Friday, June 22, 2012

Two Interpretations of the F.E.D. "Fundamental Equation of Dialectics

Dear Readers,

The webmaster of the website has just posted the first of a new series, the F.E.D. "Vignettes" series, to that site's new "Vignettes Page".

This first Vignette, a brief -- four page -- essay, entitled "Two Interpretations of the F.E.D. "Fundamental Equation of Dialectics", bears on the '''meta-dynamics''' by which the -- 

'capital [as self-expanding value]   #    capital [as self-contracting value]'

-- self-contradiction internal to the capitalist system drives the self-evolution, and the eventual self-negation, of the capitalist system, either as the '''revolutionary'''/'''meta-evolutionary''' irruption of a higher system of "political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY", e.g., Equitism, from within the very heart of the capitalist system, or as '''the mutual ruin of the contending classes''' [Marx and Engels].

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