Friday, April 22, 2016

Introduction to 'Contra-Boolean' Thinking, by Karl Seldon.

Dear Readers,

A couple of our site guests recently challenged F.E.D. to write up, in just 10 main-body pages -- plus additional pages allowed for an abstract, a table of contents, and some partly pictorial appendices -- a general introduction to the "algebraic algorithmic heuristic universal dialectical method" that F.E.D. is developing, but allowing ourselves only up to three of our neologisms in the main body of that text.

Karl Seldon agreed to take on this challenge.  

The result has just been posted to the main F.E.D. website, to its Primer Page --,_for_F.E.D._,_v.2.0_,_Introduction_to_'Contra-Boolean'_Thinking_,_21MAY2016.pdf

Seldon actually used only two special terms in this essay, only one of which was one of our neologisms:  <<aufheben>>, & [variations on the term] 'meta-unit-ization'.  

Even the words "dialectic", "dialectics", and "dialectical" are nowhere to be found in the main body of this text, and only once elsewhere in that text, in the title of a work referenced in its end notes.

I think that this essay may be the most accessible introduction to the first algebra for dialectical logic that
F.E.D. has ever yet produced!

However, what I think is not the real test.  

I would like to know how accessible this essay is from your perspective, and I ask you to please comment, here, to this blog-entry, to that effect.



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