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‘Human Labor-Time Value’. -- Part 02: The Seldonian Revolution Series.



Human Labor-Time Value’.


-- Part 02: The Seldonian Revolution Series.








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It is my pleasure, and my honor, as an elected member of the Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.] General Council, and as a voting member of F.E.D., to share, with you, from time to time, as they are approved for public release, by the F.E.D. General Council, key excerpts from the internal writings, and from the internal sayings, of our co-founder, Karl Seldon.


The second release in this new such series is posted below [Some E.D. standard edits have been applied, in the version presented below, by the editors of the F.E.D. Special Council for the Encyclopedia, to the direct transcript of our co-founder’s discourse].


In this 2nd installment, Seldon addresses the labor-time theory of economic value featured in the capitalist-ideology-compromised “science” of “classical political economy”, in relation to Marx’s «aufheben» partial-determinate-negation, partial-conservation, and scientific elevation of that ideology-distorted feature.



Seldon –

Marx’s critical theory of capital-value holds that, within a capital-dominated society – a society dominated by “the capital-relation” [Marx] as predominant “social relation of social [re]production” – economic value, the monetary value of a “product”, e.g., of a “good” or “service”, tends to be enforced by the competition among [commodity-]capitals as a kind of “time-binding” [cf. Korzybski]; as some multiple of the amount of typical past generic human labor-duration needed to produce that product at the time of its original production.”


However, Marx holds, also, that this value can be overridden, and is continually being overridden, by changes in more recent labor-duration requirements to reproduce products of the same kind, e.g., by reductions in that human generic labor-time duration of their production, due to the increase of the productive force, or ‘‘‘productivity’’’, with which that kind of product is more recently reproduced – once such products of more recent productivity arrive in markets, and compete with products of that kind, produced via the older level of productive force for that kind of product.”


“This second stipulation is crucial to Marx’s entire theory of the [meta-]dynamics and ultimate fate of the capitalist ‘‘‘[meta-]dynamical-system’’’.  It is the key to the causation of the entire 'descendence phase' of the capitalist system.  It is the key to what drives what Marx named "the law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall", and "the economic law of motion of modern society".  It is the key to what drives the 'taxis to totalitarianism', the 'descendence-phase' convergence to totalitarian state-capitalism, about which Engels wrote, in Anti-Duhring, not only in the "Second World" and "Third World", but in the "First World" as well, and that forms the 'Marx-Orwell-F.E.D. Law' of the 'self-meta-evolution' of the capitalist system.”  


“This stipulation is key to the way in which the growth of the social forces of social reproduction – a growth which is incentivized and driven by the capital-relation-of-production itself, by the competition of capitals itself – brings about the [thus self-]negation of capital[ism]; to the way in which ‘human-social self-reproductive self-force growth’ depreciates, devalues, destroys the value of, increasingly, the predominant forms in which capitalists hold, and attempt to retain and accumulate, capital-value: fixed capital plant and equipment, which is also the form in which the growth of ‘human-societal self-reproductive self-force’ is embodied and objectified, and the bank loan capital-assets and capital equity stock assets used to finance those gigantic fixed-capital construction projects.”


“Marx’s second proviso about [capital-]value is the key to what drives the ‘descendence-phase’- ruling, “relative-surplus-value, real domination of capital over labor phase”-ruling, dominant faction of the capitalist class – in our case, the ‘Rockefeller Faction’, as opposed to the ‘Roosevelt Faction’ -- through a series of escalating policy disasters that ultimately drive that ruling faction to seek global humanocidethe “95%” extermination of the human species – and a kind of ‘re-feudalization’ [actually, human-species-extinction], by a route which includes the late 1800s+ propagation of Malthusian, “Eugenics” and “Social Darwinist” ideologies, including Naziism, to the imposition of the Federal Reserve Central Bank system in the U.S., and of the Federal Income Tax there – designed not to provide the kind of tax-funded working class benefits later implemented by the ‘Roosevelt Faction’ under pressure of “The Great Depression”, but, on the contrary, to fund ‘Rockefeller-Faction’-subservient military dictatorships in the otherwise rapidly industrializing semi-periphery and periphery of geographical core of initial industrial capitalism [e.g., U.K, France, U.S.], through the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ creation, thereby, of the “Third World”, and of the horrific conditions in Russia and China that led, at length, to the formation of an Orwellian state-bureaucratic ruling-class, state-capitalist “Second World”.”



“The resulting toxic straitjacket, seeking to suffocate global productive-forces advancement, e.g., via U.S. Federal-Income-Tax-funded, U.S. taxpayer-funded, ultra-violent and ‘ultra-vile’ military ‘servant-dictatorships’ of the ‘Rockefeller Faction’, in what thereby became the “Third World”, served the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ by reversing the incipient growth of the productive forces, e.g., of increasing agricultural productivity and incipient industrialization, in those thus soon-to-be “Third World” nation-states.”


“This “protected” the Rockefeller Faction’s fixed capital, etc., investments, in the U.S. and the U.K., from massive ‘technodepreciation’ due to World Market competition from industrial commodities newly produced in newly-industrializing nations, which would begin with the latest, most productive-force-advanced fixed capital plant and equipment, AND with far lower labor-costs, initially, than in the U.S. and the U.K.”  


“The ‘Rockefeller Faction’ feared something similar to what their principals experienced in ‘The Great Techno-Deflation’ of the late 1800s -- about which, e.g., Thorstein Veblen wrote -- “endogenously”, within the U.S. economy itself, and something like what Post-WWII-resurgent Japanese industry, e.g., in the automobile market, did to the U.S. automobile industry.” 


“From creating the “Third World” -- and the conditions which spawned the “Second World” of state-bureaucratic, police-state, state-capitalism -- the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ went on, by blocking, via its servant-dictatorships, the “Demographic Transition” in its “Third World”, to perceive a threat of “overpopulation” there, when it was unable to completely block the humanitarian diffusion of modern medical and public health technologies into its “Third World” dictatorships, thereby somewhat increasing life-spans there, and somewhat reducing infant mortality rates there.”


“The ‘Rockefeller Faction’ therefore mounted a de facto coup d’état against the ‘Roosevelt Faction’, that had been in power since the Great Depression, by, e.g., exterminating the Kennedys, Martin Luther King, Jr., etc., etc. -- the public leadership of the ‘Roosevelt Faction’ -- and by then engineering and propagating anti-productive-force and, ultimately, anti-human new ideologies – the human population being always the «aufheben»-core of ‘human-social self-reproductive self-force’ – ideologies of “Zero Population Growth”, “Zero Economic Growth”, “Back to Nature”, “Small is Beautiful”, and the “People Are Pollution” pseudo-“ecology” movement.


By now, the ‘Rockefeller Faction’ is already maximizing its many global ‘Stealth Humanocide’ pogroms/programs, that have already imposed accelerated contracted social reproduction, via two recent “recessions”, in rapid-fire succession -- the latest imposed via a global ‘plan-scam-panic-demic’ – “recessions” that each far exceeded the human suffering and economic destruction caused by their “Great Depression”, and that have further helped to induce accelerating negative population growth across the “First World” at least.”


“The ‘Rockefeller Faction’ are now planning to finish off their global “hit job” of “95%” human population extermination, via a combination of ‘Global Warming Hyper-Austerity’, beginning with hyper-escalation of “carbon-taxed” energy prices, such as already provoked the – seldom media-mentioned – nationwide “Yellow Vests” revolt in France, and ‘Eric Pianka Plagues’, whose next episode, if the prediction and prescription [¿proscription of humanity?], by Eric Pianka himself, is fulfilled, may be a ‘genomically-engineered’, breathing-spread version of the Ebola Virus, a hyper-pandemic for which the present global ‘plan-scam-panic-demic’ will have served merely as a global “dress rehearsal”.”


“Perhaps only a global, citizens-demanded, Nuremberg-style trial of the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ Faction, for its myriad Crimes Against Humanity, can avert this planned ‘global extinction event’ – an ‘extinction event’ for the human species itself.






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