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The Dialectic of Nature -- RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW!

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Below, I have appended an edited excerpt from a talk by Karl Seldon, “addressing the troops” [new recruits], that has just been released for public sharing by the Foundation’s General Council.

This discourse can, I believe, ‘‘‘cause the cataracts to fall out of the eyes”’ for some who experience it, in the context of their advanced assimilation of the current ‘Human Phenome’.



The Dialectic of Nature -- RIGHT HERE!  RIGHT NOW!

[Emphases added by M.D.] --

Seldon:  “. . . The Dialectic of Nature, the Dialectical History of Nature, the ‘Nature-al’ History of Dialectics, is also Non-Historical, that is, is also Non-Past, i.e., is also PRESENT!

The Dialectic of the History of Nature is PRESENT -- Right Here, Right Now -- in You; inside You.

As without, so within.

As in the ‘macrocosmos’, so in the ‘microcosmos’.

The Dialectic of Nature is PRESENT as You, as the very constitution of your body, of your mind.

Your very body is a record of the Dialectic of Nature.

Your very body is a product of the Dialectic of Nature, is, literally, an embodiment of The Dialectic of Nature.

It has become You.

You are a microcosm of the self-developing macrocosm.

You are -- willy nilly, knowingly or not -- part of the continuation of The Dialectic of Nature, in, as, and through, You:  part of its ‘self-futuration’, launched by Nature, ‘continuingly’, from each ‘pre-sent’ “present”, each sent from the past presents:  You are product of those many ontological self-revolutions of Nature which came before you, which made you, and, potentially, you will also be a part of the ontological self-revolutions that are still to come.

Every previous ‘self-«aufheben»’ in this universal history of repeated / self-iterated ‘self-«aufhebens»’ is recorded in you, is part of the constitution of your very body.

You are a particular, individual, unique instance of the human ontology of the cosmos, qh or h.

You are a «monad» of humanity, as am I -- similar to all of the others, but also different, unique.

Let’s call you, and let’s call me, for convenience, by the ultra-shortened nick-names of ‘an h’, or ‘a qh’.

Each of our external forerunners, all still present, all still represented, in today’s cosmos, external to us, external to our bodies -- qL [the social animals...], qb [the multicellular organisms], qe [the eukaryotic cells], qp [the pre-eukaryotic, “prokaryotic” cells], qm [the molecules], qa [the atoms], qs [the pre-atomic, sub-atomic “particles”], and qn [the pre-nuclear, sub-nuclear “particles”] -- which are all around us, outside of us, outside of our bodies, are also internal to us, inside of us, inside of our bodies, and each represents a major  whorl of the ‘‘‘self-infolding’’’, of the ‘‘‘self-involution’’’, of the matter-energy of the cosmos, of the concrete «arithmoi» of the cosmos, of the kinds, and a major past ontological self-revolution, each instantiating the addition of qualitatively different new ontology -- new kinds of being -- to the self-progressing cosmos.

All this because, as a qh, you are also a q(LL) -- your individual body is surrounded by, and supported by, a human-social -- by a meta-animal-social -- ongoing process of societal self-reproduction [Marx], driven by human cooperative labor [Marx], and by human universal labor [Marx], which still incorporates, and still conserves, under its surface, core aspects of the animal sociality that preceded it, and of the symbiosis of multiple animal societies [proto-human animals, wolves, horses, cattle, ...] out of which human society first emerged.

Furthermore, since, as we may write, informally, L = bb, you are also q((bb)(bb)).

Your individual body is an individual multicellular organism, or ‘meta-bion’.

That is, the surface of your skin, and what is within that skin, are primarily tissues and organs made up out of eukaryotic single cells.

So, you also are -- your body also contains, down one level further, down one ‘qualo-fractal scale’ further -- that which is that which is within, that which is nested within, the b that symbolizes the ‘metabiota’ -- in particular, the metazoa -- eukaryotic cells, qe.

Thus, as q((bb)(bb)), you are also q(((ee)(ee))((ee)(ee))).

Moreover, within each of your body’s trillions of eukaryotic cells, are a key legacy of the ‘self-subsumption’ that so anciently occurred among pro-eukaryotic, “prokaryotic” cells [like the bacteria and archaea that still survive, outside of our bodies, in Earth’s biosphere -- including in the only recently recognized ‘lithospheric’ component of that biosphere -- today] that formed the eukaryotic cells -- that is, by which the prokaryotic cells formed their eukaryotic successors -- in the first place. 

That key legacy is the mitochondria, still holding their own, pre-eukaryotic, genetic material, that fuel your entire life, from their [‘eukaryotically’-]subcellular, hyper-microscopic scale, burning your blood-borne Oxygen and carbohydrates to yield the biochemical energy [ATPs, Adenosine Tri-Phosphate molecules] that powers almost every aspect of your ‘aliveness’, but that also, and ultimately lethally, releases “oxidizing” molecular byproducts of this respiratory metabolism, that “oxidize” -- that is to say, that gradually ‘‘‘burn’’’ -- your mitochondria themselves, your eukaryotic cells’ nucleus’s and DNA, your eukaryotic cell’s membranes, their endoplasmic reticulum, their cytoplasm, slowly consuming you with every breath that you take, with every carbohydrate calorie that you consume, gradually ushering your body to senescence and eventual death. 

You are burning, burning with every breath, burning with oxidative aliveness, burning alive.

Thus, as --  


-- you are also --


And every eukaryotic cell of your body, and every one of the myriad prokaryotic-legacy organelles inside each eukaryotic cell of your body, is made of molecules, qm.

Nucleic acids [polynucleotides], proteins [polypeptides], fats [polyglycerides], sugars [polysaccharides], all kinds of such polymers, in vast variety, and also the monomers out of which those polymers are made -- all are molecules, constituents of our ontological category of m or qm.

Thus, as q((((pp)(pp))((pp)(pp)))(((pp)(pp))((pp)(pp)))), you are also


Every molecule of your body, is, in turn, made of atoms, ontological category a or qa -- of Hydrogen atoms, of Carbon atoms, of Nitrogen atoms, and of Oxygen atoms, principally, also of Sodium atoms, Magnesium atoms, Phosphorus atoms, Sulfur atoms, Chlorine atoms, Potassium atoms, Calcium atoms, Iron atoms, Zinc atoms, and others, in lesser amounts -- but of atoms.

So, as --


-- you are also --


And all of your body’s atoms are made up out of nuclear sub-atomic particles, s or qs  -- of protons and neutrons and mesons -- hybridized with pre-nuclear “particles” -- i.e., with orbital electrons -- so that your are also --


-- and the sub-atomic “particle” components of your body’s atomic nuclei -- protons, neutrons, mesons, etc., alike -- are made of pre-nuclear “particles” n or qn -- made of quarks, gluons, etc. -- and, with this, I am running out of sufficient space on your tablets’ screens to display this presentation’s next, single symbol, its final synonym for h or qh, albeit a ‘meta-symbol’ made up out of seemingly endless ‘n’s, and also out of multitudinous ‘‘‘parens’’’, signifying the deeply nested nature of these ‘n’s in our bodies --


-- and thereby, that is, to as far “down” as our current consensus knowledge will take us.

The universe NOW is a product of its preceding ‘self-iterations’, of its preceding 'meta-fractal'
‘self-layerings’, of all of its prior ‘self-hybrid’ ‘self-nestings’, and also of its “mere” nestings, of its “mere” hybridizations, among the different degrees of those ‘self-hybrid self-nestings’.

Moreover, as we noted also earlier, each such ‘self-nesting’ is also an ‘ontological self-revolution’ in the history of the cosmos -- the emergence of new, previously unprecedented ‘cosmo-ontology’; the irruption of a new ‘meta-«physis»’, and, if you will, in some senses, of a new ‘contra-«physis»’, a new “antithesis” kind of being, as well!

. . .


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