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A Brief Characterization of the F.E.D. "First Dialectical Arithmetic"

A Brief Characterization of the F.E.D. "First Dialectical Arithmetic"

Dear Readers,

The F.E.D. "first dialectical algebra" is "a revolutions-only algebra".

The NQ_ "first dialectical arithmetic" is the simplest, or most abstract, least concretely-detailed, in its linguistic -- determinations-expressive -- capability, of all of the explicitly-dialectical axioms-systems of arithmetic in the entire dialectical "meta-system" progression of the F.E.D. systems of dialectical arithmetic.

As such, it has to "cut to the chase".

Typically, "Standard" systems of arithmetic are caught-up, at best, in describing, as "purely-quantitative", dynamical evolutions only, and, on the other hand, have great difficulty, or break down altogether, when it comes to describing "meta-dynamical", ontology-expanding, "quanto-qualitative" revolutions [e.g., such "Standard" arithmetical systems may break down in the form of the "meaningless", or infinitely erroneous, finite-time zero-division "singularities", typically of nonlinear differential equations and/or of their solution-functions].

The F.E.D. "first dialectical system of arithmetic" -- the NQ_ axioms-system -- on the contrary, elides the "purely-quantitative" evolutions, in-between each pair of epochs of ontology expansion, and describes / models, explicitly, only the "quanto-qualitative", ontological revolutions.

COMMENTARY. When the "epoch counter", or "discrete-time epoch-variable", denoted by t, the "independent variable" of the Seldon Function for historical dialectics -- "jumps" from, e.g.,  
t = w to t = w+1, the "cumulum"-value, or non-amalgamative sum of qualitatively unequal ontological categorograms value, generated by that Seldon Function "meta-model", also "jumps", from the "possibility-cumulum" of epoch w, to the ontologically-expanded, number-space-expanded, dimensionally-expanded "possibility-cumulum" of epoch w+1, whose ontological categorograms-content includes --

2^(w+1) - 2^w  =  2^w

-- new ontological category symbols in its cumulum-sum, because, by the rules of "exponential arithmetic" --

2^(w+1) - 2^w  =  2^w    ==>    2^(w+1)  =  

2^w + 2^w  =   2 x 2^w  =  2^1 x 2^w  =   

2^(1+w)  =  2^(w+1).

That is why such a formula is called, by F.E.D., a "meta-model" -- a "meta-model" does not necessarily model the "purely-quantitative-change-describing", "evolutionary" processes which most mere "models" describe only, but a "meta-model" must at least describe the "qualitative-change", ontology-expansion "meta-evolutions", or "revolutions", which most mere models do not describe at all.

Nothing of the process in-between these "jumps" is described.

Nor is anything of the "in-between" processes describable by a model written in the ideographic languages of the NQ_, WQ_, or ZQ_, dialectical languages, given their descriptive limitations.

Now, it is true that, if we progress further long even just this secondary progression of the axioms-systems of  the F.E.D. dialectical arithmetics, from ZQ_ to QQ_ to RQ_, that by the time we reach QQ_ and, next, RQ_, we have arrived at axioms-systems that contain the mathematical-linguistic wherewithal to explicitly register "dense"-fractional progress, or even "continuous" progress, between whole-number epoch-variable values, e.g., between the "present" epoch, that of t = 8, to the next epoch, that of t = 9, per the F.E.D. "Dialectical Theory of Everything" Equation Meta-Model for the universe as a [as the]  totality, since both the QQ_ and RQ_ axioms-systems admit of fractional quantifiers of their q ontological qualifiers, quantifiers that are restricted to the Q, or to the R, unit intervals [0, 1], respectively.

In the latter/later epoch, that of t = 9, per this meta-model, the ontological category of --

 y  =  q/y   [--->   q/512

-- the ontological category for what F.E.D. names "meta-humanity" -- will have become possible of full emergence, full instantiation, per prediction.

However, implicit in that meta-model is the prediction that this "meta-humanity" should have already become possible, as a partial, "fragmentary" or "fractional", presence, in our present epoch, that of t = 8 per this meta-model.

Indeed, observation in our -- Terran -- locality of the cosmos bears this prediction out.

Observation reveals that at least two of the three principal <<species>> of this predicted new <<genos>> of "cosmological ontology", denoted by y or q/y, "meta-humanity", are already "fractionally" extant in our vicinity, albeit only to a very "small" fractional extent:  we are probably only in Qt epoch ~8.001, that is, still deep within Nt, or Wt, epoch 8.

The three possible main <<species>> of the "meta-human" <<genos>> are, per F.E.D. --

1. <<arche'-physis>>:  Meta-humans resulting from the human-phenome-mediated
self-re-engineering of the human genome;

2. <<contra-physis>>:  Meta-humans resulting from the proliferation of android robotics;

3. <<uni-physis>>:  Meta-humans resulting from the "complex unification" of 1. and 2. -- cyborg prosthetics / cyborg bionics, wherein android robotic parts are conjoined to genomically-re-engineered [meta-]human organs.

An example of <<species>> 1. might be that of a "green human", a [voluntarily extended-duration space-flight-adapted meta-human "planimal", or "aniplant", for which the human genotype had been modified to include chloroplasts in the sub-cutaneous, formerly "white", or "translucent", lymphatic flow, giving the skin a light-green glow, and allowing food [carbohydrates] to be generated, when sunlight falls upon the skin, and also utilizing, for internal photosynthesis, Carbon Dioxide -- CO2 -- molecules, generated by this body's internal "metabolization" of, e.g., internal photosynthesis-produced carbohydrates -- CO2 that would otherwise have been exhausted/exhaled -- and also generating, as an output of this internal, sub-cutaneous photosynthesis, Oxygen, O2, molecules, that could partially support that body's respiration, even in situations where breathing was transiently interrupted.

Many of us our cognizant of the existence of advanced, special purpose industrial robots, and of the emergence of experimental, proto-android test robots in various advanced university and private-sector laboratories.

Many more of us may also be cognizant that some of, e.g., our own parents have already become "proto-cyborgs", with cornea replacements by "artificial" corneas, hip-replacements by "artificial" hips, and even "artificial limbs", and/or "artificial hearts", in a much smaller number of cases.

These cases represent [proto-]android-robot-parts-biased, or prosthetically-biased, "fractments" of the full "cyborg" "uni-<<physis>>" <<species>>, as predicted, since they involve proto-android-robot-parts, or "prosthetic/bionic parts", conjoined with human-genomic organs or tissues, almost always, so far, without any genomic/genotypic modifications to those organs or tissues.

The hypothesis here is that these "fractment-al", "fractional" actualizations of the (1/1)q/y possibility are "pre-vestiges" of its future "full-blown" actualization.

A "[post-]vestige" -- from <<vestigium>>: "footprint" -- is '''a mark, trace, or visible evidence of something that is no longer present, or no longer in existence''', e.g., '''a degenerate or imperfectly developed content-structure having little or no present function or utility, but which, in an earlier stage of a present system, or in a past, preceding system, performed a useful function'''.

A "pre-vestige" is a mark, trace, or visible evidence of something that is not yet present, or not yet in existence, e.g., an imperfectly developed, 'protoic', or degenerate content-structure having little or no present function or utility, but which, in a later stage of a present system, or in a future, succeeding system, is expected to perform a useful function'''.

However, on a more sinister note, there may be cases, mostly hidden from public view, where this "fractional" actualization of y or q/y -- e.g., ~(1/100)q/y -- has become "a little less fractional" -- maybe ~(1/95)q/y.

SOME HYPOTHESES. For example, in the cases of certain servants of the Rockefeller/Rothschild global ruling class ruling faction; of such servants who have "excelled" in their "service" to that ruling class faction -- even to "Olympian" levels -- in the departments of, e.g., corporate slave-holding [Halliburton / Myanmar], mass torture, mass murder, and servant-dictator management -- such as, e.g., Dick "Chain-Gang" Cheney ["Chainy"], who has experienced so many heart-attacks, and yet is still alive -- this ruling class may bestow upon these, their "worthiest" servants, the life-extension benefits of "Darth Vader"-like proto-cyborgic technologies, otherwise reserved for the core ruling-class oligarchs themselves, and otherwise kept as a deep, dark secret from the public at large.

Likewise, although <<species>> 1., the "human-genomic self-re-engineering" <<species>>, is not yet much in evidence, in human form -- at least not openly -- cases such as that of the reported "Montauk monster", and such as that of the reported [probably-genetically-]modified-human "chimaeric" corpse later washed to shore in the same vicinity, that of  the Plum Island government laboratory, may possibly provide unintended, accidental evidence of otherwise super-secret ruling-class research into the production of a "degenerate form" of <<species>> 1. -- into the possibility of the replacement of the world working class by a race of "congenitally servile, chimaeric slave drones", supposedly congenitally incapable of revolt, but "intelligent" enough to perform labor, and to follow orders.

Conclusion:  "Meta-humanity --

q/y   =   y    [--->  q/512

-- is already "fractionally" emergent in our time -- emergent from out of, not some remote periphery, but from out of the very most human-onto-mass densified, most physical-spatially concentrated, most advanced core of Terran humanity itself -- as predicted.



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