Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Part 1 of 3: Recent New Postings to '' -- Visualizations and 'Modelizations' of the Dialectic of Nature.

Dear Readers,

In recent days, a plehora of new images of dialectic have been posted to the Glossary Page, including new visualizations -- and coupled dialectical 'modelizations', using the F.E.D. 'First Explicitly Dialectical Arithmetic', the NQ arithmetic -- regarding the Seldonian discovery of a single, singular, unified, cosmological '''Dialectic of Nature''', extending the work of Marx and Engels [work which is much to be distinguished from the -- degenerate -- "DiaMat", or "Dialectical Materialism" religion/catechism of Lenino-Stalinoid pseudo-Marxian, totalitarian state-capitalist ideology].

These new images include --

Definition by DialectogramDialectic of NatureFirst Triad.

'''Convolute Visualization''':  Dialectic of Nature, 'Meta-Fractal', Synchronic.
'''Evolute Visualization''':  Dialectic of Nature, 'Meta-Fractal', Diachronico-Synchronic.

DefinitionDialectic of Nature, 'Meta-Model Meta-Equation', Dyadic Seldon Function Version.

DefinitionDialectic of Nature, 'Meta-Model Meta-Equation', Triadic Seldon Function Version.

I have posted these new images for you here, in '*.jpg' format, below --

For you, in the euphoria of new discovery,



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