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Karl Seldon’s Sagacious Sayings Series -- #6. The Opening Sentence of Marx’s Das Kapital.

Full TitleKarl Seldons Sagacious Sayings Series, #6 --

The Opening Sentence of Marxs «Das Kapital»

and the -- Meta-Pythagorean’ -- ‘Universal Theory of «Arithmoi»’.





Dear Readers,

From time to time, I like to share with you some of the gems of insight that leap from out of the ‘‘‘multilogues’’’, among Karl Seldon and other members of the Foundation, and from the transcribed versions, published internally, including of those ‘‘‘multilogues’’’ in which I did not happen to participate, when and if those [edited] transcripts are cleared for public sharing by the Foundations General Council.

Below is an excerpt from the transcript of a recent such ‘‘‘multilogue’’’. 


The content of this ‘‘‘multilogue’’’ extract should be grasped in the light of previous content presented here, regarding the F.E.D. Meta-Pythagorean Proposition’, and Universal Theory of «Arithmoi»’ --,Definition,Plate_1_of_3,The_Seldonian_Synthesis_of_Ancient_Arithmoi_Theory_and_Modern_Arithmetic_Theory,02NOV2014.jpg,Definition,Plate_2_of_3,The_Seldonian_Synthesis_of_Ancient_Arithmoi_Theory_and_Modern_Arithmetic_Theory,02NOV2014.jpg,Definition,Plate_3_of_3,The_Seldonian_Synthesis_of_Ancient_Arithmoi_Theory_and_Modern_Arithmetic_Theory,02NOV2014.jpg.










[Karl Seldon]: 
... For example, the global capitalist system is, from one fundamental point of view, an «arithmos» of commodity units [later, in a systematic-dialectical, categorial-progression presentation of such, seen, after the progressive evocation of somewhat greater explicitude, to consist, primarily, of units of the commodity-CAPITALs category, qKC [---) q5] -- a ‘‘‘number’’’ of commodities in the ancient sense, i.e., an assemblage of qualitative units, or «monads», each of which is an individual commodity, but also in the modern sense, that of an exact abstract “number” which represents the global census of commodities, e.g., at/for a given instant of historical time.”


However, that exact “number” of commodities, in the modern sense, may not be known with certainty, for any given instant of historical time -- may never be so known -- and need not be so known, e.g., for the presentation of Marx’s scientific theory of the global, world-market, capitals-system. 


That exact numerosity, that precise count, can remain indefinite -- a generic, ‘‘‘indefinite number’’’, never specified -- without that condition detracting from that presentation one iota!


It is the characteristics, the qualities, that all such units share in common, that is important, for connoting, and for knowing the essence of, the category, or the concept, that Marx named commodities [qC = C [---) q1].


Of course, in the course of his systematic, critical presentation of the global, world-market, capitals-system, Marx goes on to show that, and to show how, this concrete/qualitative ‘‘‘number’’’, or assemblage, of commodities exists in systematic interconnexion to/with other such concrete/qualitative ‘‘‘numbers’’’, assemblages, or «arithmoi».


E.g., the capitals category is also, from various points-of-view, an «arithmos» of monetary units [qCC  qM  = M [---) q2], and an «arithmos» of [abstract, and of concrete] labor hour units, and an «arithmos»  of individual capital units, etc.


Marx wrote, in his Preface to the first German edition of Capital, volume I, as follows, about his choice of the «arché» category, or starting category, for his systematic-dialectical, categorial-progression presentation of the modern, present, capitalist, system of human-social reproduction --  


“ bourgeois society the commodity-form of the product of labour -- or the value-form of the commodity -- is the economic cell-form.” [Karl Marx, Capital I, NW, 1867, p. 8].



The opening sentence of that same masterpiece of critical human-social science, of that same ‘‘‘immanent critique’’’ of ideology-contaminated science, and of that pioneering work of psychohistorical meta-science, conveys this concrete/qualitative ‘‘‘number’’’ character -- this «arithmos» character -- of the opening category of its categorial progression, or progression of «arithmoi»’, in the following words -- 


“The wealth of those societies in which the capitalist mode of production prevails, presents itself as “an immense accumulation of commodities,”1 its unit being a single commodity.”


1 Karl Marx, “Zur Kritik der Politischen Oekonomie.” Berlin, 1859, p. 3.”












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