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Part 01 of 29. THE DIALECTICA MANIFESTO. Preamble.

Full Title:  Part 01 of 29 --

The Dialectica Manifesto


Dialectical Ideography and 


the Mission of F.E.D.

Dear Readers,

I am, together with F.E.D. Secretary-General Hermes de Nemores, and F.E.D. Public Liaison Officer Aoristos Dyosphainthos, organizing to develop a new, expanded edition of the F.E.D. introductory documents, for publication in book form, under a new title --

The Dialectica ManifestoDialectical Ideography and the Mission of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.]

-- and under the authorship of the entire Foundation collective.

Below is the first installment of a 29-part presentation of this introductory material, which the F.E.D. General Council has authorized for serialization via this blog over the coming months, as we develop the material.

FYI:  I plan to inter-mix these installments with other blog-entries, including the planned additional F.E.D. Vignettes, other F.E.D. news, my own blog-essays, etc.

Links to the earlier versions of these introductory documents are given below.

Unlike the typical blog-entry, this series will attempt to deliver an introduction to the Foundation worldview as a totality, in a connected account, making explicit many of the interconnexions among the parts.




P. S.  Serialization Plan --

[Part I.]:            Preamble.
[Part II.]:          The Dialectic According to Plato.
[Part III.]:         The Enigma of the Platonic Dialectic.
[Part IV.]:         The Secret of the Historical Dialectic.
[Part V.]:          The Dialectic of Set Theory.
[Part VI.]:         Example 0:  The Gödelian Dialectic  

[Part VII.]:       The Nonlinearity Barrier
[Part VIII.]:      Nonlinearity, «Auto-Kinesis», and Dialectic.
[Part IX.]:         The Nonlinearity Breakthrough and the Fusion Breakthrough.
[Part X.]:           Some Russellian, Gödelian, and Boolean Clues toward the Nonlinearity Breakthrough.
[Part XI.]:         Dialectical Meta-Monadology.
[Part XII.]:       Peanicity.
[Part XIII.]:       Some ‘‘‘Non-Standard’’’ Examples of ‘[Qualo-]Peanic Progression.
[Part XIV.]:       Example 1:  The Meta-Monadology of the Hindu-Arabic Numerical Notation.
[Part XV.]:        Example 2:  The Meta-Monadology of Phonetic Writing Systems.
[Part XVI.]:       Example 3:  The Meta-Monadology of Modern Computerware.
[Part XVII.]:      Example 4:  The Meta-Monadology of The Platonic Dialectic.
[Part XVIII.]:    Example 5:  The Psychohistorical-Dialectical Meta-Monadology of Human Social Formation(s).

[Part XIX.]:      [Self-]Growth of the [Human-]Social [Self-]Force(s) of [Human Society/Human-Social-Relations] [Self-[Re-]Production [/ [Self-[Re-]]Productivity / [‘Self-Transformativity’]].

[Part XX.]:        Example 6:  The Synchronico-Diachronic Dialectic of Democratic Self-Governance Structure-Process.
[Part XXI.]:       Example 7:  The Historical Dialectic of Cosmological Natural History -- The Dialectic of Nature.
[Part XXII.]:      Example 0 Revisited:  Qualo-Peanic’, ‘Meta-FractalMeta-MonadologiesofThe Gödelian Dialectic.
[Part XXIII.]:     The Examples Considered as a Whole.

[Part XXIV.]:    The Dialectics Barrier.
                        Immanence of a Non-Standard, Alternative Mathematics within the Official Foundations ofStandardMathematics.
[Part XXV.]:     Dialectical  «Characteristica Universalis»:  An Ideography for Example 5.
[Part XXVI.]:    Dialectical-Mathematical, ‘‘‘Psychohistorical’’’ Shorthand for a Core Content of this Manifesto.

[Part XXVII.]:   The Ancient Alexandrian Proto-Renaissance’, and the Civilizational Collapse into the Last Dark Age.
[Part XXVIII.]:  Global Strategic Hypotheses -- a Gloss on Some Recent Chapters of theHidden Historyof Humankind.
[Part XXIX.]:     Plans.

Full Title:  Part 01 of 29 --

The Dialectica Manifesto


Dialectical Ideography 


and the Mission of F.E.D.

Preamble.  The aim of this manifesto is to introduce you to the Seldonian worldview -- especially to our book, entitled Dialectical Ideography, and to the mission of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.].

But why do we believe that any of this should be of any interest to you?

That question, we can answer.

This manifesto is our answer. 

As to whether or not this material is in fact of interest to you, only you can judge.

Dialectical Ideography is the title of our treatise about, especially, the first dialectical algebraic logic -- a dialectical, non-standard "Natural"-Numbers arithmetic, with a contra-Boolean algebra [an heuristic, intensional-intuitional calculus for the catalysis of conceptual discovery and theory-formation in the natural, including the social, sciences], one which features a ‘pre-constructive’, “predictive” procedure that we term ‘‘‘Solving for the Successor System’’’.  

Our objective, with respect to dialectical ideography, is to disseminate this new product of "universal labor" [Marx] -- this new cognitive technology; this new scientific creative/productive force -- so that it ripples-out into ever greater use, by an ever-widening wake of humanity.

The mission of F.E.D. is to help the Terran human «species» to avert the renewed, global, and, this time, likely final Dark Age that threatens Terran humanity, this time, with total extinction:  not just with horrific local genocides, but with a global humanocide, culminating in the [‘‘‘psychohistorically’’’ foreseeable] historical emergenc[e][y], historical convergence, and historical singularity’, for planet Earth, of the three ideologies of the descendant-phase, degenerate rulers of the ‘capitals-system’:  capitalist anti-capitalism, human anti-humanism, and capitalist ruling class anti-Marxian Marxianism, as captured in ‘‘‘The Psychohistorical-Dialectical Equations’’’ of dialectical ideographyThe heart of this help is help to humanity in achieving the historic "successor system" to the present, global, descendant-phase capitals-system:  Equitarian Political-Economic Democracy.

All of our efforts, our very lives, are dedicated to discovering means to overcome the gathering undertow of that new Dark Age, and to applying those means, nonviolently but effectively, in accord with The Seldonian Imperative, the ethical imperative to act so as to help avert, if possible, the collective agony of foreseeable future catastrophes of contracted human-social reproduction, or, if too late to completely avert said catastrophes, to act so as to help reduce both their severity and their duration.
Nonviolence is a key to the effectiveness of efforts for social betterment, because violence corrupts its initiators, converting them, even if their violence is “successful” in overthrowing the violent tyranny that they had opposed, into but the new incumbents of the very evil that they had intended to overthrow -- reinstating that evil through them, as them -- and thus resulting, for them, and for humanity as a whole, in a defeat which could not be more complete.

This manifesto will show how these two objectives -- the dissemination of dialectical ideography and the facilitation of the transition to Political-Economic Democracy -- work together.

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