Monday, April 21, 2014

The Dialectic of Marx's Das Kapital. 'Models Specification' & 'Meta-Monadology Progression Charts' for 'Dialectical Meta-Model' of Marx's Presentation, presentation step s = 0 through presentation step s = 2.

Dear Readers,

I have posted, below, four charts, visualizing Marx's Method of Presentation in <<Das Kapital>>, volume I, for the circulations-process value-form categories of Commodities, Monies, and <<Kapitals>>, and which also visualize the <<arche'>> category, and the first two 'self-hybrid' categories, from steps s = 0, s = 1, and s = 2, of the 'Seldonian Dialectical Meta-Equation Meta-Model' restricted to just those features of Marx's masterpiece.




The models specification and solution-specification for this partial 'synchronic/systematic-dialectical, presentational meta-model' of the modern capitalist system, and of Marx's systematic-dialectical method of presentation of that system in <<Das Kapital>> -- a 'dialectical meta-model' restricted to the circulations-process value-forms content of <<Das Kapital>> -- is as follows --

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