theorem; the Goedel Completeness and Incompleteness Theorems applied in conjunction to any First Order Logic version of the Peano Axioms for the "Natural" Numbers].

This "First Dialectical Arithmetic" is also a 'Contra-Boolean Arithmetic', grounding a 'Contra-Boolean Algebra' for dialectical logic -- the first dialectical algebraic logic.

However, that first explicitly dialectical system of arithmetic/algebra is part of a dialectical progression of categories/systems of dialectical arithmetics/algebras/ideographical languages, each one richer, more concrete, more complex in its descriptive power than its predecessors.

That dialectical progression of systems of dialectical arithmetic has itself been modeled, dialectical-mathematically, via an equation written in the language of that first explicitly dialectical axioms-system of arithmetic/algebra.

The Dialectic of Nature as a whole [NOTE: singular -- "Dialectic", not plural -- "DialecticS" as per the title of Engels famous ms.], reconstructed to-date, together with a prediction regarding its next chapter, have been formulated as a seventeen symbolic-element dialectical equation, using the algebra of this first axioms-system of dialectical arithmetic.

Details regarding this Dialectic of Nature model have been written up at, and also as a book, published in 2010, entitled,

A Dialectical "Theory of Everything" -- Meta-Genealogies of the Universe, and of Its Sub-Universes:  A Graphical Manifesto, vol. 0 [of 4], edition 0, "Foundations of a Unified Theory of Universal Dialectics"."

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Global Strategic Hypotheses. Stealth Eugenics. Stealth 'Multi-Genocide' by Induced Global Economic Collapse / Contracted Social Reproduction.

Full Title:  Global Strategic Hypotheses.  Stealth Eugenics.  Stealth 'Multi-Genocide' by Induced Global Economic Collapse / Contracted Social Reproduction --


The Dialectic of GLOBAL Economic Crisis in late, Descendance-phase Capitalism --

Unavoidability   #  Ruling-Class Pre-Emptive Orchestration.

Dear Readers,

In keeping with my longstanding practice of featuring, here, salient anonymous texts from the internet, rewritten, by me, with improvement -- at least, improvement in my opinion -- I have reproduced, below, a text entitled “Capital Asset Bubble Engineering”, with my “enhancements”.

The original text is available via the following URL --

I hope that this text helps you to “connect the dots” regarding global humanity’s currently ‘crescendo-ing’ crisis -- before it is too late for you!



Capital Asset Bubble Engineering.


Introductory Hypotheses.

  The ruling-class “owned” intellectual prostitutes who occupy certain University “chairs” in the “Science” of “Economics”" — “chairs”" endowed by the donations, and the tax-exempt foundations, of the ‘Meta-Nazi’, ‘Rocke-Nazi’, ruling plutocracy — in turning their “tricks” for their, real, ‘Rocke-Nazi’, employers, propound models of markets in which each buyer in a given capital asset market represents an “infinitesimal” — an “infinitely small” — portion of the buying power in that market.

Based upon such — “infinitely” unrealistic — “models”, these intellectual prostitutes tell you that no single buyer can have any effect whatsoever upon the “equilibrium” price of any capital asset -- stock, bond, debenture, derivative, etc. -- which that buyer buys, as a result of that purchase itself.
In reality, each actual capital asset buyer represents a finite share of the buying power within each actual capital asset market in which that buyer buys, even if that finite share is, as in most cases, very small relative to the aggregate buying power of the capital market as a whole.

As the “lawful” self-evolution of the social system of capital continues — as the accumulation of capital-value ensues — competition increasingly becomes successful competition [for the surviving capitals], which therefore increasingly concentrate, consolidate, and centralize the ownership of capital-value in their own hands, resulting, increasingly, in ...‘‘‘tri-opoly’’’, ‘‘‘duopoly’’’ -- oligopoly -- and monopoly ownership of the economy [which thereby, also, turns into the concentrated-capital-ownership plutocracy’s ownership of an increasingly prostituted political state].

Predominating finite shares of capital asset market potential purchasing power — dwarfing those of all other capital market participants — and concomitant political power, thereby accumulate in ever fewer hands; in the hands of certain single plutocratic families, and of other plutocratic entities [foundations, political machines, and the like -- e.g., The Rockefeller Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Trilateral Commission, the New York Council on Foreign Relations, etc., etc., ad nauseam].  

Global Strategic Hypotheses.

 The ruling, ‘Meta-Nazi’ faction of the capitalist plutocracy, using its massive concentrations of wealth, via a ‘reverse money laundering’ disguises of the unitary source of the deployed funds, can, by issuing massive numbers, and massive aggregate currency-amounts, of buy orders for a given class of capital assets, via a vast number and variety of “independent” broker-agents, drive accelerated capital asset price inflation in a given capital-asset market.

Then, later, at a strategically-timed moment, often at the very peak of the induced capital asset-price inflation, by issuing massive numbers and currency-amounts of sell orders, via the same, or similar, disguising channels, i.e., also disguised as to their unitary origin, by, again, channeling them through a vast number and variety of “independent” broker-agents, this plutocracy’s ‘‘‘financial black ops’’’ operations can induce a catastrophic deflation in the capital-asset prices of that same capital market.
The ruling plutocrats who engineer this capital asset bubble profit massively in this process, pocketing the difference between the inflated price that they have induced, and the price that prevailed prior to their manipulative intervention.

However, from these plutocrats’ points of view -- as ‘ultra-sociopaths’, “absolutely” corrupted-by-power, power-addicted, and power-centric -- their main gain from such capital asset bubble engineering is to destroy the targeted capital asset class, eliminating thereby also the, budding, ‘econo-political power’ of the potential power-rival, or -rivals, who had previously been increasingly empowered by their ownership of that, rising, capital asset class, prior to the plutocracy’s “bubble engineering” intervention, and who have thus been dis-empowered -- e.g., bankrupted -- by the plutocracy-induced deflation/collapse of the price/value of the targeted capital asset class.

This engineered asset-values collapse enables the ruling plutocratic perpetrators to subsequently send in their [also supposedly “independent”] carpetbagger agents, to buy-up control of the targeted, bankrupted capital assets for “pennies on the dollar”, from their ruined former owners, thereby concentrating the capital ownership, and concomitant political power, of the plutocratic perpetrators even further.

This is especially true if the targeted capital asset class is the national currency of a given nation-state, and if other agents of the ‘Meta-Nazis’ had, prior to, and as a set-up for, the subsequent ‘bubble-engineering’ attack,  offered seductive terms to their targeted companies in that nation, and/or, to the state of that given nation, for loans denominated in U. S. dollars, loans that contractually accept pay-back only in U. S. dollars.

A loan nominally contracted at, say, a 10% interest rate when that nation’s currency price is, say, on a one-to-one par with the U. S. dollar, becomes a 50% interest rate, after the ‘Meta-Nazi’s’ induced bubble bursts, and that nation’s currency price / “exchange-rate” plummets to, say, a 5-to-1 relationship to the U.S. dollar.

Hypothesized targets of recent-past/current ‘Meta-Nazi’ ‘Bubble Engineering’ hit-jobs include --
  • The collapse of Japan’s “Bubble Economy” in 1990-1992 [Japan has been in deflationary depression virtually ever since].
  • The “Asian Tigers” [Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore] in July 1997.
  • Russian bond crisis / debt-default / currency devaluation / hyperinflation in 1998 [in part due to “contagion” from the “Asian Tigers” financial collapse].
  • The U.S. High Tech Sector / Internet “Dotcoms Bubble”, 1997-2000.
  • The asset price bubbles in the U.S., the U.K., and elsewhere, in home prices, etc.
[Miguel:]  This prediction of the anonymous authors of the original text “came true”, leading to the worst global economic collapse since 1930s “The Great Depression” bubble-collapse.

  • China, via ‘Meta-Nazi’-prostitute U. S. Treasury and other U.S. government officials twisting arms in China, hoping to force the Chinese government to let China’s currency “float” against the U.S. Dollar.

    Hopefully, the now hybrid -- state-capitalist, state-bureaucratic/private-capitalist -- ruling class of China will not be so foolish as to knuckle-under to the U.S. Plutocracy’s and its prostitute-government’s attempted bullying, to “float” the Chinese national currency on the world currency market.

Such “floating” would expose the Chinese currency — AND THEREFORE THE CHINESE ECONOMY — to “sinking” by ‘Meta-Nazi’ ‘Bubble Engineering’, as part of the ‘Meta-Nazi’ plan to recreate the global Great Depression” of the 1930s. 

Thereby, that ‘Meta-Nazi’ plutocracy hopes to re-create an “updated” version of the 1930s, that is, the resultant global ‘fascist-ization’-- i.e., a new private-/state-capitalist hybrid police-state consolidation -- including the full regalia of “ethnic” concentration / extermination camps, and world-wide wars, triggered by the resultant collapse of economy and employment in the export-dependent economies of the potentially plutocracy-power-monopoly-threatening “BRIC” nations -- China, India, Brazil, and Russia -- as well as in the rest of the world economy.

¡Greece, the historical birthing-grounds of progressing western civilization, has been targeted as the “testing grounds”, and the “proving grounds”, for the Rocke-Nazi’s revised global pogrom, their ‘war against humanity’, aimed, ultimately, at ending the growth of the human-social forces of production, and with it, human civilizational progress, permanently!  

This time, ever since the global Stalinist/Maoist challenge to their rule finally collapsed, in 1989, the ‘Meta-Nazis’ have been hoping and planning to replay the 1930s -- ¡with a vengenace! --  WITHOUT a replay of what went so horribly wrong, for them, last time:  their erstwhile servant-dictator, Hitler, seeking to seize their imperium from them, for himself, turned turn-coat, and became a ‘Franken-Dictator’.
Hitler turned on them, his former masters in the West, and thereby aborted the full realization of their Global Eugenics Plan for the last ~75 years.

Hitler’s assignment -- given to him by his ‘Meta-Nazi’ bank-rollers and erstwhile controllers -- was to attack Russia, and to exterminate or enslave the entire Slavic population of Russia/Eastern Europe, per the ‘Meta-Nazis’s Operation Barbarossa, «Generalplan Ost», and Hunger Plan/ Görings Green Folder Eugenics blueprints.

The progenitors of today’s ‘Rock-Nazi’, ‘Meta-Nazi’ plutocracy, in the U.S., and in the U.K., feared that an alliance between the scientifically, technologically advancing productivity/social productive forces of Germany, and the nascent productive forces -- science, technology, and industry -- of Russia, coupled with Russia’s vast natural and labor resources, which Germany lacked, would create a multi-national power that would permanently terminate the proto-Meta-Nazi’s grip on global domination.

Hitler’s assignment to attack Russia, ordered by his proto-‘Rocke-Nazi’ backers, was intended, by them, to ensure the mutual destruction of both Germany and Russia / Eastern Europe, thus eliminating both, and any threat of their alliance, as potential threats to the Rocke-Nazi’s global power.

Instead, Hitler, in the wee hours of August 24th, 1939, had signed a [mutually insincere, to put it mildly] peace pact with Russia, the “Molotov-Ribbintrop Non-Aggression Pact” — to put off his showdown with Stalin  [as originally intended] until after he had conquered his former, ‘Meta-Nazi’, masters in the West — and, Frankenstein-style, turned on his masters, invading Poland on 01 September 1939, just ~one week later, and, thereby, launching World War II.  Britain declared war on Germany, in accord with its defense pact with Poland, on 03 September 1939, together with France.

  • Contrived [hyper-]inflation of world petroleum prices, and/or of global prices for other raw material “commodities”.
  • Potential, e.g., “quantitative-easing/tapering”-induced U. S. Dollar-bubble collapse, leading to a surge in U.S. imports+ inflation rates, and in U.S. long term interest rates, collapsing international export trade to the U.S., and, with it, the global economy as a whole.

Relating implicitly to these hypotheses on ‘Bubble Engineering’, the content of the following video-clip might be worth your considering:  North American Union and V-Chip Truth .

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'''HUMANOCIDE''' -- The Encyclopedia Dialectica Dictionary's Definition of this Crucial Term has just been Posted to the Website.

Full Title'''HUMANOCIDE''' -- The Encyclopedia Dialectica Dictionary's Definition and Etymology Images have Just been Posted to the Website.

Dear Readers,

I have, via this blog-entry, posted here, the images of the Encyclopedia Dialectica Dictionary's definition and etymology for a crucial, recently historically-emergent term, one whose meaning is central to the historically urgent message, and to the historically urgent mission, of this blog, as to those of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica as a whole --

I urge you to consider, for yourself, the network of implicit meanings, of implicit connexions -- '''connecting the dots''' -- and of implicit theories of recent modern history as a whole, that emanate from the definition of this term.


Member,  Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica


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The Dialectic of Nature -- RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW!

Dear Readers, 

Below, I have appended an edited excerpt from a talk by Karl Seldon, “addressing the troops” [new recruits], that has just been released for public sharing by the Foundation’s General Council.

This discourse can, I believe, ‘‘‘cause the cataracts to fall out of the eyes”’ for some who experience it, in the context of their advanced assimilation of the current ‘Human Phenome’.



The Dialectic of Nature -- RIGHT HERE!  RIGHT NOW!

[Emphases added by M.D.] --

Seldon:  “. . . The Dialectic of Nature, the Dialectical History of Nature, the ‘Nature-al’ History of Dialectics, is also Non-Historical, that is, is also Non-Past, i.e., is also PRESENT!

The Dialectic of the History of Nature is PRESENT -- Right Here, Right Now -- in You; inside You.

As without, so within.

As in the ‘macrocosmos’, so in the ‘microcosmos’.

The Dialectic of Nature is PRESENT as You, as the very constitution of your body, of your mind.

Your very body is a record of the Dialectic of Nature.

Your very body is a product of the Dialectic of Nature, is, literally, an embodiment of The Dialectic of Nature.

It has become You.

You are a microcosm of the self-developing macrocosm.

You are -- willy nilly, knowingly or not -- part of the continuation of The Dialectic of Nature, in, as, and through, You:  part of its ‘self-futuration’, launched by Nature, ‘continuingly’, from each ‘pre-sent’ “present”, each sent from the past presents:  You are product of those many ontological self-revolutions of Nature which came before you, which made you, and, potentially, you will also be a part of the ontological self-revolutions that are still to come.

Every previous ‘self-«aufheben»’ in this universal history of repeated / self-iterated ‘self-«aufhebens»’ is recorded in you, is part of the constitution of your very body.

You are a particular, individual, unique instance of the human ontology of the cosmos, qh or h.

You are a «monad» of humanity, as am I -- similar to all of the others, but also different, unique.

Let’s call you, and let’s call me, for convenience, by the ultra-shortened nick-names of ‘an h’, or ‘a qh’.

Each of our external forerunners, all still present, all still represented, in today’s cosmos, external to us, external to our bodies -- qL [the social animals...], qb [the multicellular organisms], qe [the eukaryotic cells], qp [the pre-eukaryotic, “prokaryotic” cells], qm [the molecules], qa [the atoms], qs [the pre-atomic, sub-atomic “particles”], and qn [the pre-nuclear, sub-nuclear “particles”] -- which are all around us, outside of us, outside of our bodies, are also internal to us, inside of us, inside of our bodies, and each represents a major  whorl of the ‘‘‘self-infolding’’’, of the ‘‘‘self-involution’’’, of the matter-energy of the cosmos, of the concrete «arithmoi» of the cosmos, of the kinds, and a major past ontological self-revolution, each instantiating the addition of qualitatively different new ontology -- new kinds of being -- to the self-progressing cosmos.

All this because, as a qh, you are also a q(LL) -- your individual body is surrounded by, and supported by, a human-social -- by a meta-animal-social -- ongoing process of societal self-reproduction [Marx], driven by human cooperative labor [Marx], and by human universal labor [Marx], which still incorporates, and still conserves, under its surface, core aspects of the animal sociality that preceded it, and of the symbiosis of multiple animal societies [proto-human animals, wolves, horses, cattle, ...] out of which human society first emerged.

Furthermore, since, as we may write, informally, L = bb, you are also q((bb)(bb)).

Your individual body is an individual multicellular organism, or ‘meta-bion’.

That is, the surface of your skin, and what is within that skin, are primarily tissues and organs made up out of eukaryotic single cells.

So, you also are -- your body also contains, down one level further, down one ‘qualo-fractal scale’ further -- that which is that which is within, that which is nested within, the b that symbolizes the ‘metabiota’ -- in particular, the metazoa -- eukaryotic cells, qe.

Thus, as q((bb)(bb)), you are also q(((ee)(ee))((ee)(ee))).

Moreover, within each of your body’s trillions of eukaryotic cells, are a key legacy of the ‘self-subsumption’ that so anciently occurred among pro-eukaryotic, “prokaryotic” cells [like the bacteria and archaea that still survive, outside of our bodies, in Earth’s biosphere -- including in the only recently recognized ‘lithospheric’ component of that biosphere -- today] that formed the eukaryotic cells -- that is, by which the prokaryotic cells formed their eukaryotic successors -- in the first place. 

That key legacy is the mitochondria, still holding their own, pre-eukaryotic, genetic material, that fuel your entire life, from their [‘eukaryotically’-]subcellular, hyper-microscopic scale, burning your blood-borne Oxygen and carbohydrates to yield the biochemical energy [ATPs, Adenosine Tri-Phosphate molecules] that powers almost every aspect of your ‘aliveness’, but that also, and ultimately lethally, releases “oxidizing” molecular byproducts of this respiratory metabolism, that “oxidize” -- that is to say, that gradually ‘‘‘burn’’’ -- your mitochondria themselves, your eukaryotic cells’ nucleus’s and DNA, your eukaryotic cell’s membranes, their endoplasmic reticulum, their cytoplasm, slowly consuming you with every breath that you take, with every carbohydrate calorie that you consume, gradually ushering your body to senescence and eventual death. 

You are burning, burning with every breath, burning with oxidative aliveness, burning alive.

Thus, as --  


-- you are also --


And every eukaryotic cell of your body, and every one of the myriad prokaryotic-legacy organelles inside each eukaryotic cell of your body, is made of molecules, qm.

Nucleic acids [polynucleotides], proteins [polypeptides], fats [polyglycerides], sugars [polysaccharides], all kinds of such polymers, in vast variety, and also the monomers out of which those polymers are made -- all are molecules, constituents of our ontological category of m or qm.

Thus, as q((((pp)(pp))((pp)(pp)))(((pp)(pp))((pp)(pp)))), you are also


Every molecule of your body, is, in turn, made of atoms, ontological category a or qa -- of Hydrogen atoms, of Carbon atoms, of Nitrogen atoms, and of Oxygen atoms, principally, also of Sodium atoms, Magnesium atoms, Phosphorus atoms, Sulfur atoms, Chlorine atoms, Potassium atoms, Calcium atoms, Iron atoms, Zinc atoms, and others, in lesser amounts -- but of atoms.

So, as --


-- you are also --


And all of your body’s atoms are made up out of nuclear sub-atomic particles, s or qs  -- of protons and neutrons and mesons -- hybridized with pre-nuclear “particles” -- i.e., with orbital electrons -- so that your are also --


-- and the sub-atomic “particle” components of your body’s atomic nuclei -- protons, neutrons, mesons, etc., alike -- are made of pre-nuclear “particles” n or qn -- made of quarks, gluons, etc. -- and, with this, I am running out of sufficient space on your tablets’ screens to display this presentation’s next, single symbol, its final synonym for h or qh, albeit a ‘meta-symbol’ made up out of seemingly endless ‘n’s, and also out of multitudinous ‘‘‘parens’’’, signifying the deeply nested nature of these ‘n’s in our bodies --


-- and thereby, that is, to as far “down” as our current consensus knowledge will take us.

The universe NOW is a product of its preceding ‘self-iterations’, of its preceding 'meta-fractal'
‘self-layerings’, of all of its prior ‘self-hybrid’ ‘self-nestings’, and also of its “mere” nestings, of its “mere” hybridizations, among the different degrees of those ‘self-hybrid self-nestings’.

Moreover, as we noted also earlier, each such ‘self-nesting’ is also an ‘ontological self-revolution’ in the history of the cosmos -- the emergence of new, previously unprecedented ‘cosmo-ontology’; the irruption of a new ‘meta-«physis»’, and, if you will, in some senses, of a new ‘contra-«physis»’, a new “antithesis” kind of being, as well!

. . .


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Part 5. Recent Internet Dialogue on Seldonian Dialectical Arithmetic: Edited Excerpt from Transcript.

Dear Readers,

Below I have posted an edited excerpt from the fifth part of a recent web forum thread dialogue on F.E.D. dialectics in which I participated.

I have once again notated my interlocutor's queries by 'Q#.:', and my responses by 'R#.:'.

Please feel free to join in this dialogue here, by posting a query or comment via the Comment function of this blog.



Q5.:   You wrote "atoms x atoms  =  atoms + molecules" ... .

           How exactly is the molecule the antithesis of the atom?

R5.:  Excellent query!!! -- A query whose answer will call upon us to unfold a major, core portion of this entire dialectical method, without which this method cannot be understood, but with which, this method becomes almost obvious!

Short[er] Answer.  Because each single molecule is a dialectical, [self-aufheben», determinate [self-] negation of a [plural] sub-population, or ‘sub-«arithmos»’, of atoms.

‘The «arithmos» of molecules’ is the category representing, ‘connotationally’, ‘‘‘the [indefinite] NUMBER of molecules’’’, or ‘‘‘the [indefinite] population of molecules’’’ -- all that have ever existed, all that presently exist, all that ever will exist. 

‘The «arithmos» of atoms’ is the category representing, ‘connotationally’, ‘‘‘the [indefinite] NUMBER of atoms’’’, or ‘‘‘the [indefinite] population of atoms’’’ -- all that have ever existed, all that presently exist, all that ever will exist.

Recall that the original form of Occidental Dialectic, so-named, was that of Plato’s «arithmoi eidetikoi» -- of his multitudes of fundamental, supposedly causal ‘‘‘idea-units’’’, or of ‘‘‘«eide»-units’’’, organized into ... ‘idea-«species»’ [i.e., into ‘idea-«hypo-gene»’], under ‘idea-«gene»’, under ‘idea-«hyper-gene»’, etc., etc.

Any typical individual molecule, as a unit, or as a ‘‘‘logical individual’’’, or as an ‘‘‘element’’’ of the category of “molecules” -- to use the ancient Greek term, as a «monad» or «henad», or, to use an even more apt, ultra-modern term, as a ‘‘‘holon’’’ [Arthur Koestler], of the category, or «arithmos», of molecules -- is a dialectical, [self-aufheben», ‘self-hybridizing’, determinate [self-]negation of multiple units, individuals, «monads», «henads», or holons of the category, or «arithmos», of “atoms”.

That is, a molecule unit is a meta1-unitrelative to an atom as a unit [as meta0-unit’].

Indeed, a typical individual, single molecule unit can be defined as a ‘meta-atom’, made up out of a -- usually heterogeneous -- multiplicity of two or more distinct atom units.

Thus, a molecule unit -- any typical unit of the “molecules” category -- is, all together, a negation, or annulment, or cancellation of a multiplicity of atom units as mere atoms units, and also a conservation of those atom units, ‘“inside’’’ the new, molecule unit that they compose, and also an elevation of those atom units [in]to, to form, to help constitute a new, higher, richer, more complex, more determinate, more massive / more ‘‘‘concrete’’’, more ‘‘‘substantial’’’ ‘‘‘layer of reality’’’, or ‘‘‘level of existence’’’, or ‘‘‘scale of being’’’.

«aufheben»  =  negation-cum-conservation-cum-elevation, which is a ‘thesis-antithesis-synthesis’ in itself!

A molecule unit is thus not an absolute, indeterminate, abstract “negation” of any multiplicity, that is, of any ‘sub-«arithmos»’, of atom units -- a kind of ‘contra-empirical’, fictive “negation”, which would supposedly turn them into abstract nothingness [in violation of the empirical conservation of mass-energy principle].

Also, a molecule unit is thus neither a ‘‘‘complement[ary]-opposite’’’ [like “female vs. male”, or like “yin vs. yang”] to an atom unit, nor is it an ‘‘‘annihilatory-opposite’’’ [like “matter vs. anti-matter”, or like a fatal disease vs. the living body that it attacks, or like “good vs. evil”] to an atom unit, but it is a ‘supplementary-opposite’  to an atom unit [like a ‘‘‘[political-economic-democratic-]communist society vs. a capitalist society’’’, or like ‘‘‘a money unit vs. a commodity unit’’’ in Marx’s theory], for more about which, see --

Now, of course, there are exceptional cases wherein the individual molecule in question is made up out of, not a heterogeneous multiplicity of atom units, but, instead, is made up out of a homogeneous multiplicity of [still distinct] atom units, e.g., H2, O2, O3, etc.

So, we say that the «arithmos» / category of molecules is a ‘meta1arithmos»’ relative to the ‘[meta0-]«arithmos»’ / category of atoms, and thus a meta1-category’ of atoms, if not, in any immediately obvious way, also a contra-category’ to the category of “atoms”.

If we symbolize the category / «arithmos» of “atoms by ‘qa’, then the “molecules category / «arithmos» is signified, per our interpretation, by the symbol ‘qaa   =   qm’, the double subscript, ‘aa’, here signifying that category  qm’ is the result of an «aufheben» self-combination of category ‘qa’, also signifying «aufheben»self-hybridizations of the units of ‘qa’.

Similarly, [next] “prokaryotic” cells [e.g., bacteria] are ‘meta-molecules’, [next] eukaryotic cells [e.g., yeast cells] are ‘meta-prokaryotes’, [next] ‘‘‘multi-[eukaryotic-]cellular organisms’’’ [‘meta-biota’ -- “meta-zoa” [e.g., bears] and “meta-phyta” [e.g., trees]] are ‘meta-eukaryotes’, and proto-language-based “animal societies” [e.g., ants, bees, termites, wolves, reindeer, horses, cattle, meerkats, etc., etc.] are ‘meta-multicellular organisms’, i.e., ‘meta-meta-biota’, or ‘meta2-biota’, etc.

Such «aufheben» ‘meta-«monad»-ization’, ‘meta-unit-ization’, ‘meta-«henad»-ization’, ‘meta-holon-ization’, ‘meta-element-ization’, or ‘meta-individual-ization’ is, as we have found in our research, the typical concrete, material form of the core-dialectical «aufheben» [self-]operation / [self-]process, although we have encountered some exceptional instances of [self-aufheben» dialectic that do not appear to involve its concretization as a [self-]‘meta-«monad»-ization’ operation/process, for our present degree of discernment.

We call this core principle of dialectics ‘The Principle of «aufheben» Meta-Unitization’, or ‘The Principle of «aufheben» Meta-Monadization’, or ‘The Principle of «aufheben» Meta-Holonization’, or ‘The Principle of «aufheben» Meta-Elementization’, or ‘The Principle of «aufheben» Meta-Individualization’, etc.

This dialectical principle can also be articulated from a viewpoint of mathematical ‘categorial combinatorics’, or ‘class combinatorics’. 

From that perspective, we name it ‘The [Contra-Boolean] Principle of «aufheben» Self-Combinations’, and it can be stated as follows:   

‘Categorial «aufheben» Self-Combinations are the Sole Source of New Dialectical Antithesis Categories’.