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Present ‘Comprehendedness’ vs. Actuality.





Present Comprehendedness vs. Actuality.



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Just because we presently comprehend something not, does not means that it IS not, or that it will never be.


Many a premature dismissal, many a denial -- later much regretted -- based upon false certainty, can be averted if we keep this principle “in mind”, and thence ‘in action’.


Even many, even everyday things, that we may feel certain that we comprehend in toto, may later be discovered to rely, at least in part, on processes, eventually to be translated into our physical principles, which we have not yet even noticed, and of which we have not yet even taken note(s).


In the days much before this new century, would you have believed someone who told you that our universe is not only expanding, but is accelerating in its expansion? Or would you, instead, have dismissed that claim -- and them -- out of hand?


If someone had told you, also then, that most of the matter in our universe is inherently invisible, would you have even considered the possibility that they were right?


Suppose that someone had told, in 1900, that space is “curved” by nearby mass; that space-time is curved by mass-energy; that relatively greater gravity in their vicinity makes clocks, and all mass-energy-interior activity’, run at a slower rate relative to clocks, etc., in lower gravity; that there are places so under sway of such massiveness that not even light, once entering them, can ever leave them again as light, and that such places, in motion, can “ring” the very fabric of space-time itself; that gravity bends light waves; that objects grow in mass as they accelerate; that adding energy to an object increases its mass, and that matter can be converted wholly into energy, e.g., via contact with something called “anti-matter”.  Would you have even considered the possibility that the person was correct?  Or would you have called instantly for the strait-jacket thought-police?





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