Monday, April 04, 2016

Portion 3 Added -- Dialogue on F.E.D. Dialectics, Exchange #3, Portions 1, 2, and 3.

Dear Readers,

I have just been informed [on 08 April 2016] that the new PDF file, now including Portion 3 [now comprising 48 pages total], as well as updated versions of Portions 1 and 2, of Exchange #3 in the recent series of 'Dialogues on F.E.D. Dialectics', has been posted to the website, at --,_Exchange_3._files/E3,I1_Q3_%26_I2_R3,_dialogue_on_F.E.D._Dialectics,_29JUN2015_,_enhanced_08APR2016..pdf

The set of questions for this third exchange form, in my opinion, one of the richest sets of questions that F.E.D. has had the privilege to address in its entire history!

Links to the earlier two exchanges of this dialogue are as follows --

-- Exchange #1 --

-- Exchange #2 --




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